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  1. More on supplied pan warping: I contacted support as it happened to me, here is their response: " Thank you for contacting the support team! The pan warping under high temperatures is normal especially when food is not evenly distributed on the pan. The pan will return to its normal shape after it is cooled. Also, we are coming up with a pan with better heat resistance. More on this soon." "Is normal"? Well yes, if the pan is sub-standard. "More on this soon" ? How soon? p
  2. palo


    It seems small and constrained by cook zones. According to "how-to" videos I watched the temp sensor is really fragile. Won't bake bread or roast a chicken. Door appears flimsy, watching videos I kept thinking of the "Easy Bake Oven", it uses light as well 👅 The concept and theory is good, but limited by practical restrictions and considerations. I doubt many of us will be adopters.
  3. I queried Anova about their Anova skill for Amazon's Alexa, here's their response: Yes it should work. It's quite new so let me know if it isn't working for you or if you find any bugs. Cheers, David Liu Customer Success Associate Anova Culinary I like the phrasing "Yes it should work", then again maybe not, your mileage may vary 👅 I appreciate this skill is quite new (perhaps not tested fully), and they do not promote or advertise it. Anyone trying it is on their own as a beta tester Just so you know. p
  4. This was a salmon filet and it was not moist after the cooking (over cooking?) p
  5. Interesting/concerning event - I was baking something @ 450 for 20 minutes no steam manually Huge amounts of steam expelled from bottom right corner and condensation forming in water tank. Should I worry? p
  6. palo

