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  1. My first protein on the PAG was underwhelming.  Not because of the grill but I suppose I chose the wrong meat.

    The skirt steak was so freaking tough I couldn't even cut into it.  I've never cooked this type steak before and probably should have marinated it.  I just used steak seasoning.  The grill itself performed beautifully and didn't even get very dirty.  One thing; the wire grill was missing from the box.  Called W-S and they immediately shipped out a replacement to me without any angst whatever.  Their customer service is excellent.  I'll have to think up something else to try tonight.  Maybe a porkchop.  


  2. 2 hours ago, chromedome said:

    I've made up a large quantity of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, because I'm going to host the building's kids for a cookie-decorating day soon. I've also done a couple batches of shortbread cookies (I'll do another batch with browned butter as well, and one batch old-school as fingers), and a batch each of German cinnamon stars and what my GF knows as Russian tea cakes (aka pecan meltaways and many other things). I've baked the pieces for five little gingerbread houses and will do another batch soon to make a church, and will assemble a little gingerbread village on a large cake board at some point in the next week or so.

    Have made a batch of 8 mini-loaves of date-nut loaf (one of my Mom's holiday staples) and 9 mini-loaves of banana bread with nuts and chocolate (one of my GF's holiday staples) and will do one more of each, as well as a two batches each of cranberry-orange loaf and pound cake-y Sultana loaf (my mom's other two holiday staples). I'm thinking I'll plump the raisins with a bit of rum, just 'cause.

    Still to come (aside from what's already been mentioned) are more of the zimmtsternen and Russian tea cakes, a batch or two of linzer cookies and spritz cookies, a few kinds of chocolates and possibly some breads. I've got a stack of small dollar-store baskets on the side table near my desk, and plan to fill those for the neighbours and others peripheral to our circle, and slightly larger ones for family.

    Most years I start too late and don't get through half of what I'd intended, but this year I'm pretty much on track. This is the upside of work slowing down at this time of year.

    I'm tired just reading your list.  🙀


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  3. 9 hours ago, mgaretz said:

    Grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast and multi-color carrots.  The breast was marinated for a few hours in orange and lime juices with garlic, oregano and a tad of sriracha.  The carrots in EVOO, salt, pepper and garlic.  All was cooked for about 20 minutes - chicken flipped once, carrots about 4 times.  The chicken was good for indoor grilled chicken, but it comes out better in the BSOA when made shake n bake style.  The carrots were the hit.  So far I am a bit underwhelmed by the PAG's performance with proteins, but veggies are a hit.  Tomorrow I will try a pork chop.  I am questioning whether it's worth keeping just for veggies.





    That's disappointing to hear.  I don't sous vide so at least my proteins won't have that to compare it with.

    My unit didn't appear until almost 9:00 last night so I had to improvise a different meal.

    Today I'll have time to unpack and set it up so I can try it out with my skirt steak.

  4. Picked up my grocery order curbside earlier today.

    Lucky for me the skirt steak was back in stock but no wine!

    Montana no longer allows alcohol to be purchased online even though you have to agree to an ID check.

    That’s really unfortunate and If I have to go inside to buy my beer and wine I may as well get all my groceries then and save the ‘courtesy charge’.  I hope this will change, it’s not good for me or the merchant.

  5. My Mom's signature dessert was banana pudding...the real thing.

    She would make it in the giant yellow Pyrex mixing bowl (you may not be old enough to remember that set of bowls that went from blue to yellow in increasing sizes.  Shown here.

    It was also our favorite dessert.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, JoNorvelleWalker said:


    I am jealous.  I called WS and they were not even seeing a 20% discount code on the site!  I told the representative it appeared as a banner on top of every page; she could not see it.  She suggested I must be using a browser addon.  I am not.


    The code I was trying to apply was 877L-7C68-VJH6.  The grill is sitting in my cart and if the code would have worked I would have gone for it.


    As I recall the Philips sale is good through 12/5 so I may yet consider it.


    Did you try Honey?



  7. I placed my order for the Avance Grill with Rotisserie just now.

    Williams Sonoma price for the combo was $284 plus change.

    @rotuts, are you paying attention?

    W-S has a coupon today for 20% off and free shipping.

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  8. 3 hours ago, TicTac said:

    Hope you plan on eating that bone marrow!!  Lucy wont miss it as long as you give her the exterior casing ;)




    Nope.  Lucy got the marrow; she is, after all, ,my best friend and she deserved a treat.  She really, really enjoyed it and that was enough for me.

    BTW, that Living Thyme was a new product for me.  It is really nice and should last a lot longer than the packaged stuff I usually get.  It's attached to a root ball that is moist.

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  9. 2 hours ago, lindag said:

    Today I’m prepping my Vegetable Beef soup.


    Then the chopped veg. Which includes very fresh Leek, turnip, onion, carrot, celery, potato, fennel, green beans, cabbage.

    Fresh parsley and thyme stand by along with some beef broth and canned tomat.



    After pressure cooking the meat and bones in the IP I removed that and chopped the meat and cooled it to save for Lucy.

    She’s going to love this in her food.  Right now she<s chasing one of the bones around the house.

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