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    when I was younger I preferred milder cheeses...I used to say, the rubber-ier, the better.

    Now I've branched out some but can't say that I have tried many, if any, more exotic types.  Probably couldn't find them here even if I wanted.

  2. Yesterday my good friend and I took a day trip North to a lovely town that boasts a popular quilt shop for an hour or so of fabric shopping.  It was a beautiful day and the first time I’ve had a real outing since my surgery nearly six weeks ago.  Of course, the scenery is something to be seen to be believed!  

    I've been semi confined to home (self-imposed) recovering, which took a lot longer than I had thought it would.

    We had a great time and since she drove I bought lunch.  We stopped at a beautiful resort that has a very nice Western decor restaurant.  We each had their prime rib dip sandwich and cole slaw along with a Corona for me, soda for her (non-drinker).

    No big fabric purchases, just a few small items.

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  3. I have a couple mandolins; one is an expensive one from about 20 years ago that is heavy and scary to use, the other is a plastic v- slicer that I like, in fact I’m using it this evening to make potatoes au gratin.  I always use a no-cut glove with it but those things are no guarantee that you won't get hurt, I know that from experience.  I got a bone bruise and a bad cut when using it to slice up a big rutabaga that required quite a bit of force to cut through.

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  4. 46 minutes ago, ElsieD said:

    @lindag  is the recipe you used on page 6 of the manual?  If yes, what was the texture like?  


    Yes I used that recipe.

    The texture was good although it freezes really hard.  I think I read somewhere that if you add alcohol to the recipe it helps keep it from being quite so hard.  I will try that next time.

  5. 33 minutes ago, Darienne said:

    We live in East Central Ontario, Canada, in the middle of basically nowhere on a dead end road.  We call our farm "Road's End Farm".   Our nearest  tiny town does not carry a lot of foods we eat, for instance eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, Poblanos, because they can't sell them locally.  Plus they are short-changed regularly, being at the end of the distribution line.


    We live outside of a small Ontario city.  Only one grocery store carries Poblanos.  And they are mislabeled as 'hot'.  You cannot buy fresh tomatillos anywhere.  The small city is short-changed regularly by distribution in Toronto, because its small and, well, not Toronto.   


    In Toronto you can buy, as Anna notes, just about anything.  OTOH, I wouldn't live there for love nor money.   I was born and raised in an apartment in Montreal and I love where I live now.  It's my home and whatever I can't get...well, I don't really care much. 



    Kind of the same situation here; I used to live in Portland with easy access to most anything but I am much happier here where if I find something quite unusual it's a pleasant surprise.

    Some say that living in Montana is like traveling backwards in time and in some ways it's true, but it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Kim Shook said:

    Reading this reminds me of how lucky I am.  I'm sure there are things in my area that are hard to find, but for the way I cook I'm usually fine.  Right now, though, I'm having a hard time finding Bisto which I haven't been for years!


    I can't find Bisto either.  But it's only because I bought some a few months ago via Amazon and it's lost somewhere in my kitchen.  I'll only find it when I've purchased its replacement.

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  7. Breakfast today consisted of pre-cut fruit from the supermarket (a nice mix of berries, melon and grapes) Together with cottage cheese.


    In the small town nearby there's actually a very well stocked grocery store that's open 24 Hours!

    This in a town with a population of 2,200.  Amazing.




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  8. My local Subway that's just a stone's throw from where I live has come in quite handy during my recovery from surgery a few weeks ago.  I can order ahead of time and just pop over and pick up my lunch.  I usually get a foot long club and a chopped salad (their salads are quite good).  The two items provide me with food for at least a couple of days.

    This store is still run by the same woman who"s been there for at least a couple of years (possibly more).

    Of all the different ones I've tried hers is the nicest: that wasn’t always the case since before she took over it was run by high school kids and it was not a place where I wanted to go for food.  Now it's a place where your food is taken seriously.

    i always tip when I get my sandwich and I hope she can stay in business.



    (auto-correct is my enema.)


  9. I don't know if this is one of the 'rules' but I leave my butter out all the time, 24/7 regardless of the temperature.

    I keep it in a china covered butter dish.  It has never gone rancid and never melted.  I use quality butter from Costco or the nearby grocer or the imported Kerrygold.  Never had a problem and have been doing this for many, many years.


    ETA:  I remember a young woman I worked with some years ago who lived with her boyfriend in a trailer.  She left the butter out on a dish on the counter overnight and when she went into the kitchen in the morning the butter dish was empty and surround by a circle of mouse turds.

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  10. 1 hour ago, suzilightning said:

    Tuna macaroni salad...too hot and muggy here for me to eat much of anything more.

    Now making eggy potatoes for John.


    A couple of weeks ago when the weather here was hot I made exactly that same dish.  I made the mistake of adding a dollop of Grey Poupon and it made it way too tart.  Fortunately, after a day in the fridge that tartness mellowed out and then it was just right.

  11. 1 hour ago, Kerry Beal said:

    So with Manitoulin coming up on Friday - I need to start building my alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes. Apparently this fancy lounge has two variations of beer glasses but no cocktail glasses. They do however have a lot of bottles.


    So I mixed myself equal parts Tanqueray, sweet vermouth and grand mariner. 




    So do you have a new rental there this year?

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