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  1. Years ago I bought a couple of them on some sort of special deal--BOGO or whatever--figuring I'd keep one and give one to someone. I have absolutely no idea where they went, but I decided recently that I wanted to try one and couldn't find it. My arthritic hands and tendinitis make certain motions extremely painful and stirring more solid or harder things is not fun. If I am using a regular pan, I can use one of the other tools suggested, but if it is a non-stick skillet, I can't use a metal tool. Soooo, a friend recently was having a Pampered Chef party and I felt obligated to buy something. I bought one of these and it is now here. I plan to keep track of it so I can actually find it when that occasion arises. Mind you, this means that I will now find the original one or two of them that I bought. I guess it will mean I will then have a collection of ground meat breaker-uppers.😝
  2. Ours are also Weds-Tues. Often they don't even get some of the items in the circular. They have some distribution issues in this area. The odd part to me is that while my nearest store may not get something, I can usually get it at another store that is about 10 miles away. I keep wondering if it depends on what they think will sell at each location or if the store managers have something to do with it.
  3. If I lived in Chicago, iI'd be parked on your doorstep to take a look at those books. 😉 Welcome!!
  4. I have sworn off their frozen pie crust, too. I bought it a second time because it had been so long since I bought it that I'd forgotten. I won't forget again. What a mess. I hope that wine is in our store here!
  5. As someone with chronic hand issues, I am super sympathetic. Hope it is better soon!!
  6. In the case of the one that I make, it is a much wetter consistency and vastly different ingredients. I don't have my recipes on this Chromebook, but the panade I make is much like this one, though mine has more wine. https://relish.com/recipes/86770/spinach-and-mushroom-panade
  7. A few years ago I made a panade instead of traditional stuffing with Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone loved it and it now gets requested every year.
  8. I have been incredibly lazy and unmotivated lately. I need to cook up some RG beans and make some go-withs. Going to work on my to-do list and a shopping list. Thank you, @blue_dolphin for the inspiration!
  9. I am coveting both of those books!
  10. I want to make up a batch of those marinated pineapple slices. They sound like they would be great with ham. Quick dinner: grilled ham steak with marinated pineapple. Yum!
  11. Every day on Facebook, I share a random cookbook from my collection. I shared this one a couple of days ago. What a coincidence!
  12. @Shelby I can't believe you got dandelion greens. My choices never include anything that interesting. Pretty pedestrian stuff here. I did get an order this week. The onions were not great and will likely go bad before I use them. Here was the odd thing: Everything in the box was soaking wet except the kale which was on top of everything else. I had gotten a box of snack bars and the box they were in was so wet, it was falling apart. They just can't seem to get their packing and shipping done properly. While I've gotten things I have enjoyed, I am probably going to cancel--prices are too high for what I'm getting.
  13. I didn't love the croissant bread. It seemed a bit stale to me. I tried it in various ways. Best uses were for garlic toast and strata.
  14. When I saw this topic, I thought it was about our own member @Carolyn Tillie and her gorgeous book.
  15. I can't stand it if someone gets crumbs in the butter. It gives me the jim-jams!!!
  16. I do, too, but someone in a food group I belong to recently said that if you use that feature, it lessens the ad revenues the blogger receives. I think many of us don't consider that some bloggers do it as a source of income, rather than as a hobby. I respect that, but wish they could do something a different way so that you don't have to scroll forever to get to the recipe. The ones I really object to are the ones that you have to keep clicking on the arrow to go through 6 pages of crap before you get to what you want to see.
  17. Those citrus fruits are gorgeous!! I never see fun things like that here in the midwest.
  18. I down-sized to the Bean Club Lite version (twice a year), so not getting this one. Drat! I've gotten it for so many years, it feels odd to miss one now.
  19. I always stop mine, take out the dough, remove the paddle and put the dough back in for baking. Much easier than digging out the paddle and leaving a big hole after it is baked.
  20. I am not going to order any more meat/fish/perishable from Imperfect Foods. I had an issue with pork a time or two ago. Today (and it isn't warm--it is in the 30s), the meat and fish had defrosted. That is not surprising since they are no longer putting insulation in the boxes. They put those items in a paper bag with 1 ice pack. That is not enough to keep it frozen. They are taking it all off my bill, but now I've not got the stuff to cook with that I'd planned for the weekend. I need to decide if it is worth it to even continue at all with them.
  21. I remember at some point seeing a post in a forum somewhere about someone who was looking for a lid for her "soup tureen" which she had posted a photo of with soup in it. When many pointed out to her that it was not a tureen, but a chamber pot, she was horrified that she'd been putting it on her table to serve soup.
  22. You got me curious and I climbed over the stacks of books to be put away to get to my copy. 1961. I'd venture a guess that there have been a few changes since then and the new version. LOL.
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