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  1. I've seen several friends making the confit recipe. I really need to try this! Looks wonderful!
  2. 5:30-6:30 most evenings. It has gotten earlier as we've aged. (Back in the days when I worked in advertising, I often didn't get home until 6:30 or so, and it was not unusual for us to eat at 8.) When the cat was diagnosed with diabetes and put on insulin, we tried to keep him on a regular schedule that fit best with us, so that meant earlier dinner for us so he could eat and get his shot shortly after we had finished. He is now in remission, but we've kept the same schedule. During the pandemic, when we finally began to go out to a handful of places, we would go between 4:30 and 5 in order to get there, eat and be gone before it got busy.
  3. In my family, we always have salt and pepper on the table. Too many people who like or don't like one or the other or both. You can't please everyone with your cooking (which is why are there are so many different restaurants out there), so let them add whatever they like. I'm never offended if someone salts or peppers at the table.
  4. @Darienne, I feel like I could have written your initial post, except that I went with Samsung washer/dryer with the extra deep drum that you can barely reach and it plays music. I did figure out how to stop the music on the washer, but you can't turn it off on the dryer. I suppose if I were a techie person, I could probably find the darned chip or speaker in it and yank it out. I also had to get new stove and got Samsung. It beeps constantly. Drives me nuts.
  5. This topic reminds me of an anecdote about Monet in one of the cookbooks that feature him, his home and recipes. It purports that he insisted on tossing the salads at the table himself and he loved black pepper so much that he would put a ton on the salad. So much that no one else could/would eat the salad. No idea if that is fact, but it was the first thing that came to mind upon reading this. I have cut back on salting when I cook because my husband and others in the family try to cut back on sodium in their diet. I just add what I want on my food at the table.
  6. Not sure how I got to be an old lady and not heard of Clear Jel. Thanks--I need to check it out!
  7. This was why I stopped both Imperfect and Misfits a couple of years ago. I had to throw out way too many foods that had defrosted during shipping/delivery. Sure they would give me credit, but that doesn't help when your entire meal plans for the week have gone out the window.
  8. I am working to clear space on the kitchen counter to make room for my old Cuisinart workhorse for the same reason. Arthritis and tendinitis are just too bad now.
  9. I hadn't heard of Chess Cake. I Googled and found that it is very similar to Gooey Butter Cake, which I believe originated in St. Louis, so maybe it is the midwestern version of Chess Cake.
  10. Thank you both for all this thoughtful, helpful advice!
  11. I have also learned from a friend that she uses her Vitamix to mill flour. I've got an Aldi knock-off and am going to give it a try to see how it turns out. If I can use something I've already got, all the better.
  12. I'm going to revive this thread because I am suddenly interested in getting an electric flour mill. If there is a more recent thread that discusses, please direct me to it, as I didn't see it. I assume in the several years since this one was active, there may be new products and people will have had different experiences with what they have. First off, I'm not a professional and do not need anything extra fancy or enormous. If fact, the smaller, the better since I have limited kitchen space. Electric is a must because of my hand issues. Inexpensive but efficient is what I'm looking for at this time. Something that will handle all the various types of grain and mill well-enough for my mediocre bread-baking attempts. Any thoughts? And, since I have no experience with it, should I anticipate any difficulty in purchasing whole grains in reasonable quantities and varieties? Thanks for any thoughts!
  13. There was a restaurant in Orange County called The Gypsy Den. (They have since changed their name to The Den, as gypsy is not an acceptable term any more. Apologies to all for my use of it here. I typed this up years ago and saved as a photo, so can't edit.) At any rate, they had a delightful salad on their menu and when I lived and worked near there, I'd often get it for lunch. When it was no longer available, I decided to concoct my own version of it. I am always asked for the recipe when I take it to gatherings. I hope you enjoy.
  14. I don't want to take the thread off-topic, but would you be willing to share your recipe for orgeat? Thanks!
  15. Those eggplants almost look like balloon animals. LOL!
  16. What a treasure! I wish I was younger and had the money to invest. But, I'm downsizing my cookbook collection because we need to get into a smaller place.
  17. That sounds fascinating but can't read it because of paywall.
  18. I tried both of them at least a year ago--maybe longer--and had problems. Mostly with shipping and temperature. Meats would arrive defrosted and lukewarm. Produce would be battered by stuff sitting on them or knocking around in the box. I cancelled but now see such great stuff that'd I'd consider giving it another try if they have improved.
  19. @AnniehWhich subscription do you use--Misfits or Imperfect? I'm still trying to decide what to do.
  20. No hood, just a small "exhaust" fan that only circulates the grease and smoke.
  21. Our kitchen in California was enormous and wonderful. The kitchen in this house is tiny and horrible. A lot of my kitchen stuff never made it into this kitchen. Now, we need to downsize and get into a smaller place so I've been working my way through all the stuff I haven seen in 15 years. Hard to decide what to keep and what to pitch.
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