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  1. Hi everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying A4Box. Since world is in chaos due to COVID-19. Please stay at home with your family and be safe. we wish safety for everyone and very healthy life ahead. Regards, Pankaj
  2. So nice of you to share your results. A4Box is designed to work with pan and generate heat. If you use it without pan then it won’t heat up.
  3. All A4Box pans are induction compatible and are good quality non-stick. They are FDA approved and PFOA free. I think you are confused. there is no metal plate At the bottom, it is one part pan and we don’t do non-stick coating at the bottom of the pan. Reason is that when the induction plate transfers heat then non-stick coating will interfere.
  4. @JoNorvelleWalker A4Box are manufactured in China.
  5. Yes, I am the owner of A4Box. i came across this blog and read all comments. I am trying to see if anyone is facing any problem with A4Box and if there is any area to improve. I see people enjoying with A4Box and have written detail reviews, but no one has submitted their reviews on our website. This can help others understand about A4Box. i also love photos of recipes that all of you have posted here. I am all ears if you want us to improve on anything. Shoot us email at info@afourbox.com and put it to my attention. I see almost all emails from all customers.
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