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  1. Hello- I picked up a copy of the book from my local Public Library and have been reading it for over a week. It is amazing. It is just what I have been looking for! I have been doing eggs and tomatoes regularly even before I saw them in her book. I always have some of her wonderful vegetarian stock on hand. I recently used a batch of it in my congee.
  2. Re: Every Grain of Rice- My local Library had to have it sent from another Library. It arrived today and I have not been able to pick it up yet. On another topic... Can anyone here recommend a good/basic recipe using mackerel steaks?
  3. Hello! I found this website. Some of you may know it, I thought it was good because it addressed my interests and my planting region specifically. http://tcpermaculture.com/site/
  4. So... I found a wonderfully simple recipe for Chinese Broccoli. Everything was straight-forward ,easy really, until I saw baking soda on the ingredient list. Now, obviously, I can get that ingredient easily. But my question is: Why do I need it? Comments?
  5. Today I decided to combine my Jewish Heritage (in the form of fried matzah) with my love of cooking Chinese food. I made what I affectionately call "Drunken Matzah". It was nice, but I plan to use the week to perfect my recipe.
  6. I assume that Busch's did not make the list because it is only in Michigan. It is one of my faves.
  7. gfron1- Though it applies to my region, I thought you (and others) might be interested in this: http://www.usd116.org/mfoley/pot/food.html
  8. I am glad you liked this. I was surprised to see the number of dishes that are native to my region of the continent.
  9. I found this website and I thought the people here would find it interesting: http://www.nativetech.org/recipes/index.php
  10. ...And herein lies my difficulty. I do search this thread. And I do search the Pictorials. But I am so unfamiliar with the terms that I still cannot follow a recipe!
  11. Thanks- I went to the site you suggested and realized that the Sichuan vegetable I was interested in was indeed ya cai.
  12. This sounds like a book I need to get. On a related topic, are Szechuan vegetable mustard leaves?
  13. Should I assume that there is no longer any source for these seeds? I saw the source in the article.
  14. Caucasian spinach sounds amazing, the ideal dark green veg for colder climes. BTW, this got me thinking, do you know Chenopodium Alba? It has many common names. It grows wild in my area .
  15. Thank you! I have developed an interest in edible perennials. This onion was the most interesting vegetable on the list. I am thinking about trying rhubarb, if someone had some extra roots
  16. I started with bulbs from a friends garden. When I planted them, I just cleared enough space to put them in. The rest of the ground is covered with grass. I am concerned that the new bulblets will not be able to take root. I am hoping that I can clear the grass away in time for them to drop. Obviously, no bulblets have formed yet. So, I am thinking that I have time.
  17. I did not prepare the soil properly last year. So, I am wondering, if I do it now, will they be able to do their "walk" at the end of the season?
  18. Hello- I don't know if this is the place for this question, but.... I enjoy learning how to cook Chinese Home-style recipes. My current repertoire includes: congee eggs and tomatoes rice- plain and fried noodles-plain and fried shuijiao Does anyone have a suggestion for a similarly basic recipe? I would like to learn more dishes. thanks!
  19. I put in a cherry tree last year. I checked it recently, and there are buds. So it survived the winter. The walking onion bulbs I planted last year are coming up. If they survive I will have a nice substitute for green onions in my Asian dishes. But, I do not expect them to do well .
  20. I live in a suburb that has a very large Chaldean community ( and a very good Chaldean restaurant). They make "masgoof", I need to try it soon! BTW, they make amazing tea, too
  21. Alex- Perhaps this will also alert folks to the fine dining to be had in our state? We can only hope.
  22. Naftal

    Why unsalted butter?

    Thank you- This IMO, is the essential point. BTW, I grew up on unsalted butter. But then, I am the grandson of immigrants.
  23. Naftal

    Rice Pilaf Question

    So... a person who loves to mix rice with stuff is a polow-player!
  24. my greatest food-related thrift store find was a mandolin with interchangeable blades. Not only does it slice, it grates, too.
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