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  1. I’m in, but I need to buy a new stand alone freezer.  Mine and the boyfriends are filled with pesto from the garden and lemon juice cubes from last years bounty.  And now I have 5 grocery bags full of Meyer lemons and two of oranges.  Still more on the trees.  Any ideas for saving/preserving this bounty are appreciated. I’ve also dehydrated lots of lemons.

  2. @ElsieDthe book has a warning in the beginning about not reproducing anything without the permission of the publisher but I’m going to live dangerously.  Plus I’ve changed the wording of the recipe so I hope I’m ok.  

    1cup corn oil

    3 eggs

    2 cups sugar

    1t vanilla

    3 cups AP flour

    1 t each of salt, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves

    3 cups peeled, diced apples

    1 cup chopped pecans


    Mix oil, eggs, sugar and vanilla.

    sift dry ingredients and blend with first mixture

    add apples and pecans 

    pour into a greased and floured loaf pan, place in a cold oven, turn to 350 and bake for an hour and ten minutes.

    glaze is

    4 T butter

    .5 t vanilla 

    1/2 cup brown sugar


    after baking pierce loaf with toothpick and glaze while cake is still warm.  



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  3. @Smithy  dug out my copy of Seasoned with Sun.  My mom put a post it stating “this is very good” on the Maxon’s Green Chile Chowder.  Even though she was a great cook, I think she had the chowder at the restaurant.  So I have to try that, most likely next week.    After that, the Fresh Apple Nut Bread on page 82 looks good - mainly because I have a freezer full of chopped up Granny Smith apples.  The boyfriend’s apple trees produced a lot this year.

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  4. @Smithy  I have that cookbook!  My parents lived in El Paso and my mom gifted it to me so long ago I can’t remember the exact year.  Time to get it out for a look through.  All this talk about Chile Rellenos is making me want some.  I made them once 40 years ago, with a Hispanic friend.  I only remember that the batter started with whipped egg whites.

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  5. I have a set of red/orange that my mother bought me about 40 years ago.  I added a big braiser 20 years ago when it was on sale.  Some chips on the enamel of the older stuff but it’s held up well.  Bought some bakers at Tuesday Morning about 20 years ago.  My son did drop a pot and damaged it.  Le C will replace it for 50 or 75% off, so I did.

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  6. I use Costco for laundry soap, toilet paper, cat litter, some meat, leafy greens for the chickens, toothpaste and other odds and ends.  I use Amazon for make up, tea, books.  Even though it’s just my son and I the large pack items at Costco are useful.

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