    Food recalls

    Damn those inspectors, they just can't leave well enough alone: https://globalnews.ca/news/7548666/yukon-jerky-recalled/#:~:text=Yukon flag Canada (isolated with clipping path).&text=Yukon residents who purchased beef,the psychoactive ingredient for cannabis. p
  7. Did I mention there's a Alexa skill for it: "With the Anova Oven Smart Home skill, you can start cooking by saying "Alexa, preheat my oven to 350 degrees." As your food cooks, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the oven's temperature and food probe readings by saying "Alexa, what is the temperature of my oven?" or "Alexa, what is the temperature of my food in the oven?" If you want to cook in Sous Vide mode, the Anova Oven Smart Home skill couldn't make this easier. Simply say "Alexa, Sous Vide fish in my oven at 125 degrees" or "Alexa, Sous Vide fish in my oven at 125 degrees for 40 minutes" to add a timer countdown to your cook. Here are other voice command examples you can say to Alexa: - Alexa, set my oven to bake at 325 degrees. - Alexa, set my oven to sous vide at 125 degrees. - Alexa, sous vide chicken to 145 degrees in my oven. - Alexa, bake my cookies in my oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. - Alexa, set my oven to steam. - Alexa, set my oven to dehydrate. - Alexa, set my oven to broil. - Alexa, set my oven to proof. - Alexa, turn my oven off." Haven't tried it yet, but for someone adventurous... p
  8. First off Anova email support has been really good for me. * Regarding the timer shutting off oven when completed: "The oven will stay on similar to a conventional oven and to ensure the food stays warm. It is also a failsafe in case anyone sets a wrong timer." I noticed in their toast recipe in the App, they have a 4th step called "Oven Off" which basically sets the temp to 77F with a 1 minute timer - sort of like a "keep warm" mode - could be added to other recipes I'm sure. In another email: "Yes the oven stops when the timer stops. Have you tried using the Oven with manual controls?" Perhaps this timer behavior applies to using the manual controls as opposed to their App recipes * Finally with regard to App compatibility with devices, I mentioned I had it working on Fire HD tablet: "Sorry the FireOS devices aren't support at the moment." Guess my oven/app doesn't know that yet. p
  9. If it was a really expensive pan, I "might" consider it, but if not then toss it - decent non-stick pans aren't very expensive. Err on the side of caution. p
  10. Way back when I commented the Anova wouldn't install on my Sony phone, Sony Tablet or Samsung tablet - problem was they are too old as per Anova support: "The app only supports Android devices with version 7.0 and up." I'm using the Amazon Fire HD 8, but as that's my ereader it's a little inconvenient. Others may want to consider this. p
  11. I was mainly concerned with saving electricity. p
  12. I'm looking at pizza/bread making using cast iron skillet/griddle. Is it possible to pre-heat on stove rather than in oven. I have a commercial induction burner. p
  13. I would like to see opinions backed up by facts - who has tried this and the results? p
  14. Here's a link to their post and ensuing discussion: https://blog.ideasinfood.com/ideas_in_food/2009/08/one-minute-pasta.html p
  15. The Saga: (long read) I said I would post again when I got it up and running Time line: Ordered Dec. 19 Shipped Dec.22 (Purolator) Delivered Dec 23 @ 10:45!!! According to Purolator it originated in Mississauga arrived in Barrie @ 8:56 (I must have been his first or near first stop.) Well with no advance notification, I expected a couple days for shipping, but the first I got info from Purolator was today Dec 22. The tracking didn't show until this morning. So, I got it in the house and it's going to sit there for a while - I have to rearrange my kitchen to accommodate it. I might not have it plugged in until tomorrow. Got it on the counter (by myself) and plugged in. Next step was to connect the oven and the app. My router is at the other end of the house from the kitchen, and it wouldn’t connect. I had a wifi extender and that didn’t help until I plugged it into a socket right beside it. Success! App connected to oven! Now the app tells me the oven needs an update (0.4 to 1.01). Okay shouldn’t be a problem. Update gets to 1% and then aborts, tried many times. Unplug and re-plug oven, same result. Un-install app and re-install, success! Well that’s it for today (several hours). Dec. 24 I did the burn-in of the heating elements and to be on the safe side just cooked (heated) a frozen mac and cheese. Worked – I just pretended it was my BSOA. Christmas day. I decided to cook the turkey wings which were highlighted in the app. So easy, in the app I just hit “start” and it started - I had to put water in the tank. The cook went well (problems with the probe) the “fill” light came on but when I re-seated the tank it was fine. The recipe seasoning was great and the result looked just like the picture in the app. For me, this will be a learning experience. I can see the potential for great things. One thing to note is that all the timer does is “ding” so it continues to cook at whatever temperature it is set to, not a good thing imho. p
  16. I haven't tried this - has anyone else? or does it just go against the grain? p
  17. Got one, I'll post later on the saga. p
  18. nonna may have created the best pasta, but that's not to say she wouldn't try new things. p
  19. Wanted to do a bit of exploring and was trying to download the android app it says it's not compatible with my device (Sony phone, Sony tablet and Samsung tablet) but it would let me download and install on Amazon Fire tablet. Anyone else having these problems? p
  20. Anyone from Canada gotten this - what was shipping like - total cost including shipping? Where was it purchased? p
  21. https://www.seriouseats.com/2013/05/ask-the-food-lab-can-i-start-pasta-in-cold-water.html Towards the end of the article it talks about pre-soaking pasta. I like the idea of just tossing it into your sauce to cook. p
  22. I was doing a little reading and it was suggested that you could soak pasta for a couple of hours and then pop it into boiling water for a couple of minutes and presto done! This is regular dried pasta not fresh or ramen. The reasoning was that pasta requires two steps, hydrating and cooking, the hydrating needs the most time and cooking the least. Has anyone heard of this, tried it? What were your reactions? p
  23. palo

    Rice Cookers

    I recently made tomato/basil bread in my breadmaker and basically you just replace the water with tomato juice - I would think you could do the same with a rice cooker because the ingredients really don't interact with the innards. p
  24. palo

    Rice Cookers

    As a singleton the ability to make just a 1/2 cup is perfect for me (it will also handle larger quantities). I have the Zojirushi induction model and it makes perfect rice every time. Adding some frozen vegies also turns out well. I usually use basmati but Jasmin is also in my cupboard. p
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