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  1. I don't think you would want to be measuring the temperature of the cooking vessel, but rather what's in the vessel, in which case I can't see a problem. p
  2. I want one too, but a couple of caveats: when is "launch" and price? btw they aren't the first: https://store-us.meater.com/ p
  3. Unless I'm mistaken (which sometimes happens) an Induction Range is just an induction cooktop with the addition of a standard electric (convection?) oven in one cabinet. Corners have to be cut somewhere. The advantage of purchasing a separate cooktop and oven is the option of location in the kitchen, you're not restricted to having both in the same physical space (a wall oven or even an Anova Precision Oven come to mind). My take on ranges in general. p
  4. It also depends a lot on which model you have - I have one of their "better" models with induction heating, but I can't reheat/warm rice as some of the cheaper models can. p
  5. Has anyone tried the Lodge 12 in skillet to see if it will fit I thought that I had read somewhere here that it wouldn't but Anova support says it will? p
  6. Anova has apparently released a baking steel for their oven: https://bakingsteel.com/collections/steels/products/anova-precision-oven-baking-steel Not having used one does 1/4 inch sound a little thin? Heat storage mass? p
  7. Bit of a rush atm, but I'd give serious consideration to a high end induction cook top and two built in ovens rather then gas. I'll revisit this when I've got more time to think, p
  8. palo

    Blast chillers

    Truly a nightmare, but the silver lining is having one in the first place 😀. I have to say though, great customer service! p
  9. Did they give a reason or "misspoke"? p
  10. This one looks so nice, I just have to try. I've found with the BSOA and CSO that they do not toast or bake as well as when new because of the grease buildup affects the heat transfer. I emailed Anova about this and their suggestion was Easy Off. p
  11. I assume you put the steel in before you climb in. 😝 p
  12. Interior cleaning suggestions anyone (tried and true please). My oven is relatively clean but has small splatter of polymerized oil/grease. I don't want to go the "Easy-off" route if I can avoid it and do not wish to use scouring pads, again if I can avoid it. I'm trying to keep this oven in better shape then my CSO and BSOA - mind you the smooth interior with no obstacles, other than the top element should make this more doable. I know the obvious solution is to buy another oven, but I'm still paying off this one lol p
  13. Should be a rule - The OP ( not you chromedome, just in general) must know what the device is so that we get some closure. Shouldn't take away from the hunt or deducing, but would enable people to see how close their guesses were. p
  14. Piping bag holder? Lemon juicer? p
  15. The shelf looks like they are close enough together to hold it, worse comes to worse you'll have to rest it on a thin piece of plywood on the shelf. p
  16. The cart is 38 inches high, the oven is 14.1 high. A total of 52.1 inches. How high is your light switch? p
  17. Not if you live up north: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B075V2S1K2/ref=olp_aod_redir#aod $265.97 CDN or $195.58 CDN (used - very good) Some times it's good to shop in Canada, but not often. p
  18. Aren't you glad you don't have one. ☚ī¸ p
  19. palo

    Cheese graters

    Reminds me of the Holiday Inn commercials of a few years ago "...but I stayed in a Holiday Inn last night..."
  20. APO Pros: More control over the process if you want to utilize it It "appears" to pre-heat faster and gives you a running readout of interior temperature. Built-in temperature probe that not only advises you as to the current interior temperature but is able to do it through the app. (I know, there's that dreaded Wi-Fi again ) Able to specifically choose the heat source, top, back, bottom or a combination. Size really does matter, I found the CSO cramped and I'm just cooking for one and of course the small pan size and interior height. Recessed heating elements makes cleaning a whole lot easier and the brighter interior helps. Bread, haven't done this yet, but my readings seem to suggest huge oven-spring without the need for a pan of water or spritzing. More akin to the ovens professional bakers use. The real-time monitoring of your cook through the app without the need to hover over the oven. Mind you as I posted in the APO thread the recipe called for too much time in the browning stage and had I not been on hand the potatoes would have been burnt. (Page 28 last post) It really looks nice! Cons: Price !!! Price !!! Price !!! It is a major investment. If you are upgrading it requires some thought, if you are starting fresh it's a no-brainer. Size and weight - I had a stroke a few years ago and don't have the strength in one arm, but was able to wrestle it out of the box and onto the counter (I watched Kenji doing his "un-boxing" and figured if he could do it, I'd give a shot, I did have concerns mid-way through the transfer. As to the size, bigger height, width and depth means a major loss of counter space and will be influenced by your particular kitchen space (New Yorkers be warned 😛) The use of steam requires a learning curve. I haven't reached it yet. I tend to think if I'm using a high temp then let's add some steam so things don't dry out, but if I'm at a lower heat and crispness is a concern then little or no steam. Just my take on it. Longevity is definitely a concern. ANOVA has a good track record, but this is new product and while I don't feel it was rushed to market there will sure to be improvements to be made - cracking water tanks and warping pans come to mind. Some provided recipes for the APO seem to require more testing. Still learning about this machine but I'm liking it. p
  21. Was the APO running at a low water level at times, I've read that if the tank is not almost filled full it's more susceptible to this problem as the extra water acts as a heat sink. Just a thought, though I doubt there's any proof. p
  22. palo

    Cheese graters

    Soup! - That's why it's left. 😝 p
  23. I have one of those as well and it is smaller and I've not found it easier to clean. I have used the BSOA basket a lot when roasting chicken pats and such as I find that even using a rack doesn't allow full browning as the underside is almost "boiled" rather than roasted. p
  24. It DOES look beautiful !!! Almost too nice to use. 😛 p
  25. Congratulations on getting an APO, you'll love it. I had a CSO and a BSOA, then I got the APO. The CSO has been relegated to the closet as with the APO it's pretty much redundant. I still use the BSOA but mainly to warm plates. The main difference between the CSO and the APO is that aside from the programming the APO allows you to decide how much steam to use and when during the cook. p
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