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  1. I have goat defrosting at this very moment!
  2. Naftal

    Why unsalted butter?

    Do recipes ever specifically call for salted butter?
  3. Dumplings are a wonderful suggestion! I have done goat dumplings.
  4. Hello- The Mongols ,who ate a lot of mutton, briefly ruled China. So you might be interested in some Mongolian recipes. See.... http://www.mongolfood.info/en/recipes/meat-dishes.html While these recipes may be impossible to do technically, or may sound unappetizing, they may give you some ideas for Westernized versions.
  5. Naftal

    Rice Pilaf Question

    Hello- The Sephardic recipe looked interesting. I thought it was a bit ironic that there was an ad for a well-known brand of sausage on the same page as the recipe.
  6. Today- Brunch was Ochazuke topped with a plain omelet
  7. These are amazing recipes. Thank you for sharing them!
  8. Hassouni- Would this bread be similar to the stuff I know as lavash? or really, really, really flat pita?
  9. liuzhou- I guess it comes down to these two questions: 1)Would you braise chicken feet/phoenix claws? 2) If so, how?
  10. Hello- Recently, date syrup has become my sweetener of choice. However I know nothing about the specifics of its use: How do I convert a recipe that calls for white sugar? Can I use it in the same proportions that I use honey? What types of items-other than sweets are made with it? Any other insights you may wish to share are also welcome. s
  11. I am continuing my experiments with Tibetan-style tea. In my most recent (per)version, I brewed a full cup-liquid measure- of atomic strength Ceylon black. I put that and 2T of butter in a blender...the ultimate morning drink!
  12. liuzhou-Interesting! How would you braise, or slow-cook?
  13. Thank you- Yes, I noticed some rather exotic packaging. Also, it seemed like 500ml bottles were standard.
  14. My cheap bottle -That I picked up in Chicago- says; Zhejiang gu yue long shan and has a screw cap. It says "zhuang yuan hong", It has black and gold letters on a red background. One of these days I will get my nephews to show me how to put a picture here. Until then, I apologize for the long verbal description.
  15. I just had a nice dark oolong. I thought it might be nice to brew a cup of that, or a nice strong black , add butter and blend.... I do not need leaves at all!
  16. Hello- My very personal, nontraditional take on this style: I combine 1t of matcha or a very similar green tea powder, with 1 3/4-2 C hot water and 2T butter in a blender. I blend it till I can't see the butter. Then I pour it into a large, clean jam jar and enjoy. I Know this is very strange and not everyone's *cup of tea* I should try it with a black tea, but I am concerned because the blending/processing stage is a very important one and I have not yet found a way to get a leaf-type tea really smooth. If I could solve this problem, I might do a pu-erh.
  17. Hello- Every recipe I find, requires the feet to be deep-fried. I understand why this is necessary, but I do not have a deep fryer. Must I buy one just for this? Or, is there another way?
  18. I have always wanted to do this. Does anyone know the traditional ratio (if there is one) of leaves to tea?
  19. I still love black tea with rose petals. I have recently acquired a taste for black tea with chrysanthemum.
  20. My everyday black is a Ceylon made by Ahmad Tea. My everyday green is Temple of Heaven Gunpowder.
  21. When I had dim sum at Cai in Chicago, they served a pot of pu-erh and chrysanthemum flowers.
  22. Welcome!!!!!- Tea happens to be my favorite thing, too.
  23. Liuzhou- You raise an interesting point: In this age of the internet can any* best of/most important* list be considered complete if it comes from a purely Euro-Centric viewpoint?
  24. I trust eG. But, is this reliable? https://www.yahoo.com/food/57-things-you-can-do-to-be-a-better-cook-right-now-109888270484.html
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