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  1. You can also do a hold of up to 3 months, and can renew that multiple times. I just realized that we have been doing that since early *last* summer, so I know there's no time limit 🤣 @kayb It was exactly your issue that caused us to stop getting Misfits in the first place. Our summer CSA is all vegetable, and Imperfect let us do a fruit-only box, whereas Misfits would not.
  2. Good one from BookBub today: Spice: Flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean (eGullet-friendly Amazon link) $1.99 in the US store This is the first cookbook from Ana Sortun, the chef at Oleana in Cambridge, MA; one of my favorite restaurants and the cookbook really brings the same flavors home.
  3. I'll try to post pictures of the box the next two weeks to fill in the gap! Though the pictures won't look nearly as nice, as it'll be the last week in our old kitchen and the first week in the early '90s grandma special in our new house. You might find some carrot inspiration in this thread I started when we started the Clover root vegetable share last fall: Sadly that share ended up being about 40% carrot. We have eaten a lot of carrot sticks lately.
  4. Imperfect delivery this week was pretty uneventful, but we randomly got a free bag of Lundberg basmati thrown in. Not sure why but I'm not complaining. I impulse bought a bag of something called "RightRice" without doing my research. I read enough of the description to hear "ancient grains" and "cajun spice" and thought hmm, it'll be like a seasoned quinoa and sorghum blend, nice for a quick dinner. Nope — the "rice" is various legume flours pressed into unsettlingly perfect little rice grain shapes. You cook it by mixing it with boiling water and letting it sit for 12 minutes; tha
  5. We did — looks like just after 9am. Might want to give them a heads up. We do a "market style" CSA elsewhere in the summer as I really like being able to pick what we want in a given week — but I have really liked having an option in the off season as well.
  6. I have heard of people pre-shaping flour tortillas with a press — just using it to transform the ball into a disc that is then rolled to an appropriate thinness. There are also heated presses for making flour tortillas — my understanding is you don't cook the tortilla on them, the heat is just enough to soften and set the dough. But I think these are more typically restaurant apparatuses.
  7. That looks delicious! Do you mind me asking the cook time for the Royal Coronas? And were they soaked or unsoaked? I have been a little afraid to try to cook those under pressure.
  8. We've started getting this share this week as well -- thanks again for the heads up on the sale last fall. (We got a daikon instead of the macomber turnip, and blackberry jam.) I suspect we will try Siena's winter box next winter — the Winter Moon Roots box through Clover was a little too repetitive for us.
  9. That would be Super 88 (or at least, it used to be called that?) — the market itself has gone through a couple of owners and seems to have come out a bit worse for wear. The food court in front is still excellent, though — though the vendors have changed a bit over time. There is a good place doing sichuan dry pot (though I like the one in Central Square better). Weirdly my favorite lamb samosas in all of Boston are from the Indian stall at that food court. I think (hope!) they are still there.
  10. I can't speak to the other one, but the building that housed "G-Mart" and the Hei La Moon dim sum restaurant is being razed and redeveloped with some monstrosity. The same people operate "C-Mart" (across I-90) so I think they just decided to shutter the "G-Mart" location. These days I prefer to go to Quincy when I have time — you have Kam Man, the one across the street (New York Market, maybe?) and our very first Ranch 99 make for a very efficient trip. (Of course the last time I was there was February 2020.) The 99 Supermarket in Malden is not as good as Kam Man, but it's pre
  11. I have never ordered from this site but I have found it to be a really good reference for what's available in a good Chinese grocery in at least the northeastern US. In particular, you can switch the language on any page between Chinese and English, so you can switch to Chinese to search and then switch to English for the product info. (The site has the same address as a large Chinese grocery in the Boston suburbs, and the stock usually matches what's in that store, so I suspect they are just fulfilling orders from there. I have heard very mixed things about their mail order service.)
  12. That's a fairly high bar. That said, my partner refers to Panera as "yuppie Subway" and I have to admit the shoe kind of fits. The power move with their boxed lunches (which we used to get all the time in the office) is just to scavenge the giant cookies.
  13. If it were the whole loaf, yes — but like @Smithy I was only having trouble with the bottom of the loaf. Hard to get steam in between the loaf and the pan/stone/steel it's sitting on. And if I pulled it before the bottom crust got too thick, the rest of the loaf was underbaked. In my case, reducing the amount of time the loaf spent sitting directly on something super hot seemed to help a great deal.
  14. My issue wasn't crust thickness so much as overbrowning — but when I was baking more on my steel, I often would take the loaves off the stone and move them to a rack for maybe the last ten minutes of cooking. Lately I have been baking more in my Lodge combo cooker; with that I preheat the deeper half and use it as a "lid" over the bread. The other half (under the bread) I leave unheated.
  15. It's worth noting that choice of any kind is fairly new to Misfits — when I first used them back in April, the only thing you could pick was the size of the box.
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