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Emporium International Foods


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My aunt and uncle live in Morganville, down Route 9, and on my way to visit them, I always make a point to stop at Emporium International Food on 9 South. This place is an amazing Russian/Eastern European/Baltic/Turkish market located on the same premises as a discount gas station.

They have an amazing variety of foods, imported, domestic, and homemade, and they're willing to let you taste as you buy!

Just as an example, I walked away today with some Turkish red pepper and eggplant spread, a loaf of Latvian dark rye bread, spicy Hungarian pork salami, Russian hard salami, and Armenian feta. They have Israeli, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, and French feta as well as all kinds of cheeses. Their smoked fish run the gamut from eel to trout and everything in between. There are salads like the Russian markets in Brighton Beach without the crowd, and at Jersey prices. Definitely check them out!

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside" -Mark Twain

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