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  1. 10 hours ago, Umar Abraham said:

    Good Day everyone,


    I would like to ask since i have no expierence in the restaurant and only in a culinary school, I wanted to ask when do chef start work and what time does it end?


    @Umar Abraham, since you're in culinary school now, are you asking about work hours for line cooks or chefs?


    Others can chime in, but a line cook would probably have more predictable hours (than a chef) and would be paid hourly. A chef is more like a manager and would probably be on salary. A chef would also probably work way longer hours.


    On top of that, there are different kinds of chefs, e.g., sous chef, etc.


    Good luck.


  2. Maybe check out a restaurant supply store.


    I'd be concerned about the overall weight.


    Can you just get an 8-quart pot? (Since you're currently using two 4-quart pots.)


    You might have to buy a glass lid separately.

    Agree with @rotuts that the sides of the pot don't matter so much.

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  3. Thank you, @FauxPas. Both of the recipes that you and @heidih posted call for blanching the onions. I think I will blanch the onions (rather than salt them in a collander). Agree that pearl onions can be a pain. I would sub in sliced onions.

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  4. Thank you, @heidih. That's a nice, simple recipe.


    I'm thinking about salting the onions in a colander, beforehand, to remove some of the excess moisture. I really want this to be flavorful and crunchy.

  5. Hi Guys - I want to make a quick pickled onion, small batch. (Round onion, not green onions.) Prefer not too much sweetness. I want to use these pickled onions as a garnish for salads and would prefer a chopped / small sliced texture. (Rather than large wedges or whole onions.) I do like chili peppers and hot & spicy flavors.


    If anyone has any recipe(s) / ideas for a quick and simple pickled onion, I would appreciate hearing about it. Thanks!

  6. 1 hour ago, David Ross said:

    Made a quick potato salad today with ingredients I had on hand.  In the summer I always have homemade mayonnaise on hand, then roasted baby gold potatoes.  Some fresh oregano and chives from the garden, and some diced cucumber from cucumbers a neighbor brought me.  I could have done without the cucumbers and should have added capers.  If I had some olives, preferably green, I would have added those....


    @David Ross, your potato salad looks really good. I do like cucumbers in potato salad. My mom used to salt the sliced cucumbers (English or Japanese) then squeeze out the excess moisture (before adding to the P.S.). Do you think it might have helped to do that? Olives sound like they would have been a good addition.


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  7. 1 hour ago, Smithy said:


    I know the "green gunk" in lobsters, their roe, is tasty. I don't know about eating any of it raw and I forgot to ask during my chat this morning. I included it in the pasta dish and it may have added something, but can't say with any certainty. 


    I thought the "green gunk" was tomalley, digestive gland(s), supposedly a combo of liver and pancreas.


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  8. Wow, didn't realize the results (flour weight) were all over the map like that.


    Here is the list of different results from an LA Times article.

              King Arthur Flour: 120 grams

              Bake From Scratch: 125 grams

              Washington Post: 126 grams

              The New York Times: 128 grams

              Bon Appétit: 130 grams

              AllRecipes.com: 136 grams

              The L.A. Times; Cook’s Illustrated: 142 grams




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  9. Hasegawa textured synthetic (rubber), wood-core cutting board. Not sure why there are four or five "stripes" on the side of the cutting board. My understanding is that it's three layers (rubber, wood, rubber).


    My board is the smallest one, about 13.5" by 9". The pink scraper is about 4.5" in length.


    The scraper, I haven't had to use yet.


    Anyway, so far, I really like the board.




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  10. 24 minutes ago, TdeV said:

    Am learning a lot more about baked desserts. I have a copy of Maida Heatter's Pies & Tarts. Many of her recipes call for a cup (or more) of sifted all-purpose flour. Do you have a suggestion for what that should weigh?


    Also, I have some very ripe peaches, some just barely ripe plums, and some blueberries. Thinking of making something with a topping. Should I cook the plums a bit first?


    According to the King Arthur website, "A cup of all-purpose flour weighs 4 1/4 ounces or 120 grams."




    Not sure about the plums.


  11. 32 minutes ago, heidih said:

    Not cooking per se, but I use Sriracha from the Huy Fong squeeze bottle at least once a day. No matter what I do I get a little geyser when I twist open the top. Tends to spray. Am I missing a trick?


    That's how that Huy Fong sriracha sauce bottle / product is (it tends to spray and have little "explosions"). I've made a mess on my carpet with that sauce. (Yet, I can't quit that sauce.)


    The only trick I can think of is to shake that bottle well (the contents do separate). I use it straight from the fridge then put it right back in the fridge. I don't leave it out very long.


  12. 23 hours ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:

    Here is a detail from last night's dry aged ribeye:



    Note the unpleasant mostly crescent shaped highlights.  I've been struggling with this problem for some while.  Food photographed in the kitchen has its own set of lighting issues but at least no weird highlights like these.


    Any suggestions?



    Are you talking about the portion of your photo in the top 1/4th area? The part with the dark red background? Looks like salt or the crystals that you might see on Parmesan cheese. I see some of the same stuff on the off-white background areas, but due to low color contrast, it's not as evident.


    Yes, your clear glass halogen bulb might be the problem. It's pretty harsh light without "frost."


    Nice photo, though. You're getting some nice detail.


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