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  1. Here is a list of the best restaurants in Detroit. Obviously, This is not my list. But, in general, these places reflect what Detroit is all about food-wise. http://detroit.eater.com/maps/the-38-essential-detroit-restaurants-january-2015 Comments?
  2. Naftal


    Thanks for this info. I cook a lot of oily fish and I plan to try it this way.
  3. Hassouni- I know this is a really stupid question: Is that 4 separate 1liter pots, or is that one 4 liter pot that can be programmed with 4 separate settings? Please excuse my stupid question.
  4. Anna N- shaoxing that contains salt is meant for cooking purposes only. It is legal in many places to sell "cooking wine" without a liquor license. The store you are referring to, however, may have a license. They just may be keeping the more expensive drinking wine locked up.
  5. IMHO, and in my limited experience, one can only get really good shaoxing in liquor stores where the staff is Chinese & speaks predominantly Mandarin and/or Cantonese.
  6. I found a lot of recipes when I googled "roasting canned tomatoes".
  7. IMHO- There is something wrong with a $49.95 appetizer.
  8. Hello- It seems that the preferred Irish butter is Kerrygold.
  9. Hello- Has anyone had any experience with Irish Butter?
  10. Hello- Lately, I have been drinking Lapsang Souchong from Goldfish Tea. I've also been drinking my green tea Tibetan-style (with butter).
  11. I learned that French butter is considered to be the best. But, when I discuss this with others they have different opinions. What do you think?
  12. Hello- I have had good dim sum in SE Michigan (Shangri-La) and in Chicago (Cai). But I know there are other amazing places, too. So... Where do you go for really good dim sum?
  13. Hello- This is the best thing I have seen on MSG: http://www.buzzfeed.com/johnmahoney/the-notorious-msgs-unlikely-formula-for-success#.nigXgamAL
  14. IMHO- 1) I never use a Shaoxing if the bottle says "cooking wine". 2) My current favorite is a Shaoxing called "zhuang yuan hong" and also contains the words, "shao hsing hua tiao rice wine". 3) I will use any Shaoxing that does not violate my rule #1. 4) I will use Vermouth if, and only if, Shaoxing is unavailable. 5) I never use sake or sherry. 6) I always make my own garam-masala.
  15. Hello- I know of a person who makes a ku ding ( the literal translation of this plant is "bitter nails") infused vodka. I mix it with butter and honey syrup then heat it.
  16. Hello- Temperatures are in the teens here...I am taking my everyday black tea (Ceylon-Sri Lanka-) and adding a mixture of vodka and honey syrup to the brew.
  17. We are off to a great start! Does anyone else have a favorite cold-weather tea?
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