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    New Kitchen

    A thought while the electrician was there - 220 volt socket - you'll never know if you'll ever need/use it. p
  2. Compared to my VP112 Less weight, no need for fussy two handed opening Only accepts 12" X 12" bags vs 12"W x 14"L 4.7 inch vs 5 inch chamber height Cheaper price stateside, wonder what that will equate in $CAD p
  3. I wonder if the recipes could be easily adapted to the CSO p
  4. I'd worry about storing with oil in it as it doesn't seem to have some kind of airtight cover (bugs etc) p
  5. Usually the shoe is on the other foot or in culinary terms the souffle never rises. p
  6. Zehrs (Loblaws) here in Orillia has a decent seafood department and as it's a supermarket their prices are as well p
  7. https://apnews.com/8035761ce47cbe3796c19d6bb900547a p
  8. palo

    Blast chillers

    Re killing pests - probably, but you realize that they'll still be there, just dead 👅 p
  9. To get an impregnable seal the area to be sealed must be clean and dry. Amazon US sells a Vacmaster multi-ring stand for $68.23 USD - I can't imagine the price in CDN dollars - mind you it comes with a "prep stand".😛 Cheap (free) substitute - cut a 1 litre plastic bottle so that it is wide enough to accommodate the food and the other end small enough to fit the bag you are using. Not to be snobbish but I find the Perrier 1 litre bottles ideal for this. You can either wash or toss as it was free to start with. I'm sure everyone is aware of this - items that are opened, sealed, used and the re-sealed (cheese blocks) - use a large bag so that there is extra space at the top to re-seal. Anyone else with hints not covered in the manual?
  10. Pot rack over island and on top of cabinets p
  11. I have an Air Fryer (Chefman 6.8 qt) with a non-stick interior. It's not Teflon or a facsimile, but rather a "painted" on finish that is indeed non-stick. The manufacturer claims it to be dish washer safe. My concern is that dishwashers tend to be like "sandblasting" your utensils. My question would using an oven cleaner such as "Easy Off" be a reasonable alternative. Aside from a good washing afterwards are there other concerns? Would it harm the non-stick coating. What research I've done indicates ceramic is a commonly used Teflon alternative but unsure if that is what has been used. I've tried scouring with as coarse a grade pad as I could find and the polymers are there to stay. Any help with this would be thankfully accepted. p
  12. I use this: https://www.amazon.ca/s?k=Amco+711BK+Swing-A-Way+Comfort+Grip+Jar+Opener%2C+Black&i=kitchen&ref=nb_sb_noss $12CDN p
  13. I don't know why it's $150 CDN cheaper in Canada! https://www.amazon.ca/CUISINART-CSO-300N1C-Combo-Convection-Silver/dp/B075V2S1K2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Cuisinart+CSO-300N&qid=1580658135&sr=8-1 p
  14. Regarding glue traps, yes they are gross and inhumane, but if you have scissors they can be reused. p
  15. It's a very small cutting, just enough to let a stream of milk out. Obviously the size of the cut corner determines the flow. I've had no problems with spoilage or odor. I also buy "pure filtered milk" which lasts considerably longer - I bought 4 litres of milk on Jan 2 with an expiry date of Jan 29 - the brand was Lactantia. p
  16. Bags would be my choice, even if I had a choice. The jugged bag takes up less room than a plastic 4 litre container and the other two bags can be squirreled away in a back corner. p
  17. Get out that dirty sponge! https://news.sky.com/story/self-cleaning-surface-that-repels-superbugs-could-be-used-in-kitchens-and-hospitals-11885900 p
  18. Try Amazon .ca Search for: "Chefwear Mens Ultimate Cotton Baggy Chef Pants Chef's Pant" p
  19. I took a couple of culinary courses in Barrie and I was outfitted by a store in Barrie - try http://www.theuniform.store/ p
  20. palo

    Food recalls

    And you thought eating vegetables was healthy: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/compliments-fresh-cut-vegetables-recalled-due-to-possible-listeria-1.4667310 p
  21. palo

    Food recalls

    Quote: There is no correlation between food safety and the number of recalls. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/why-have-there-been-so-many-meat-recalls-in-canada-1.4641158 p
  22. palo

    Food recalls

    Re all of the above: It's a vegan conspiracy!!! p
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