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  1. To the moon Alice !!! ...I mean Jo ๐Ÿ‘… p
  2. BBB Canada - $294.99 minus 20% plus free shipping p
  3. I think the bottom line is that the BSOA id not an Air Fryer p
  4. Won't be on my "to buy list" - but thanks for your excellent feedback - I hope it works for you p
  5. If anyone ever wondered why CDNs are hunched over it's probably due to being bent over on the receiving end of the price differences p i
  6. Amazon Prime makes so much sense when it comes to dealing with Amazon - aside from free shipping there's music, video and ebook access included - am I the only one who noticed this??? p
  7. Time to deep clean your APO? Step-by-step video here! https://community.anovaculinary.com/t/time-to-deep-clean-your-apo-step-by-step-video-here/29241 p
  8. Have a slicer that has been gathering a bit of dust due to cleaning issues - great job on the tomatoes, but how long was the cleanup afterwards? p
  9. So you're saying the NFG is PFG? p
  10. Me again - this is like a pyramid scam - the more of you that sign up, the more fish I get ๐Ÿ˜œ We want more families to enjoy our healthy, sustainably sourced seafood. That's why we are offering $75 off if you join today! But you'll need to hurry because this offer will expire tomorrow. Promo code: WELCOME75 GET THIS DEAL p
  11. Couple of interesting links to APO: Oven Firmware Changelog - https://support.anovaculinary.com/hc/en-us/articles/360058146272-Oven-Firmware-Changelog FAQ - https://support.anovaculinary.com/hc/en-us/sections/360008099312-Frequently-Asked-Questions Some interesting tidbits in the changelog p
  12. Good find ๐Ÿ˜€ On another note, I notice you have a "chain mail" scrubber hanging up - how do you like it? p
  13. Not sure what you want me to "expound" on, The BSO is an excellent product and is heads above any comparable product - does many things exceedingly well. The APO just does it a little better (3 separate discrete heat sources which can be combined) especially as it brings precise steam injection to the party which other than the CSO (although undersized) is not available to the average consumer. p
  14. BIG!!! to do about the new firmware push over at Anova Culinary Community Forums: https://community.anovaculinary.com/c/anova-precision-oven/31 Seems the newest firmware push blew up pretty much everyone's oven - over 70 (and counting) unhappy campers - Anova has posted a fix and reverted back to a previous firmware version At the the moment the only way to prevent a reoccurance is to disconnect from wifi I asked about that and the response was "Will look into this for you. At this time there is not, short of disconnecting the oven from Wifi" A further comment was "The last dayโ€™s experience clearly shows that this should be your top priority. One should be able to choose if when to download and install new software, What if youโ€™re cooking for a big occasion and the oven starts behaving like it did this time? Probably happened to some people this time. So please, let us choose when to install new software." Which is obviously the correct response Anova's wasn't I still stand by all my kudos for this device and see this as just teething problems, but there does seem to be a disconnect between the manufacturer and the user p
  15. Put the BSO and the CSO together and you have the APO - don't connect to wifi and other than your wife and cat no one will yell at you, especially your toaster p
  16. Without bringing the APO into the discussion the folk at Breville did indeed do a "smart" thing with their oven - it's all you really need p
  17. The world is getting smaller p
  18. Why do you use Calibre Companion as opposed to plain Calibre - CC is a paid app whereas Calibre is free - I use it with a Fire HD tablet and previously nwith many other devices (Sony EReaders etc) - works flawlessly p
  19. Perhaps a rule to follow - don't connect to wifi unless you plan to use it p
  20. Maybe mine isn't connected to wifi as its been a while since I've used the app, so I got no upgrade prompts, but as I say I usually use it in manual mode - if that power cycling was universal then every APO would have been doing the same thing!!! p
  21. Like McDonald's p
  22. I seldom use the app as I find it just as easy manually make my choices - doing bread at the moment - preheated to 150, turned off to proof - preheating to 482 100%steam - will put in for 5 minutes and reduce heat to 350 bake, steam off for 20 - 30 minutes (going by degree of browning) p
  23. Question? Could it not have been used in manual mode (not connected) by just using the control bar settings instead of the app?
  24. I was thinking of your bog standard round pot, heater above as opposed to air fryer "ovens", which I'm guessing what most people have, present company excluded - us egulleteers just can't leave a good thing alone ๐Ÿ˜‡ p
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