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  1. Only once have I sent food back.  It was at a well known and well respected restaurant in my area.  It was handmade pasta with mushrooms.  It was sooo salty I couldn’t have more than two bites. And I love salt. My friend ordered the same dish and agreed.  The restaurant was very nice about it and we substituted something else.

  2. I have many aprons hanging on a rack in my kitchen.  Most of them are souvenirs from travel, it’s my favorite thing to bring home.  That and reusable grocery bags.  Both something I use a lot and reminders of my trips. I try to wear one every time I cook because I’ve ruined many tops and I’m messy.  The ones that get the most use are ones with long ties that can be wrapped around and tied in front.  

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  3. I still have things stored in the pantry closets in the garage, wok, salad spinner, food mill, large pots.  I also bought an inexpensive island on rollers from Ikea, it’s in the actual kitchen, contractor made a top from the same slab as the countertop quartzite/cesarstone so all matches.  It holds the CSO, Instant Pot, and foodsaver.

  4.   I completely remodeled my galley style kitchen two years ago.  Couldn’t change the basic footprint, but made more counter space and pull out drawers and a five foot tall pull out pantry.  I have so much more storage space than before.  Did change electric stove to gas and added a powerful hood.  The extra counter space has made an enormous difference.  I lived here 14 years before I could bring myself to spend the money but it’s been worth it.  Another thing that pleases me much more than I thought is the pull out with two bins for trash and recycling.


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  5. I will not drink milk, but will eat cheese, yogurt, ice cream.  Last time I tried milk was over 40 years ago.    Peanut butter, the smell just puts me off.  Any noticeable piece of fat in meat puts me off if I chew it.  If I can cut it off before it goes in my mouth, no problem.    I love popcorn.  

  6. @lindagIt just started showing up in stores here, but from Washington state.  I picked up 3 for dinner.  $6.99 a pound.  We just make garlic butter and garlic bread, spread newspapers on the table and hand everyone crab crackers and picks.  

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  7. I’ve taken a one day break from canning and dehydrating citrus.  Been using an Ina Garten recipe for the orange marmalade, it’s rather hands off and doesn’t require removing the pith.  But you have to start one day and let it sit overnight, then boil and can.  I’m over it for the moment.  I’ve got 12 pints, 30 half pints and 8 lemon ginger marmalade.  And 30 zip locks of dehydrated lemons.  I think we’ll avoid scurvy this year


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