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  1. Hello-Recently, I've been revisiting some old tea "friends". I have been brewing wu yi yan cha and an ji in my gaiwan. Drinking them this way has made me appreciate them even more. Also, today, I had a peony white for the first time. It was wonderful.
  2. Hello- Like you, I like the Alwazah FBOP1. However, lately, I have been drinking a lot of the Ceylon tea packaged by Ahmad Tea Ltd.Have you tried it? I am really enjoying it!
  3. Hello- Thanks for the info. Is Jaggrey similar to the cones of reddish brown sugar I find in ethnic markets? Also, I see a mix of black tea and cardamom in my local Chaldean market, do you think I could use this as a base for masala chai?
  4. Hello- I am curious: What is Jaggrey?
  5. Hello- I just found out where he will be. He is going to Cili County, near Zhangjiajie. What are the best places in that area. My nephew does speak Mandarin.
  6. Hello- My favorite green tea , when price is a consideration) is the Alwaza brand. I love to observe the unfolding-"agony"-of the tightly rolled leaves.
  7. Naftal

    Bubble Tea

    Ive never heard of soaking them or using a double boiler.This is the standard cooking method: http://www.bubbleteasupply.com/index.php?page=recipes.html Hello- In my opinion, this is the best bubble tea site!
  8. Hello- I recently discovered the green tea produced by Alwazah. I was a big fan of their black tea and their green tea is now my staple green tea. I drink it daily!
  9. I think that is the opposite of what should be done. It isn't McDonalds. Would you go to a fine wine tasting and belt back as many bottles as you could in record time? I live in China and on the street where I live there has to be at least 20 tea shops. There are literally thousands in the city. Drinking tea there is a slow, relaxed sedate process. Hello- I agree with liuzhou. Also, you should have good original art on the walls.
  10. Hello- Since melting ice dilutes the tea, and thus effects the flavor, it is a good idea to begin with more tea than you usually use.I think the rule is to use twice the usual amount, but you can change that if it is too strong/weak.
  11. Hello- I prefer tea over coffee. That is because I prefer the taste of tea to the taste of coffee. When I want something particularly strong, I brew a cup of indian tea and I make it double-strength. That being said, I know my sister has a very developed palate and prefers really fine coffee
  12. I am not sure yet. He is not sure either. He is going to teach for a year and does not know where they will send him. He wants to work in a rural area. I will give you more information as soon as I get it. Thank You so much for your willingness to help!!!!!!
  13. My nephew is going to Hunan in August '13. I know he would enjoy knowing where to go for an authentic meal. Any suggestions? He does speak Mandarin.
  14. No. I am allergic to ocean fish - sensitive to iodine. I have used it on trout and used it to smoke sturgeon (a friend caught a 4 1/2 ft one in the California aqueduct and gave most of it away.) It was very good. I smoke the trout whole - they have to be very fresh - but the sturgeon I cut into "steaks" before smoking it. Wonderful!-Please tell me what you did with the sturgeon after cutting it into steaks.
  15. Hello- Have you used it on cold-water ocean fish like salmon?
  16. Thank you so much for this information. It clarified things. Now if only I could find a recipe.
  17. I get bulk hibiscus at a hispanic store,too. I use it to make a straight hibiscus iced tea.
  18. Thank you for sharing these interesting sites
  19. I just learned that a common weed in my neighborhood (Chenopodium Album) is the main ingredient of this dish. Can anyone give me a recipe for Sarson da saay? I used the latin name because this plant has many common names.I do know that this plant is sometimes refered to as mustard greens and there is a curry dish that cooks this item with onions and potatos. I do not know if this is is the same dish.If they are different, I'd like to know both recipes.This plant is known as Bathua or Bathuwa in India. Thanks!
  20. You seem to have an interest in puerh. I share that inerest. Also, I like the Harney and Sons book too, it has a good section on white teas.
  21. I love lapsang souchong tea. And I am always on the look-out for a better brew. I know Zhi Tea makes a nice one. Does anyone else know of a really good one?
  22. A lot of websites include, or are devoted to information about tea. I am not talking about sites that sell tea, just sites that deliver information about this wonderful subject. I like http://asiarecipe.com/china.html This site has a lot of info about chinese food and culture in general, but I love it for the tea stuff. So, what is your favorite site for tea info?
  23. I am confused about the the meaning of "oolong" . I once read that it meant "bird and dragon" but now i am told, in another source, that it means "black dragon". Is either correct? Are both wrong? Are both right? HELP!
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