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  1. I cut the PolyScience vacuum hose in half. The ID is 4mm (5/32 inches). On Amazon I found this 5/16" to 5/32" adaptor: (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) It would be prudent to wait until next payday, though no one has ever called me prudent.
  2. The PolyScience tubing 7mm OD was what I measured with my micrometer. I was too lazy to convert. Granted I could just have pressed a button on the micrometer. I have no idea how well the PolyScience tubing will stretch until I cut off one of the end pieces and try.
  3. My chamber vacuum sealer is a PolyScience 300. It came with a length of vacuum tubing to connect to the PolyScience vacuum canister, which I also have. Each end of the tubing is terminated in a plastic plug. The setup is a very poor design in that one has to hold the plug in the port on the vacuum sealer with one hand while manipulating the valve on the canister with the other, and operating the controls with the third. Now, ten years later, I have a vacuum pump. I would like to connect the vacuum pump to the PolyScience canister. To do so I need to reduce the 5/16" ID vacuum tubing from the pump to the PolyScience tubing. I'm guessing the ID of the PolyScience tubing is 1/4" but I can't be sure until I cut an end off. From product pictures it appears PolyScience reengineered the external vacuum port since ten years ago, so the diameter may have changed since I got mine. The OD of the PolyScience tubing is 7mm. Should I just get a 5/16" to 1/4" reducer to see if the setup works?
  4. I googled and the paloma recipes I saw called for grapefruit soda. Were you thinking to swap carbonated fresh grapefruit juice for grapefruit soda? I have seven more grapefruit to use up! As we speak I am enjoying tonight's Golden Barnacle. Edit: Just noticed a paloma recipe that calls for fresh grapefruit juice and sparkling water. Seems easier just to carbonate the juice.
  5. Yesterday I was evaluating a grapefruit juicer for review, so I made a Jet Pilot from Shannon Mustipher's book TIKI. The Jet pilot is rather like a baby Zombie. Still having grapefruit juice to use up I think tonight's libation may be her Golden Barnacle. Oh, and I clarified the juice.
  6. Why should the sidewall temperature matter for a pressure cooker?
  7. I shall never again bring home two more cookbooks from work and perch them precariously on the living room table, augmenting the stack of eleven other heavy library cookbooks which I may or may not be reading. About ninety minutes later as I stepped out of the shower the whole shebang fell over, taking out half a liter of Chinese black vinegar. Amazingly the bottle didn't break.
  8. I shall never again take ice out of the freezer in order to rearrange the space to accommodate an erstwhile container of perfectly clear cubes. Only to find the bag of ice on a cutting board when I got home from work.
  9. I shall never again momentarily remove a container of perfectly square, perfectly clear ice from the freezer only to find the container on the counter in the morning. Actually it was on top of the Ninja CREAMi. But in my kitchen that counts as counter space. And it was the afternoon. On a hot day.
  10. The recipe you linked is the one I had planned to try. Did the pan you used have a perforated insert? Some months ago I was/am feeling overwhelmed and stopped reading the cooking forum entirely. However I shall try to at least skim the meatloaf topic posts. I notice Fat Guy recommended using a loaf pan with a rack insert.
  11. This weekend's Forkish loaf. Normally I would bake a boule in the Anova on a baking steel with steam. However I am blessed (or cursed) with the gift of hundreds of Amazon kitchen toys and gadgets in exchange for my evaluation and review. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it. I baked this loaf in an enameled cast iron bread oven that I can recommend: (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) The problem is I am old, and screaming hot cast iron is heavy. In this case 12 pounds. No, thankfully I did not burn myself, or this post would have been posted in a different thread. The results were tasty, but more gymnastics were required than had I simply baked in the Anova.
  12. This is the pan and insert that I have: (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) The pan was twenty some dollars when I got it, now the price is up to $44!
  13. The pan is 10x5x3 inches. That's why I'm planning to use two pounds of meat. I do wish I had thought to pick up a few strips of bacon.
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