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  1. takadi-I just read that article, Brilliant!!!!!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
  2. takadi- Is there any difference between the results for long, medium, or short grain rice?
  3. Hello- I enjoy cooking in a variety of Asian styles. And, I also enjoy hot/spicy dishes. So it should not come as a surprise that chili oil is a staple in my pantry. My current bottle was purchased at an Oriental grocery store. The bottle is from Taiwan. The only English on the bottle is a nutritional label that lists the ingredients as soybean oil and chili powder. So, what chili oil do you use?
  4. I agree that "best" is subjective . That is why I am interested in how people feel about the places listed for their areas.
  5. Hello- Have you seen this article on the "best" pizza in each state?......Comments? https://www.yahoo.com/travel/best-pizzeria-in-every-state-101712153222.html
  6. Hello- Does anyone else love chocolate and chili flavored bars? I cannot be the only one who loves that and real Mexican Hot Chocolate. BTW, I recently discovered Rolo
  7. Hello- I am a big fan of congee. I prepare a basic porridge and season it with garlic and ginger. Then I use this as a base for anything I have around the house.
  8. Naftal

    Thanksgiving Day Wines

    Hello-As usual, I'm looking forward to this year's Beaujolais Nouveau for Thanksgiving.
  9. Hello- I am currently using Shirakiku brand sesame oil. It is not toasted as far as I know. And, the company is Japanese, but the oil is made in Taiwan.
  10. Hello- I cook with Peanut Oil
  11. huiray- Thanks for the information. It is always interesting to find a poem in the 7 character/line format. I am so used to seeing them in the 5 character/line style. Also, the saucer was very interesting, I have never seen one of this design. Is the space in the middle typical of this period? We would love to see any other goi3 wun2 you may have
  12. Hello- welcome! Your picture looks delicious. I enjoy cooking Asian styles, so I was curious...What characterizes Nyonya Malaysian cooking? Also, do they do anything special with tea?
  13. Hello- I recently was able to renew my supply of sencha. I'm drinking my favorite version: the one produced by Yamamotoyama.
  14. huiray- This is so very amazing! This is a wonderful piece. How old is it? How did you get it? I am sure there is a fascinating story here!!!
  15. DocDougherty - Can you tell me what 'gur' is? maarla- I am very excited about this topic. I love to eat samosas, but have no idea how they are made.
  16. Naftal

    Dinner 2014 (Part 5)

    Hello- I always buy turkey legs that are already chopped like that!
  17. Hello- Can you mix the red, blue, and yellow to get orange, purple and green?
  18. Hello- Welcome. I too am a fan of the slow cooker! I do mackerel this way because it is has firmer flesh than most fish and the bones are soft enough to eat, like salmon and sardines.
  19. Naftal

    Reboiling water

    Hello- This thread also has an interesting, and long, discussion on whether or not boiling causes water to lose oxygen (and thus making poorer tea).
  20. Hello-I love single malts and I have a friend ,a doctor, who lives in California. Why am I telling you this? Because every time he visits me (about once a year) he brings me a bottle of the good stuff. So...... Today I received his annual gift: this year it was a bottle of Montgomerie's Rare Select Malt Scotch Whisky. More specifically, it is an 18 year old Islay. And, while I technically did not go to a liquor store, I figured that the arrival of this treasure on my doorstep was comparable.
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