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  1. I think the innards are what make the surf clam taste "sweet" On the other hand I have no clue what they taste like when they are cooked. If your method works for you then you should stick with it. I bet the innards taste good with a hot bowl of rice. I am making myself very hungry now
  2. Daniel, why is it that the only cure for a hangover is really gross food you would never eat sober? The only thing that will help with a hangover for me is really greasy, deep fried, food. One large papa gino's pepperoni pizza with a side order of mozarella sticks also help. I think if I ate a simple tossed salad it might make me feel worse
  3. I never thought of cooking surf clams. I just defrost them and eat them sashimi style. They have a wonderful sweetness to them. Why did you wash out the innards, that's the best part?
  4. alright, after one drunken night of delicious food I now make my grilled cheese ALL the time now I have changed a few things though: rye bread with sharp white cheddar, dill pickle slices, and dijon mustard serve with: kettle krinkle cut chips: dill and sour cream flavor
  5. the bulgogi burger was a favorite of mine when I was little, until I found a grub/worm in one
  6. halve an avocado, take out the pit, then squirt some ketchup into the little dents. simple and delicious oh and if you aren't hungry and have dry skin you can smear it on your face mixed with a little honey
  7. forgive me for bumping up this thread, but after reading it I tried a few suggestions and I did the following: cut up some scallions and raw okra and added along bonito flakes, raw quail egg yolk, to some natto and then I added the karashi and some liquid that came with the natto. then I garnished with some cut up nori. and after trying natto for the 3rd time I finally like it! It tastes great. When you mix it with all the different ingredients it doesn't mask the taste (nothing can) it just adds to the eating experience and makes it taste yummy! edited to add: when I tried getting the natto out of its styrofoam package I managed to get some strings on my arm. It felt like I walked through a huge cobweb. Good thing spiders don't bother me
  8. yesterday I bought a green tea flavoured collon creme. It was great but tasted nothing like green tea. I also bought 'every burger" which are minature shaped hamburgers for my boyfriend, he likes them but hates the sesame seeds on top of the buns.
  9. omg, my wisdom teeth are coming through and I don't have dental insurance . I have to wait an entire year to get it, but thankfully my wisdom teeth aren't painful just an annoyance. I too reccommend booze, but nothing too cold. Wouldn't ice cold beverages be kind of painful seeing as how your teeth are in pain? Room temperature whiskey mixed with a little water is a good toothache remedy even my grandmother uses it. mashed potatos with lots of butter and cream (: good luck, I hope you feel better and look at it this way, if you wanted to lose weight now you will!
  10. I only eat purple pickled eggs, if they are plain ol' white I won't touch them with a 10 foot pole.
  11. you can always order it online. you can't go wrong with d'artagnan I have never ordered food online, so I wouldn't even know if d'artagnan is good or not...but I have never heard anything bad about it. Unfortunately I don't know how to cook it, seeing as how I have never cooked it. What I do know is that you must sear it on both sides at a relatively high heat in order to brown it, if you cook it too long it will melt and of course not keep it's shape. I believe it should be served with something sweet to cut through all the richness and it's also traditionally served with sauternes.
  12. SheenaGreena

    slummin' it!

    korean spicy ramen with: green onions, korean sliced rice cake, pink kamaboko, kimchi, sliced spam, and raw egg on top. I can never eat ramen plain, I always add something to it or fried spam and egg on white rice is just as delicious and not as time consuming.
  13. the sweetened red bean didn't scare me because I grew up with it. My favorite way to have it is in some homemade mochi. My mother used to make it for me all the time when I was young, but now I have to buy it. It also tastes great in popsicle form or mixed with vanilla ice cream surrounded by a fish shaped wafer. In the winter time, its good to have it stuffed insided a fish "pancake". That is popular in Korea and I understand they do the same or something similar in japan. I hate getting the bean skins stuck in my teeth. they remind me of popcorn kernals
  14. Admin: Threads merged. I'm surprised no one made a post about this yet, but here's a link to the story if you haven't heard/read anything about it NYC eyes ban on restaurant trans fats if that means they are going to replace margarine with butter, I'm all for it! I told my grandmother, margarine was bad for her health and she didn't want to believe me.
  15. Where to buy? How does is come, raw, cooked? The simplest way to enjoy it? In a recent thread here, everyone cautioned that preparing it is tricky (something about removing vanes). Sounds like you know what you're doing. A pictorial demo would be greatly appreciated. the easiest way for you to find it, I imagine would be in pate form. I have only been able to find foie gras in one store in the boston area and they don't sell it in lobes, only in slices so you don't have to remove any veins. I bet if you go to the local grocery store and look in the cheese section you will be able to find a foie gras pate, maybe? They have it at my grocery store down the street....although I dont think it tastes anything like the real thing, sliced and seared quickly on both sides (if that is how you like it). There are several different ways to enjoy it, try each. I recommend trying it at a reastaurant first with a good reputation. If you don't like it, give it to your date
  16. sk_ward, I love those mushroom and cone shaped candies that you showed in your pic. Except I buy the mushrooms in the redbox and I believe they are chocolate/hazlenut flavor. I buy the little cones in a yummy strawberry flavor. Unfortunately, I haven't seen matcha flavor but it sounds really yummy. I really like these chewy yogurt candies but I don't know what they are called, they come in blue packaging and are wrapped up like gum.
  17. stupid question, but do you shoot them down hot?
  18. I don't do this on a regular basis, but the other night I made a grilled cheese sandwich out of swiss cheese, rye bread, and dill pickle slices
  19. anything moon related must involve rice cakes, am I correct? Not entirely of course, but it should play somewhat of a role?
  20. I don't know why, but that made me hungry OHHHH ILLEGAL PORK!
  21. the first story really upset me, but the second one made it all better
  22. I was tempted to do that this summer. I was walking through the public gardens in downtown boston and I happened to see a huge chestnut tree. They weren't ripe yet, so I wanted to come back later and pick them when they fell off the tree. Anyways, I waited too long and I forgot where the tree was I also went to the Arnold Arboretum and I found tons of ginko trees. I was estatic because ginko nuts are usually expensive when you buy them fresh at the grocery store...unfortunately none of the trees had nuts on them. I wonder if I would get in trouble for picking nuts on city property? my mother's friends go to DC in the spring/summer and pick ginko nuts off of the trees. They probably look ridiculous because there are thousands of ginko trees that line up along the sidewalks of the city. Basically, there is no way to do it in secret or not be seen. So far they haven't been in "trouble"
  23. are bento boxes strictly for kids or are they for adults as well? I would guess that elaborate bento box posted earlier is for an adult? btw I went to bentotv.com and I couldn't see the videos but all the stuff on ebay is adorable!!! My favorite is the halloween stencil that I believe is for furikake (sp?) rice stencil
  24. Ive been to every single one just kidding While on a student's budget I would never be able to afford any of these in the near future. However when I start raking in the dough I will have a few restaurants on that list to go to that are in close proximity. Arrows, Locke - Ober, and No. 9 Park
  25. the bulgogi pizza and the salmon roe pizza sound really yummy. Do they offer any pizzas with kimchi on them? I think that cheese and kimchi make a great combination (contrary to other people's thoughts)
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