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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Finally, a Spirits thread that I can relate to since my favorites are whiskey ( any single malt or Jack Danials) and dark rum. I am glad to see that dark rum can be used with chocolate. Can anyone give me more info on this?
  2. Hello- Welcome! One of my nephews goes to the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is working on his Doctorate in Philosophy.
  3. Interesting! Would my mandoline work like your Japanese peeler?
  4. Hello- I am curious: What part(s) of the cattail did you use?
  5. Naftal

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    huray- Your amazing dish got me to thinking (always a bad thing, me thinking ): Could I use the liquid I use for hung-shu style cooking as a marinade? Do you think it would work?
  6. Hello- An Encyclopedia of Chinese Food and Cooking states on page 502: "If the ordinary yellow (shaosing) wine is not readily obtainable for cooking, Japanese sake may be used, or regular dry sherry, the kind that can be served at the table (and never cream sherry or cooking sherry, which are not good for Chinese cooking)." Comments?
  7. Hello- Five years is way too long, we need to revive this thread!!! So.......Asian Food/Tea is my passion. I plan to limit my remarks/ comments to those areas. And, for the sake of clarity, I define "Asia" as anything between the Middle East ( technically Western Asia) and the Orient (technically Eastern Asia). So, what are your favorite Asian places in the TriCounty area?
  8. dcarch and Shel_B- I confess that I am not an expert on this matter. I was curious to see if there is any sort of consensus on this issue. How do you feel about the use of "cooking wine"?
  9. Hello- My mandoline comes with a series of interchangeable blades. I slip out the slicing blade and put in the grating blade and then I have fun! Actually, besides the slicing blade, I have three other grating blades: two of them work like a traditional (?) grater and one blade has hexagonal openings. So in this weird case, I really do mean grated.
  10. Hello- Does anyone here use "cooking wine", wine that comes with salt already in it. I have heard that it should never be used, that one should use a wine that one could drink if they so chose. This does not mean the would, it just means it was marketed for that use. This is the rule I use.
  11. Hello- Thanks for your input! I understand these terms a lot better now. I appreciate the olive oil analogy.
  12. Hello- I use a lot of grated ginger. I use a mandoline. It works wonderfully on fresh ginger. Does anyone else grate ginger this way?
  13. huiray- Yes, Imo refilling a pot in the manner you described would count. Thanks for the info. I think I will make a point to use goi3 wun2 when writing about my "covered bowls". I could write it as goi3 wun2(gaiwan). And, please post pictures of your antiques.
  14. Hello- You make a very interesting and important point. The taste of any minimally processed food is going to reflect its growing conditions. This is true of wine and tea, it makes sense that it would apply to peppers.
  15. Hello- I have a question that, I think , could be asked here: Is butter that contains " culture" better than butter that contains "natural flavorings"? The first one is imported and costs twice as much as the domestic brand.
  16. Hello-IMHO: Toasted sesame oil works well in some E/SE Asian vegetable dishes. Laphet Thoke (Tea Salad) is prepared with it..I, personally, would use it whenever I use uncooked greens .
  17. Hello- I always leave a root when I use a gaiwan. I do so whether I brew a black/red tea, a green tea or an oolong. I do not bother measuring:) I just pout it into another cup to drink it (I just use the gaiwan to brew it) I just make sure the cup is not big enough to empty the gaiwan.
  18. Hello- How did I miss this thread????????????? Of course I have favorites. A partial list includes: Dragon Well Cloud and Mist Dragon Top Ti Guan Yin Pu'erh Lapsang Souchong
  19. huiray- I have read the other food forum (cough), too. Since I am neither a pro chef nor of Asian-descent, I would never have started this thread, if someone had not suggested it . I just am particularly fond of these styles and explore them whenever time and finances permit.
  20. Hello- I made an assumption. I assumed that when I used Mi, people knew I meant Michigan; since the postal code is MI. If this has caused any confusion, please let me know.
  21. Hello- On my recent trip to Chicago, I stopped by a Chinese Teahouse in Evanston called "Dreaming of Tea". I Had a nice pu'erh. An then, after we talked for awhile and the proprietor saw how serious I was about tea, he brought out something that was not on the menu board. The tea was a green called Kai Hua Long Ding or "Dragon Top". As the leaves fell, they remained up-right and stood vertically in the bottom of the cup so when I moved the cup it looked just like grass blowing in the wind! I apologize for the fact that I lack the technology to send the pictures I took Eventually, perhaps.......
  22. Hassouni- I guess I should include the tearoom in my house. I know of very few people who are as fussy about tea as the proprietor of that establishment (and you).
  23. Ok- I am working on a list of the 10 best Chinese Restaurants in the TriCounty Area, please help. I have only gotten this far: Hong Hua China Ruby China Café Empress Dynasty What would your list include? What should I add? I really want this list to include an even 10!
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