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  1. I made lemon bars because my freezer is 4 inches deep with frozen lemon juice.  I want it out of the way for more protein and veggies. Did not make a dent. Gave most of them away to neighbors.  Wish I could buy a freezer for the garage but that needs a complete reorganization before there is any room.  












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  2. a friend of my son’s gave us a few plants he started.. we have an Amish ‘something’ tomato, a Russian Purple tomato, a sheep nose red valley pepper, a lemon drop pepper and a Habanada pepper.  Not familiar with any of these, I just hope to keep them alive.  

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  3. My small victory garden.  Been planting the root ends of scallions and onions.  Three scallions are pushing up new growth and am overly excited. Ignore the poor quality of the soil, the pine needle droppings here are plentiful.  And this was an experiment, I have limited planting space.  


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  4. Had been working on an Instacart order for a couple of days, not in a big hurry for anything.  My son told me tonight he was out of lunch meat. Told him he’d probably have to do PB&J for a few days until we got a delivery time.  I placed the order, choose ‘fast and flexible’ instead of a time slot and got everything on my list within 90 minutes.  The shopper told me I was the first person today who got everything on their order.  I actually got white rice which I’ve been trying to order for days, out of stock everywhere.  

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  5. I placed an order on Instacart yesterday using both Costco and a local grocery store. I could get a delivery time for the local store but not Costco so the app wouldn’t accept either order.  It was really frustrating.  I started over and finally realized that there were just no delivery times available for Costco.  Many more glitches occurred probably due to my impatience but order was successfully placed or doubled placed.  Local store plus Total Wine order arrives tomorrow, Costco on Monday.  But whew I spent way too much time on this, I’m sure it’s easy but this was my first time.

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  6. 4 hours ago, TdeV said:

    @Jacksoup, looks smashing! How do you make the proscuitto chips?


    @TdeVi threw the prosciutto in the pan with the fresh mushrooms while I was sautéing them.  It was my ‘one less dirty pan’ solution.

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  7. I’m also eating less but cooking dinner most nights.  I’ve been given new duties at work, given two hours of training.  It involves very detailed attention to financial matters which is way out my wheelhouse.  I forget to eat lunch most days.  So like @Shelby, probably drinking more.  At least I have a job, a comfortable home and plenty of food.  All in all, grateful. And glad the tornado missed you @kayb.

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  8. I’m cooking almost every night but haven’t been taking pictures.  Here’s tonight and I need practice on taking photos.  Will work on that.  Aidell’s chicken apple sausage with onions, red pepper and mushrooms over couscous.


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  9. The restaurant/ bar I drop into most Fridays to see friends, most older than me, but a great group of people, has laid off all waitstaff.  They are doing curbside pickup and put their house wines on sale for $99 a case.  I just picked up two cases so will not have to be in the early bird senior line at the grocery store, for a little while anyway.😄

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