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three bags of maple sugar


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so, yesterday I was poking round an interesting corner shop, from the outside it looked a bit messy and dark, but inside it was a treasure trove of loveliness! great ingredients, more fresh herbs than I could shake a stick at, and my holy grail. maple sugar. This stuff is next to impossible to get here in the uk (or it is where I live) and I pounced on it while my husband looked on (faintly bemused)

I bought three bags of maple sugar (roughly 1lb each) and having had a little bit on my porridge this morning (oh, so good) am thinking about what to do with the rest, I'd really like the flavour to shine, it's so delicious.

As our village fair and show is coming up I'm planing to make maple sugar tablet with some of it, I'm entering the tablet class in the food tent and I think the maple should go down well there.

Otherwise I'm stumped, I thought I could make maple sugar marshmallows (maybe I'd wait for autumn for these though) but then wondered if the properties of maple sugar are vastly different to regular cane sugar.

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Spam in my pantry at home.

Think of expiration, better read the label now.

Spam breakfast, dinner or lunch.

Think about how it's been pre-cooked, wonder if I'll just eat it cold.

wierd al ~ spam

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You are talking gold!! good for you on your score!!!...

maple sugar cookies Just use a basic sugar cookie recipe and then sub half the regular sugar for maple sugar then sprinkle the maple sugar on top ..they are beyond good!

why am I always at the bottom and why is everything so high? 

why must there be so little me and so much sky?


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Yes, you have a treasure.

It is incredible dusted on shipped cream over berries. You can also dry small chunks of maple sugar in an oven and mix this with double cream.

It is a wonderful garnish for pumpkin/squash/sweet potato soup.

Use it in almost any type of custard instead of regular sugar. Maple creme brulee, maple creme caramel, maple ice cream, etc.

Roll an ice cream cone in dried maple sugar for a candied cone.

Add to meringues or dust a meringue with maple sugar.

Cook a ham with a savory glaze and dust with maple sugar when you remove it from the oven.

Just don't store it near you tablespoons, you might just eat it straight!


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mmm... I'm thinking I would also like it as a brulee topping over a plain vanilla creme brulee or over a baked rice pudding.

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Check out my recipe for "Mock French toast"


You can do it with regular French toast, but it isn't exactly the same.

After the toast has been griddled until done on one side, just before you turn it, sprinkle some of the maple sugar on it and turn immediately.

The maple sugar carmelizes on the sufrace and actually forms a shell that keeps the center of the toast like custard.

You can also melt it on top of creme brulee. I have also used the same method of carmelizing maple sugar on top of individual cheesecakes.

Yeas ago, before granulated maple sugar was so easily purchased (before the internet) I was very impressed at a brunch where they had grapefruit with maple sugar carmelized on top.

And then, of course, there is the classic, maple pecan sticky bun!

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Hide it in a tin marked cream of tartar and save it all for yourself.

you work too hard feeding your family things you cant have

it would also be good with baby carrots


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