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  1. Those are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  2. That's good to know. I've not tried digital versions of cookbooks because I've been afraid they would be difficult to use/follow. I will have to try it!
  3. I got my copy yesterday and spent some time last night going through and flagging what I want to make. I love the sound of the Chickpea and Pesto recipe, but I am really not a fan of chickpeas. I may try substituting RG white beans of some sort.
  4. I ordered mine yesterday and it is supposed to get here today--Prime.
  5. Completely agree on ingredients. I'm a real Rancho Gordo fan, so you almost never find canned beans here. I need to get better about cooking up various varieties ahead of time. And we both have tender tongues so I tend to look for mild versions of anything that says spicy. For some reason, Kansas City folks have become heat-seekers--the hotter, the better. I have learned to ask the server or seller about heat level before just assuming what "medium" heat might actually be. Have your book in my cart now and will order as soon as I settle on a couple of other things I need. Thank you for all your help!
  6. I will get a copy and try to play along, but it will be at least a couple of weeks due to guests visiting and other obligations. I have only used my IP twice in the 2 years I've had it. Like @MetsFan5I seem to have an irrational fear. Not really fear, but no room for it on the counter, so it gets stuck away--out of sight, out of mind. But Pimento Cheese Quiche has me so intrigued! I had no idea you could make a quiche in an IP!
  7. I haven't bought them from Surfas since I moved away from California, but I was always happy with everything I got there. They have several varieties and sizes to choose from. Dried mushrooms at Surfas.
  8. Well, here is how to get started with tea. I thought this was great. How to get started with good tea.
  9. Thankfully, when I find a recipe online that I like, I save a copy of it on my PC, so if I had a favorite recipe for something, I've still got it. I stopped subscribing to BA a while back as I found little of interest in their newer format. They obviously target a vastly different audience than 69 year old women.
  10. RIP and thank you for always sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.
  11. I'm a browser. When I shop, I do take a list of items I absolutely, positively need, but I enjoy taking my time to go up and down the aisles and see what's new. (I try to avoid high-traffic times when I will likely piss-off people trying to get in/out quickly.) That said, these kinds of lists for TJ's are convenient for my sister. She lives pretty far from TJ and works, so she doesn't get to shop there often. She will browse these lists and their flyer and give me a list, so I can pick up the stuff she wants when I go.
  12. I'd be happy to taste-test any of the recipes you decide to try. 😊
  13. I seem to cut too deep or not deep enough. I just don't have the right touch.
  14. I can't recall ever seeing Campari tomatoes at Aldi but may be wrong. Things come and go there. They used to have large packages of them at Costco and Sam's, but not sure I've noticed them there lately either.
  15. Would someone please give me a name for this cookbook?
  16. I'm also not a fan of the Ajika, but I thought maybe I just didn't really know how to use it best. I bought the Green Goddess but haven't tried it yet. I do like the Umami. I used it a lot when it first came out, but it has moved back on the shelf for a while. I'm a sucker for new spices and always trying new things. I need to find some neighbors who also like to try new things so we can split jars to try them so they don't go bad when I get the next new favorite.
  17. We had just moved here to KC when the gathering took place. I had the tickets purchased and then we had a huge water disaster and had to spend that weekend trying to deal with rescuing soggy unpacked boxes of treasured items, dealing with the responsible party (Culligan), etc. We didn't get to attend any of the events and I've always been so sorry about it. I keep hoping there will be another one of these days.
  18. Mom used "wooster" sauce a lot and so do I. I must have gone through dozens of bottles in my lifetime. I'll have to try it in salad dressing.
  19. I subscribed to both Misfits and Imperfect for a short while a year or so ago. I stopped because of delivery and quality issues--mainly that things weren't kept cold/frozen with Imperfect and I think it was quality with Misfits. I have been getting emails from Imperfect at least twice a week wanting me to come back--significant discounts on the first 2 orders. I got one that talked about all the improvements they have made in both quality and shipping. I have to wonder if their business is hurting. I suppose it might be since people are out shopping more now than they were when COVID was worse. I don't hear anything from Misfits, so I guess they don't miss me. LOL! I see all the photos here and it makes me think about it!
  20. I always wear aprons. I have tons, both new and old, though got rid of a few while back. Those Rough Linen aprons look almost like the aprons I got at Trader Joe's. I love them! I bought a couple for myself and one for my sister.
  21. I post a cookbook from my collection every day on Facebook. Look what is coming up tomorrow.
  22. Oh, why did I downsize to the Bean Club Light version! 🤥
  23. I used to make a smoked salmon spread with this--everyone loved it and always asked me to bring it to parties. I want to say it was from the BH&G cookbook. Been a few decades since I made it. That earthquake was a doozy. A friend who lived in Toluca Lake lost much of his extensive wine collection.
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