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  1. Lifting heavy items is difficult for me, too. I seldom use very heavy pans like I used to. Cast iron, when full of food, is nearly impossible for me to lift. I am trying to re-arrange my pantry and cupboards so that I have better access to my appliances and don't have to carry them so far. Ideally, I'd like to have the ones I use most on the kitchen counter, but that is very much space.
  2. Also, don't discount the idea of buying meal kits (I think @chromedome posted an article about them in a recent thread.) and also pre-chopped/shredded foods. Freshly done is always best, but if that is the only way, so be it. Will not be the end of the world.
  3. This is an on-going quest for me. My hands and right arm get worse and worse all the time. I have changed the way I cook--nothing that requires tons of chopping or slicing unless it can be done with a food processor. Even a mandoline is problematic because you have to hold things. I got this gadget a few months back (someone recommended it and I can't recall who or if it was an eG member). It works great and makes peeling many different things so easy. They are available at various prices from many sources. This just happened to be the first one that popped up. Starfrit Peeler Blenders, mixers and immersion blenders can also save your hands/arms/shoulders from a lot of mixing and stirring. After many years of it sitting in the back of a cupboard, I am using my bread machine a lot for mixing a kneading dough. As I say, it is an on-going search for me as my issues get worse.
  4. @Annie_H, if I recall, it calls for around 1 1/2 CUPS of corn flour. I'll find the recipe and post it later. I'm not on my PC now.
  5. That salted rosemary shortbread sounds wonderful! Please let us know how it turns out.
  6. So then, I can use corn starch with no worries and expect a wonderful shortbread like I want! Thank you all! ❣️
  7. First of all, I am not really much of a baker, so be gentle with me and use little words. ☺️ I love shortbread and in a cooking group, saw someone post about Irish Shortbread. That led me to looking for recipes. I saw one that calls for corn flour and another that calls for corn starch. I do know that these are 2 different things. Obviously, corn starch is much easier for the average person to find. So, my question is, what would be the difference in using one vs. the other? How would it affect the dough and the handling of it, and also the finished product? I have never used corn flour nor have I ever baked anything that had a significant quantity of corn starch in it, so have no experience. Thanks for your patience with me and my probably stupid question.
  8. I bought both of those cheeses yesterday, though both have best by dates that are much shorter than I'd like (next week) so I'll be eating them for lunches. I also got the new Kentucky Bourbon Cream Liqueur. I tried it in coffee when I got home and it was very tasty. I couldn't get my photo to load, but here's a link to reviews, though I don't see any reviews. Ha!
  9. @weinoo Those spiced wafers sound good. Is that the best brand? I think I'll order some to put out during the holidays. I think Ivin's brand also popped up--probably other, too.
  10. On a whim, I picked up the Trader Joe's Kettle Chips flavored with "Thanksgiving" stuff. They mostly tasted like onion flavored chips to me. Never again.
  11. @weinoo I will message you a link to my FB page(s) so you can check them out. And if anyone else is interested, shoot me a message and I will give you a link.
  12. I've been collecting cookbooks for quite a while. Most of them stayed packed in boxes after we moved from California to Missouri due to space limitations. I am trying to downsize so we can move to an even smaller place, so began pulling in the boxes a year or so ago. I've already got several boxes of them I won't keep, my sister has taken a few and a friend took a few others. I'll get there eventually. Earlier this year, I started pulling one each morning and posting photos on my Facebook page. I have a few friends who have been fascinated in seeing some of the really old ones and it has been fun for me, too. I'd forgotten about so many of them! I wish I'd started on Jan. 1, because that would have been a good way to count how many there are. I've still got quite a few to go. And, bless her heart, an online friend needed to downsize, so she sent me two big boxes of cookbooks. Yikes! I know she means well, but I will likely be getting rid of most of them, as I just don't have space for all of them anymore. Not to mention that I'm always buying new cookbooks that come out thanks to some of you here with your posts about them (Vivian Howard's books!) and some of the other food groups I belong to. I love my cookbooks. I hate my cookbooks. 🙃
  13. Probably burnt ends. I'm not sure they are served elsewhere. I'd have said BBQ, but that has spread and there are several BBQ regions that are quite different. Burnt Ends
  14. @Smithy Sorry it took so long. I am having trouble getting photos from my iPhone to my PC all of a sudden. I suspect either Apple or MS have changed something. Again. Sigh. I hope you can read it OK.
  15. I wish we had one!
  16. @Smithy I have not cooked from it. And I'd be happy to show the Persimmon Sponge pages. Give me some time. I'm running a sick cat around today.
  17. I have that book! I have a hectic day today, but will post a few pix from it when I get a chance.
  18. I do realize that I'm old and as such, am perceived to not have buying power. It is quite clear that I am not the target market for these magazines. I'm not sure who is their target market, but I hope I never have to spend any time with them.
  19. I'm so very sorry to hear this. Many condolences to all his family and friends. He will be very missed here at eGullet.
  20. It's that time of year. $50 gift cards are only $35!! Great time to buy gifts!! 🙂
  21. I'm loyal to Penzey's although they don't have everything I always want. I jump around for the rest.
  22. I made that painful decision last year and as envious as I get when I see what I'm missing, I don't regret it. My pantry was overflowing.
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