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  1. Very light touch in anything you want to have a smoked flavor. Here are some recipes. They even have it used in cocktails. Not so sure I'd try that, but maybe I'm wrong.
  2. They did not have taquitos. They also did not have the cultured butter from Brittany that I have gotten addicted to. I saw no place on the shelf for it, so it has probably been discontinued. Harumph. I picked up a jar of this tomato soup with dumplings to try but I see now it got mixed reviews. I'll taste and doctor accordingly. I also got pre-mixed Negroni on a whim. I tasted it last night. It is a little sweeter than most Negronis are when I order them out. I almost never drink cocktails at home, so I will likely end up tossing most of this at some point, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Got a new bag of the dark russet potato chips. Also was happy to see that they had dukkah again. I got hooked on it a few years back, then they discontinued it. Now, if only they would bring back the fennel, propylis and myrrh toothpaste...
  3. I'm going to TJ's today. Last time I went, I felt like they didn't have much but I can't remember now what was missing. Not sure I have tried their taquitos but maybe I will. If they have them.
  4. Last time at TJ's I got a package of the Cacio e Pepe ravioli. We had it last night. I made a chicken, asparagus., mushroom blue cheese/alfredo-type sauce to go with. It was delicious. Fast food.
  5. That is amazing. One of the reasons I cancelled Misfits and Imperfect was that the meat/fish were defrosted by the time I got them and I had to throw them out. I use ice packs in my cooler, but things just don't stay frozen if it is in the 90s. Maybe I need a new cooler.
  6. I got the Hatch chili flakes last time, too. We aren't super-spicy food eaters, so I seldom buy fresh peppers because I end up wasting 95% of them. I put the chili flakes in the last batch of chili I made and it was really good. Butter--have I mentioned before the TJ's cultured butter from Brittany? OMG! It is so good. I am really hooked on it. I wish they would open a store closer to us. It is just far enough that I can't but frozen foods unless it is really cold weather. Even though I rake a cooler, the frozen stuff just doesn't stay frozen in warm weather months. I need to make a trip next week and get some of those scallion pancakes. I always enjoy using my ancient TJ's bags when I go. Since they only opened stores here a few years ago, my bags from 30-40 years ago are like collectibles. The cashiers often say, "Oh! Where did you get that TJ bag? I've never seen that one!" 😄
  7. I love extra brown foods. These chips are great. If you haven't tried them, try Extra Toasted Cheez-its--either the real brand or the Aldi knock off. Both are good.
  8. Easier (and cheaper) to just buy very long straws to use in the bottle.
  9. If you ordered a new cookbook and haven't received it, this may be the reason.
  10. I got those pancakes a year or so ago at my Costco. They were tasty, but I didn't use them as quickly as necessary. I took the rest and used them to make a maple-bacon pancake bread pudding. Waste not, want not!
  11. The dill jumped right out at me, too. Even during warm weather I can hardly ever find fresh dill. I've tried growing it and just can't seem to keep it going.
  12. I'm not sure how they manage it but the foods all come from local producers. And they seem to deliver nearly everywhere. I have no idea. It has to be a logistical nightmare. Or maybe it is set up like a franchise where each region has someone who pulls it all together for that area. If anyone knows, please share.
  13. @Shelby have you ever looked at Market Wagon? It isn't exactly cheap, but it appeals to me that it is all local. I keep thinking I will give them a try. I've got them pulled up on my PC now, so maybe I'll take the plunge and give them a try.
  14. Curse you, @blue_dolphin! You're a cookbook pusher!! 😅 You've got a way of making me want every cookbook out there and I'm supposed to be down-sizing. Darling kitty!! 😍
  15. This is for a huge quantity. I cut it down considerably when I made it and it still made a lot because there are so many ingredients. I found all the flowers on Amazon because I don't think there is a good source locally. This is from blog post (I think, but I have no idea what blog it was now.) The narrative in this is not mine:
  16. I love Penzey's blends. Fox Point, Sunny Paris, Garden Salad (I've never used on a salad. I use it on garlic bread.), Mural of Flavor and probably others. Occasionally, Trader Joe's has a blend I really like. A number of years ago they had Flower Pepper--black peppercorns with various flower petals. Like many things I love, it was promptly discontinued. My sister and I moaned about it for years and years. I finally found a recipe online and made my own a couple of years ago.
  17. I just bought Rustic Breads, too. I really needed another bread book. Ha!
  18. I'm so sorry to hear of this. He was one of the original members here, if I remember correctly. RIP and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us for so many years.
  19. That is the best cookbook for bread machines! I use it more than any other.
  20. @ElsieD here are a couple if I can get photos to load.
  21. I haven't made it but I'm sure there are recipes in my bread machine cookbooks. If you'd like them, I can post.
  22. Those Brown Butter Sage Sables sound fantastic! I want to make those when I get time.
  23. Sorry it took me a while to find the recipe. https://www.justapinch.com/print/dessert/cookies/real-deal-irish-shortbread-cookies.html?ttl=1639088943 And now I can't find the other one that said corn flour. It has been one of those weeks--sick cat with many trips to the vet and worrying about him. (He seems to be getting better.) Anyway, I'm disorganized and frazzled.
  24. I've been addicted to these in past years. I picked up a bag last week and haven't opened it yet. I so hope you just got a bad bag and mine will be as wonderful as in the past.
  25. I've got that Lee Valley tool to pop the seal on jar lids and it has been a life saver!
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