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  1. @robirdstx the polenta looks amazing too!
  2. It seems to be "hong you," or red oil doubanjiang. Stealing the description from the Ma La Market website's description:
  3. dtremit

    Food recalls

    I’m lucky if I remember the brand of flour in my canister, let alone the batch code. 🤬
  4. Haven’t had much to report lately — lots of work travel and have been cooking non-ovenish things — but I used the CSO on steam to do something I thought impossible: reheat fish. We had some excellent fish (fried slices of tilapia) in chili basil sauce at a local Thai place that I couldn’t bear to toss. On a hunch, I reheated it on steam at 210F for ten minutes, and it was delicious. Not crispy anymore, but still perfectly cooked, not dry, not smelly, and didn’t stink up the kitchen.
  5. I think this may just be "sold by Amazon" vs 3rd party sellers.
  6. It looks like the refurbished one is back in stock as well, though the price has gone up $15 from when I bought mine. Haven't had a bit of trouble with my refurb.
  7. So what you're saying is I can justify buying more Breville appliances because I'll get a replacement smart oven out of the deal. Right? 🤣 (I wish I had more -- everything I do have from them has been great. Got the stick blender last Christmas and it has been a fantastic upgrade.)
  8. It claims that the non-skid bottom is silicone, which has never been a problem for me in the IP. But who knows of what quality. The main issue I see with all of those is the design of their rim -- the wide, flat rim will reduce the usable capacity quite a bit. Not an issue for a smaller bowl, but not ideal for a larger one. I tend to use bowls with straight sides and unadorned edges for IP use. Most are things I've had for ages -- in particular, smaller bowls that came with old Sunbeam Mixmasters work great. For current production stuff, this IKEA bowl works great: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/blanda-blank-serving-bowl-stainless-steel-20057255/ It's only ~2.2qt, but I'd think a taller version rather than a half sphere would be almost ideal.
  9. Yeah but do you really want a "Kitchen Overlord"?
  10. Believe it or not, the metal citrus squeezer I had snapped in half -- they're often cast from very soft metal. I ended up replacing it with the Chef'n Fresh Force at the recommendation of (I think) an ATK testing. It's got a geared compound action that makes it much easier to use. The handles are plastic, but the piece that presses against the citrus is metal.
  11. Late to this thread, but it is encouraging to see that your Duo was holding the slow cooking temperature it was supposed to, per the IP website: Obviously "low" is hotter than you wanted, but it's good to see it's at least doing what it's supposed to.
  12. The Tovala has been discussed on eGullet before -- there's a thread here: The Sharp is I think intended as a pizza oven -- it's low and wide. Much shorter than the CSO, which really limits its use. The Emerson is more interesting -- I'm guessing they're just rebranding something from China, as it appears identical to the rather generic-looking "AUG" I noticed before I bought the Cuisinart. Way cheaper, though -- $229 versus $385 -- and from a brand that actually exists. Both of those are points in its favor. (Edited to add: apologies for the giant animated gif, I can't figure out how to remove it...)
  13. I do wonder if leaving the door open one stop would create crunchier toast for those who prefer it that way?
  14. Is there actually a form of "toasted cheese" that is made in toasters (or toaster ovens)? I have always seen that describe something made in a skillet. (I'm actually curious here -- every item that combines toasting and cheese needs to be in my life.) But yes, get the CSO! I rather like the toast from it.
  15. Was yours still in warranty, or out of warranty? If the latter that's a great deal for the upgrade. My dials are starting to act up in much the same way...
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