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  1. Sarawak Black Peppercorns are again available after a long absence. Yes, that fruity mild and delicious pepper is back. Malaysia suffered from heavy rains over the past three years. The crops were limited and no black sarawaks were exported. For several years before 2018, sarawaks were not available throught the Malaysian Pepper Board. This probably related to political problems. As a result, black peppercorns being sold by Kalustians, Sara Spice were/are still extremely hot which overpowered all other flavor components. Sara Spice claimed that they were sourced by the Malaysian Pepper Board? Salt Traders and Sir Spice are good sources. Tim
  2. I don't know about Starbucks latte, but you can add pumpkin flavor by juicing a fresh pumpkin and reducing it to a light syrup.
  3. "Fresh or Frozen The term fresh on a poultry label refers to any raw poultry product that has never been held below 26 °F (-3.3 C). Raw poultry held at 0 °F (-17.8 °C) or below must be labeled frozen or previously frozen. No specific labeling is required on raw poultry stored at temperatures between 0 and 25 °F (-17.8 °C and -3.9 °C).:"
  4. tim

    Dry "Brining" Turkey

    Sorry, but it will be way too salty. Tim
  5. tim

    Turkey Prices

    We pay about $5/pound for free range broad breasted bronze turkeys finished on sunflower seeds. The most important turkey that we purchase costs $0.19/pound with a $50 grocery purchase. We buy about three of these for our local food pantry. tim
  6. It is possible to saute toss with the Mauviel M'cook. The Demeyer Proline is just too heavy for most of us.
  7. Jewel Foods had a store in Wilmette in 1969 that carried only frozen steaks . They touted the benefits over fresh meat using much of the same arguments being made by CI.
  8. Heavy manufacturer's cream (no additives) or heavy natural creme fraiche will not break. It can even be oven cooked to a very thick consistancy without breaking. Bechemal with cream added would also not break.
  9. tim

    Adventures in Steak

    It would be interesting to know the breed of cattle sold in Australia. This sounds like piedmontese beef which produce an more, shorter muscle fibers with less connective tissue and intermuscular fat. The claim is very low fat and tasty/tender beef.
  10. The slices near the core do get smaller with the horizontal cuts. The slices in the middle; not so much. It really depends on the shape of your onion. tim
  11. Consumer Reports recommends the Frigidaire Gallery FGGF3032MW @ $700, Samsung NX58F5500SS and the LG LRG30915W
  12. Has anyone tried the Trader Joe's South African Smoked Seasoning? The base is not smoked peppercorns but paprika peppers which have been slow smoked for 48 hours over acacia wood and flaked, The flaked paprika is blended with sea salt (30%), garlic (17%), dried basil (6.5% and packaged in a grinder. The result is wonderful on almost anything. $2.30 for 1.76 ounces. http://www.traderjoes.com/fearless-flyer/article.asp?article_id=1223 Tim
  13. Silicone cupcake molds (terrible for cupcakes) are perfect for savory parsnip flan. The insulation replicates a water bath.
  14. tim

    Wishbone removal: Why?

    Removal of the wishbone makes it easier to remove the whole breast in a single piece. That is the only benefit; many find it well worth the small effort. Tim
  15. TThis is really strange. We would love to know the source of the recipes. If you are a beginner you should utilize the very easiest, and best pie crust recipe ever. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/07/easy-pie-dough-recipe.html?ref=search Good luck
  16. That looks like the perfect shape for roasting a Schmoo!
  17. ...or make an inexpensive cold smoker.
  18. I have been using the following beakers and cups: This small beaker set by OXO is very accurate and a wonderful tool for recipe development of liquids and spices: Chef'n Sleekster silicone measuring beakers are very accurate with multiple scales, have no meniscus problems, do not collapse and pinch for very small pours.
  19. These are incredibly heavy requiring massive biceps for a saute toss. Try before you buy. You might want to look at the Mauviel M'cook. https://www.mauvielusa.com/M-cook.html
  20. tim

    Bag of smoke

    I think cooked meat does not effectively absorb smoke flavor.
  21. Nothing beats my DIL's home cured bacon.
  22. I would make an orange gastrique sauce.
  23. tim

    Veal short ribs

    The alcohol goes into solution with the other braising liquids. Therefore the alcohol evaporates at the same rate as the other liquids. Tim
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