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  1. My theory is that multiple boxes were damaged and some delivery person shoved the bars that fell out of another box into your open box so they didn't have to deal with the paperwork for loose items.
  2. Depends if you want the steel to fully render -- 2800F if you do, a little lower if you want a more toothsome texture.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. They are all sealed up so we might just end up donating them β€” I had thought of that but figured the bags would be too big. But as @Margaret Pilgrim suggests it might be just the thing for a soup kitchen or similar. We *also* have a huge bag of old fashioned oats that I think most of these suggestions would work just as well for πŸ™‚ I did see some mention that quick cooking oats are steamed for significantly longer than other oats β€” apparently they don't work well in oat milk recipes for that reason. So it might make them a poor choice for oat
  4. Oh boy. I have somehow found myself with ten pounds of quick oats. I bought a huge package by accident six months ago β€” my partner uses lots of rolled oats to make granola, and I hit the wrong button on Amazon. Oh well, I'll figure out something to do with them, I said. Well, apparently I clicked "Subscribe and Save," because another 80oz box just showed up. Normally we are steel cut oat people for normal eating β€” the texture of instant or quick oats cooked "normally" is not exactly our favorite. I would love to find some recipes that we can ma
  5. I have no useful feedback to the OP, but you're all making me lean even more heavily towards passing up gas when we redo our kitchen.
  6. Jacques PΓ©pin New Complete Techniques β€” US Kindle edition $2.99 today (eG-friendly Amazon.com link)
  7. This company is interesting -- they seem to only sell vacuum sealers, and the ones they have are all very similar to other popular models on the market. They make three models of suction sealers, and most of them are very close in appearance to models from Cabelas, Weston, and Nesco. They also have a couple of affordable chamber sealers.
  8. Carbon steel is pretty much a worst case scenario for even heating on any source β€” it doesn't have the thermal transfer of aluminum or copper, nor does it have the mass of cast iron to hold heat. I think you can expect to always get some hot spots unless the coil size is the same size as the pan or larger. Most countertop units have a somewhat small coil by necessity. Based on the teardown photo in this image I would guess the Breville has a coil somewhere between 20-25cm in diameter?
  9. I noticed when browsing appliances recently that the new GE induction ranges offer a very familiar looking, optional bluetooth cooking probe. They also appear to support Hestan Cue pans.
  10. A *minimum* 2 inch insertion depth is going to rule out a number of applications.
  11. I had a very similar issue with my full-size KA food processor. Interlock mechanism on the work bowl broke. They sold them for probably 15 years, but there are almost no replacement work bowls available. I finally found one with the wrong color handle after searching for ages. I don't think KA actually manufactures anything but its stand mixers in house. *Those* seem to have great parts availability -- everything else, not so much. I'm pretty sure the issue with my FP was that they switched manufacturers -- I bought this one because it was made in France, but the new ones haven't b
  12. @ElsieD Also poke around on various sites under different brand names for just "stainless baking sheets" or "stainless baking tray" β€” these seem to be a generic import from China, and at least on US Amazon, you can find *identical* pans under a dozen brands. I bought some larger pans of a similar style recently for my weird size wall oven, and ended up with "HUSHIDA" instead of "TeamFar." Every detail of the pans appears identical. The selection seems to be less on amazon.ca but there are a few -- e.g., this "Raynag" pan for $18: hopefully eGullet-friendly amazon.ca link
  13. Agreed on Thermoworks being a joy to work with β€” their shipping fulfillment is also top notch. They almost always have stuff out the door and to the post office in a matter of hours after I hit the order button. I actually have a new Signals sitting in the box β€” I accidentally destroyed one of my Pops by leaving it on the grill and somehow used that to justify the bigger model. Overkill for now, but I'm hoping to acquire some smoking apparatuses in the future.
  14. +1 on the small TeamFar pans. I have this slightly larger one (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) and it fits as well (though only in one orientation, and only in certain rack positions).
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