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  1. Sorry about that - just tare a container and go from there p
  2. Amazon.ca has micro scales for under$20 (0.01g resolution - $14) - just search for cocaine supplies 😨 p
  3. https://onthegas.org/cookware/candy-pot/ p
  4. No the APO communicates with the app through Wifi - without Wifi the app is just a pretty face p
  5. No criticism of you or your recipe intended - my comment was only directed at the exoticness (?) of some of the ingredients, but that's my problem not yours. p
  6. At this point we should perhaps look at creating a sub topic devoted to the Ninja Modernist applications and separate out the ingredients not commonly found in the grocery store. I look at the recipe and see "20g inulin" and find on Amazon it's $16 for 227g really expensive for its use in this instance and it's listed as a health care product so I'm not even sure it's the right product for this application. I don't mind experimenting but having to have a chemical lab handy is not my goal. Other than the watermelon everything else in the recipe will require some effort to source. Don't get me wrong the recipe will probably produce an excellent sorbet which is probably better than what is available commercially, but some of us would be satisfied by a lesser quality, more easily attainable result. p
  7. I think it's the first p
  8. Above link is an old one - here's the update: https://support.anovaculinary.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058146272-Oven-Firmware-Changelog Sorry about that p
  9. The updates may be the only reason for you to connect to wifi - once you get the update you can disconnect and use it like a super CSO - actually you can use it as a CSO without the updates but some are worthwhile. Check out: WRONG LINK - see below!!!! for updates content p
  10. NY Times was the first link but pay walled p
  11. Try this: https://www.mcezone.com/does-it-matter-if-i-eat-stickers-on-fruits-and-vegetables/ p
  12. Who are you price-matching with? p
  13. https://meyercanada.ca/collections/essteele p
  14. Yes a good site as well - the recipes are indeed "appliance agnostic" and seem to be readily adaptable to the APO I will need Google or a Thesaurus handy to translate some of the terms - eg Castor Sugar Thanks again p
  15. I checked that source when I first got mine and the APO references were few and far between - I just revisited it after your mention and it is also very good and I would recommend it as well - thanks p
  16. Something else I got: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0899TH9H6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Obviously you don't need 9 of them but one will protect the top from getting scratched by all those warming plates p
  17. So I'm guessing Thanksgiving turkey is probably a stretch - Christmas for sure! p
  18. @rotuts First off - congratulations - if you like the CSO you'll love the APO Couple of things, you might want to connect it to your wifi just to get the updates - I seldom use the app - there is a learning curve but in terms of steam usage, I just consider am I afraid of something drying out or do I want crispy and go from there - regarding appliance on appliance - it does put out a bit of heat (I use it to warm plates while whatever is cooking in the oven) so you might want to ensure some spacing There are all kinds of facebook pages around, but the best and most reliable source I've found is: https://community.anovaculinary.com/c/anova-precision-oven/31 From the horse's mouth so to speak p
  19. palo

    AGA Ranges

    I can't imagine his sample case (truck?)
  20. palo

    AGA Ranges

    Okay, my take on the AGA - back in the day in England when central heating was uncommon the stove not only heated your food but also your house - nowadays I think its more a nostalgic thing (and a thing of beauty as well) the newer ones do not have to be "on" all the time, but with their huge mass it would take a while for the oven to come to temp, whereas the new top burners being gas work just as normal I stand to be corrected on any or all of my previous observations p
  21. Unfortunately it wasn't available in Canada - but I have my hopes up 😁 p
  22. @andiesenji - do they have a serrated edge? I was wondering as you said they sharpen easily with a hand-held sharpener. p
  23. I started off with a GE gas cooktop (I was persuaded that gas was the only way to cook) but after a couple of years the novelty wore off and I began exploring induction - ended up removing the cooktop and replacing it with two induction burners - I'm only cooking for one so I don't need a 6 pack of burners. I have a 3500 watt commercial unit and a standard 1800 watt burner with fine adjustments (100). More than adequate for my needs and together they were 1/3 the price of the gas cooktop. Their precise and controllable output are what works for me - the commercial burner also has the non-domestic feature that allows you to remove the pot for a minute or two and though it beeps at you it picks up where you left off when replaced - a godsend when you just want to add a little more water to something you're cooking - yes you'll have to e-bay your copper pots but there's more good pots that work with induction than not - btw my oven is the APO I wouldn't be afraid of doing the 220 volt wiring yourself - read a bit and of course think before you act (be careful) this assumes you have access to your electrical panel and some beginner skills - I wired mine in about 1/2 day and the cost of wire and socket was less than $50 p
  24. I'd vote for induction 💗 p
  25. They look too nice to use - they're art p
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