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  1. Really late to this topic, but we have been using the Oxo Compact Cold Brew Coffee Maker (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) for a few years now, and it has been pretty much foolproof. You brew in the filter, and then place it on top of the carafe which opens a valve allowing it to drain. The glass carafe is compact and feels a little fancy in a satisfying way, and the valve has been very reliable. They make a larger one (eG-friendly Amazon.com link) but it's only about 50% larger, and I don't like the design as much. But YMMV, particularly if you use it occasionally and need to store it away.
  2. dtremit

    DARTO pans

    The details on the May pre-sale said they expected to deliver those pans into September, so hopefully they are just prioritizing those orders? The economic situation in Argentina is pretty terrible right now, though.
  3. I haven't read it yet — I bought a hardcover version recently but it was damaged in transit and I'm waiting on the replacement. I ordered it after hearing her on the Splendid Table — she's a great storyteller in that medium as well. That was on episode 782 if anyone would fancy a listen (alongside Tamar Adler, who I also have long adored).
  4. Why not just tie a length of butcher's twine between the two metal handles of the trivet when you need to use two molds?
  5. I don't think I've ever had "nice" olives in a glass jar that were as good as what I get from a deli-type source. My guess is the heat of processing kills something in the flavor. (I'd love to be proved wrong; as the only olive eater in my house it'd be nice to be able to keep them in the pantry!)
  6. I stumbled on something similar with some pre-made, individual potato gratins from Wegmans recently — have had them once or twice previously and they were good, but the day when I "overcooked" them they came out fantastic.
  7. This has happened before with them — when sales of their sous vide took off, IIRC they were severely understaffed and emails ended up going into a black hole for a while.
  8. Great if you have space for a large, 50lb device — which sadly I do not 😔 Given @rotuts experience with the bags, I wonder if the AvidArmor is worth considering as an alternative to the Anova — the vacuum chamber and specs on their cheapest model look identical to the Anova, which makes me wonder if they come from the same OEM: https://avidarmor.com/avid-armor-ultra-series-usv20-chamber-vacuum-sealer-machine/
  9. In terms of leaving room to cut the bag down later — can you use a bag longer than the theoretical maximum if the excess at the closed end is folded? E.g., if the "max" is 11"x10" (with an 11" seal bar), could you use an 11"x13" bag as long as there's no food in the last two inches?
  10. @curls Oh, thank you! Other than jars, I honestly don't think there's a specific thing that would be a deal breaker for me if it didn't fit — just trying to get a general sense of how limiting the dimensions are or aren't. Is there anything you've wanted to seal but couldn't? I don't have the counter space for a larger machine (nor the back to heft a 60lb one regularly!) so I'm really comparing this or something like it to not having a chamber vac for the foreseeable future. As an aside, the Anova looks awfully similar on the inside to this AvidArmor unit.
  11. Curious if anyone here has one of the outdoor gas griddles (the most well known being the Blackstone) that seem to be all the rage right now. If so — do you like it, and what do you use it for? Finding myself tempted by them, though I'm not sure they're the most practical thing in the world. Figure one might be fun for outdoor dinners and breakfasts, and to have a large surface for big batches of things like tortillas. And it doesn't seem like you have to splurge on a high end model to get good cooking performance.
  12. @curls — this may be a silly question, but as I've never had a chamber vac before — can you give an example of the largest food item you can fit in the Anova, vs something that didn't fit? Have you tried anything in a jar?
  13. I've never had an issue getting credit for a mistake, but one thing I've noticed is that I don't think either service advertises their meat as frozen. It is, of course, but I've always wondered if they were avoiding making a guarantee that it be delivered without partially thawing.
  14. At some point these were rebranded as "Goodful by Cuisinart" — those appear to be discontinued but available a fair number of places
  15. I strongly suspect that the white nonstick coating on the hot pot insert is going to need to be babied — I don't know whether it came that way or if we screwed up when cleaning it, but there are a couple of tiny pits in it already. And I know gave it a small scratch when a utensil slipped the other day as well. Disappointing as the coating on all the black pans seems really solid.
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