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  1. @palo I think that's actually about the median Amazon price for the skillet — it bounces around a lot, but it's usually somewhere between $12-16.
  2. That looks great! Would love to see the recipe when it's complete.
  3. I'm going way off topic here, but I love the layout of his kitchen. So much packed into a compact working space (though I know the room around it is quite a bit larger). We are about to move into a house with a fairly compact kitchen (which I'm sure we'll eventually redo) and I've been scrutinizing the layout in his videos really carefully for inspiration.
  4. Thinking of trying a new, local option in this genre this week — Friday Food Market. I don't know much about them, but a local shop published a referral code the other day. Apparently they work with local distributors and clear out excess inventory at the end of the week — you select items online on Friday, and they drop off the items on Saturday. Will be interesting to see what their prices are like — they apparently vary week to week, so you don't know until the store opens Friday morning.
  5. I wondered that when I got some of these, but they taste *exactly* like a normal sprout. With the addition of *very* thin shredding, this is pretty similar to the Brazilian method for collard greens (couve a mineira). Those have to be cut really, really thin, though.
  6. I'm not sure if that association between the Plains and "good steak" is outdated, or just fictional, but it certainly doesn't seem like it has a lot of relevance in an era of highly concentrated meat processing. Being closer to a Cargill plant isn't going to get you a better steak, and smaller producers are much more geographically diverse. I have a feeling the last time it held true was sometime in the 19th century, before the advent of modern refrigerated transport. That said, as a Midwestern boy, I will stand up for the institution of the Midwestern steakhouse. Maybe
  7. It seems like a pin or two could be very helpful with something like a bone-in rib roast; one could put them between the bone and the meat to achieve similar results to a boneless roast. I imagine the donut effect would also be much less of a concern for something you're not trying to cook medium rare — thinking of say a big pork shoulder. Curious what brand you have and/or what other brands you're familiar with. The link in the original post to eBay is long since broken. Looking around on eBay I can find something called a "King-Pin" but it doesn't reference heat pi
  8. Agreed on items commercially frozen by the producer — but sometimes if a product is re-frozen or gets partially thawed in transit I notice an issue. I think pretty much all Imperfect's meat leaves the warehouse frozen; I have had it arrive anywhere between rock hard and nearly thawed. I generally try not to refreeze anything that isn't completely frozen when I receive it.
  9. Is it possible that it has something to do with freezing and thawing?
  10. Are those the *giant* brussels sprouts the size of baseballs? I can't quite see in the picture. We got those a few weeks ago and they were quite good -- I ended up halving them, par cooking them in the microwave, and then searing the cut side in cast iron. It's interesting — I have never seen that kind of soft paper "inner box" from Imperfect, but I have gotten it from Misfits a few times. I wonder if the two box issue is actually not capacity but weight? If they stack boxes on top of each other on the truck, they may have to keep them under a certain weight so that a stack of X boxe
  11. There is a pretty big problem with counterfeits on Amazon: https://www.vox.com/the-goods/2019/6/24/18715584/amazon-counterfeit-book-problem-nyt-project-zero
  12. @Toliver I have been noticing the same thing. Must be January, all the cookbooks on sale are for the fad diet of the moment.
  13. I don't think we've had any issues with Imperfect potatoes when we've gotten them in the past — guessing it was just a bad batch. Have not ordered any in a while as we are getting them in our winter root CSA. I know it was a challenging season for potatoes in much of the northeast due to the weather — our summer CSA lost a bunch of their crop and some of what was left was bad in the middle. So they could have gotten some local ones that were subpar. I will say that both Misfits and Imperfect have been great about crediting for anything damaged or unusable (though sometimes th
  14. That's basically what we do. I tend to select for stuff that will keep well and don't hesitate to skip deliveries (or delay them by switching weeks). OOC, which of their chickens do you like?
  15. @Chris Hennes — I'm sure there's some regional variation, but I've done the same or similar comparison a couple of times and Imperfect comes out about 25% less in most cases. But Boston is admittedly an expensive place to shop. If I were going to the nearby produce market I love, I'm sure it'd be a different story, but that place is so crowded that I was careful about when I went *before* the pandemic. Interestingly, the organic items at Imperfect are sometimes slightly cheaper. I have noticed that with pears lately — they're $0.50 more but you get three instead of two.
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