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  1. I completely agree on the red peppers, but will add green in there as well, plus say it isn't just frozen veggies, but also in restaurant meals. We had 2 meals out last week and both entrees I ordered had so many peppers in them that they completely over-powered everything else. I felt like I had pasta primaredpeppers--very few other veggies in it. The other was a stir-fried shrimp and veggie thing that also was mostly red and green peppers--in that one, the green peppers flavored the entire dish.
  2. It is probably different for me every week and definitely seasonal. During warm weather, we eat lighter and often will just have a nice salad and maybe some grilled sausage and bread. No, I don't make the sausage myself--but it is from a small local butcher using local meat sources. And I don't bake the bread either. In cooler weather, it just depends on workload. Sometimes I use part prepared foods (canned, refrigerated, frozen)--maybe refrigerated pasta with either something I've concocted myself or with "emergency" pasta sauce from the pantry. We are currently without a CSA membership, but do have some nice places to buy good farm-fresh produce. We get a Butcher Box from Local Pig which has a great variety every time--and always a prepared item, too (Last week was stuffed peppers.), but prepared in a good way. I find that getting things like this and CSAs keep me cooking better and using fewer commercially-prepared foods. If I've paid for it, I'm going to use it!
  3. Just jazz it up with something. Maybe some hot sauce or whatever you feel it needs to make it better.
  4. I used this when I was in a hurry and wanted to make creamed onions (which I always make with cheese in them). I used TJ's frozen pearl onions defrosted and added them to the fondue. No one was the wiser.
  5. Already cooked, but will be having black-eyed peas later. I forgot to order them from Rancho Gordo, so have Melissa's fresh.
  6. I haven't used mine enough yet to experience this situation, but would it help to store it with an open box of baking soda in it?
  7. Something like this? http://zekesbarn.com/2016/11/06/rum-raisin-toffee-bark/
  8. I had bought one of the knock-off IPs at Aldi a couple of months ago. I haven't used it all that much as I found it "difficult" to learn and with no previous experience, I wasn't sure if IP instructions could be followed exactly. Long story short, yesterday I bought the cyber Monday deal on Amazon (DUO). One of the things I want to try is yogurt and the other is cheesecake. A friend had recommended a Fat Daddy push pan rather than springform, as she said she found the latch on the springform made the pan more difficult to get into/out of the IP. I meant to order a push pan yesterday, too, and then forgot. My question is, do any of you have experience with this? Do I really need the push pan or can I manage with springform?
  9. Around 16 years ago we had a kitten who was gravely ill. She had to take a lot of meds and couldn't really chew. I would puree raw liver and put her meds in it to get her to "drink" them. It was not pleasant; I can't imagine eating raw liver either. (Sadly, we lost the kitten at 9 months old. Happily, her sister Jitterbug is still with us.)
  10. I bought both of these on my last trip to TJ's, but haven't used them yet. I'm glad you posted this because I'd honestly forgotten I got them! I need to pull them out so I try them soon.
  11. I haven't eaten at an Arby's in decades. I just never cared for their "meats" which were processed and pressed rather than roasted and sliced real meat. My husband stopped at an Arby's a year or so ago when he was traveling and raved about whichever sandwich he had. I had forgotten about it until I saw this thread. Maybe I will breakdown and give them another try the next time fast food is a consideration--although I don't go for fast food very often.
  12. I suppose my opinion doesn't count due to the why, but I never ate it for decades because of sensitive teeth. My teeth are a bit less sensitive now, but I just never developed a taste for anything extremely cold--ice cream, frozen drinks or even drinks with a lot of ice. I might try a bite of it with cake or pie if it was very melted. And then, just a bite really. I'm not overly fond of very sweet foods either, so it is a double whammy with ice cream.
  13. I've been following along this thread occasionally, thinking seriously about getting either an IP or the one that has the clay insert. Well, I was at Aldi this week and they had their Ambiano version for $39.99. I decided to go for it--will be a good test to see if I like it and will use one enough to invest in something better. I figure that I've spent more than that on a bottle of wine, so I could certainly go for this little test. It is washed, but I haven't used it yet. Need to figure out a good first thing to try. Probably something with Rancho Gordo beans since I've always got those on hand.
  14. Glad to hear they are good. I bought them just before we left town, so haven't tried them yet.
  15. Andiesenji, did you ever get one of the VitaClay cookers? I am dangerously close to ordering one.
  16. I keep hoping there will be another in Kansas City. We had just moved here and planned to go to the first one, but had a flood (bad installation of a water softener) that created complete chaos for us. Workers in/out of the house for the entire week (and a very long time after, too). I was so sorry we had to miss it!
  17. I've found this a problem in the Mid-west, too. No one seems to carry much other than one or two brands--Bacardi and whatever.
  18. Jaymes, it has been a few years since we were there, but had a fabulous dinner at The Painted Pony in St. George, UT. And should you get that far in California and can work it in, I have a feeling you would love Noriega's in Bakersfield, CA for Basque food served family style at long communal tables. We went as often as possible when we lived in CA and haven't been for a while, but are going to try to get up that far in September when we're out there. If you plan to be in Salt Lake City, there are now numerous good places. We discover something new every year when we are there and can give you a list. Oh, and when you are in the SF area, I hear there is some heirloom bean seller that you ought to check out.
  19. Decades ago, we had lunch at a lovely restaurant in Scottsdale (name forgotten). They had the absolutely BEST yeast rolls made with vanilla (but not sweet). I still crave them. I wish I had a recipe to offer, but have never found one. I don't know if you could just add vanilla to any old yeast bread/roll recipe and have it turn out like theirs or not.
  20. You can buy those at many places--probably even the Dollar Store.
  21. We'll be making the usual trip to SLC in September. Any interesting places that have opened in the past year?
  22. We have had very bad experiences with Keurigs. We had 3 fail before the warranty was up in a year. We got free replacements, but they told us they would not replace again after 3 of them. We have stopped using it anyway due to the negative environmental impact the pods are having. And yes, I do know that you can use the ones you fill yourself. I just figure if I'm going to do that, I may as well make a pot.
  23. What a marvelous book! Regardless of value, it would be wonderful to have in a collection.
  24. Yes, am certain this is the case. Ours is hidden under the oven floor as well, which is why I didn't realize it was burned out.
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