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  1. I saw a package of frozen duck gizzards while shopping for groceries today and it made me think of you, kent! At first I thought they were mini birds, but they turned out to be gizzards. I think they were supposed to be in the refridgerated section but someone decided to throw them in the freezer
  2. don't know and don't care!!! all of it tastes mighty fine to me, especially the spicy intestines
  3. this has nothing to do with food, but did anyone notice the large scar on padma's right arm? I am wondering where that came from I also find her to be much more watchable than the broad from last season.
  4. peony, very very cute!!! Is that nori cut into the shape of a bus? I've seen that bus cartoon before, but I can't remember where
  5. my dvr cut off the last 2 minutes, who got eliminated?
  6. I think the closest thing you are going to get to native cheese in that area is perhaps cheese or butter made from mare's milk in Mongolia. Tibetans also use butter and I believe milk from yak's, but I don't know if they make cheese. Milk is drunk in both Japan and Korea and I know for a fact that there are no native cheeses in korea, don't know about japan but I'm sure it's the same for them as well. If either country eats cheese, its going to be imported from the west or "borrowed" from the west. By the way, all of this is just coming from general knowlege meaning I didn't do any research. So if I'm wrong or if anyone would like to add something please do!
  7. I loved the show, my favorite part was when the cop sort of sneezed while eating his fried twinkie. Afterwards he looked like he just got back from a crazy party in the 80's so, was everything you ate delicious? Which dish was your favorite? The thai lobster dish looked absolutely beautiful.
  8. wonderful!!! I absolutely love south asian food blogs...I think its all the exotic fruits/veggies and all the beautiful colors. oh and welcome to egullet (:
  9. I have heard mixed reviews about this place, but after reading egulletters opinions on the place I will definitely give it a try. any recommendations on any dishes or drinks? also what kind of beer do they serve?
  10. the 100 yen store reminds me of this store near me. It's located within sort of a shopping mall and is run by Chinese people, but they stock a lot of cheap japanese products. They have an aisle for kitchen ware, plates, dishes, bowls, and a section for containers such as bento boxes or container's to hold your kosher salt. I have bought the little container w/flip lid that is supposed to hold your loose salt. You usually buy it as a pair so you can have one hold sugar and the other hold salt, but I rarely use sugar. I have also bought mini tea strainers as well as things for my bathroom. They have a lot of iron pans there that are incredibly small, like 5'' across. Does anyone know what they are for? If I can find a picture I will post it.
  11. See!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew I wasn't crazy. Yeah, I will do a little experimentation w/some rice vinegar (: thanks for all the help everyone
  12. not all of the choices are bad, but I hear most of the trendy ones should be avoided: stephanies, sonsies, etc. I have never dined at stephanie's, but I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on the place it's mainly packed due to the patio seating. You get a great view of all the rich snobs as they walk pass you carrying their louis boston bags. Don't mind me, I'm just jealous because I'm poor (: I would try out no. 9 park seeing as how everyone has suggested it, I myself have never been there but I have never heard one bad thing. If you want to walk a bit you might want to check out Eastern Standard in kenmore square. The food is kind of american/french bistro fare and they have wonderful drinks there.
  13. my boyfriend is always buying mama celeste pizza's - usually cheese. He always wants me to "jazz" it up for him by sprinkling oregano on it. Gross Most of the frozen food I buy is vegetarian related. I love morningstar chik'n patties, fake sausage crumbles, etc. Don't worry, I eat meat...but morningstar's vegetarian take on meat tastes almost as good. I also buy alot of frozen green beans & wax beans, mixed veggies, cauliflower, broccoli, and peas. Frozen fruit is also good when you want to make a quick smoothie. Now in my freezer I have a lot of frozen fish : unagi, unagi w/tomago, salmon, and cut up portions of belt fish oh and if i'm lazy and hungry there is nothing better than stouffer's french bread pizza
  14. well vinegar is a component in mustard and I didn't even see vinegar in the ingredients list: mustard powder & tumeric (I believe for color). when I add the water it just tastes like a dull spiciness. It doesn't have the same kick as japanese mustard from the bottle or the tube. I bet it was an old product or something and I lucked out. I could've sworn though that Korean's add vinegar to their mustard?
  15. It's just good ol' s&b mustard powder
  16. kind of a dumb question, but I bought powdered karashi the other day. I mix vinegar with it NOT water right? I have been mixing it with water lately and noticed that it doesn't have the pungency I am used to. I finally realized that I should be adding vinegar instead, am I correct? I would love to buy it in tube or squeeze bottle form but am having a hard time doing so. thanks so much! Boston has a very limited korean and Japanese population so I am usually stuck with incredibly small grocery stores or HUGE chinese grocery stores with one aisle shared for both japanese and korean food. I miss living in Maryland where I had no problem finding food products from either country.
  17. she also shouldn't turn her nose up at something she hasn't even tried i.e. pig's ear and the blood sausage
  18. how much are you willing to pay? there are a few albeit very expensive restaurants near by that you could go to. Whatever you do, stay away from a majority of the dining options on newbury street.
  19. I was in that nasty earthquake of 89 or 90 (I forget) in san francisco and I remember my parents using the grill an awful lot. I think we were out of power for a week or so. I was 6 or 7 years old when this happened so my memory is a little foggy. so yeah, we had eggs and bacon on the grill and a whole mess of other things that were cooked on the grill along with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I hope you are doing okay, were a lot of people hurt during your earthquake? I haven't heard much on the news
  20. It was my first time trying umeboshi period! I have heard mix reactions on it, mostly bad I think it's one of the best new things I have had in a long time. regarding nori, are japanese style onigiri wrapped in unseasoned laver? If so, at least it's less messy that way (no greasiness from the sesame oil). (edited because I just had lunch) I made a grilled onigiri and stuffed it with both: soy sauce soaked bonito flakes and chopped up radish tops from radish kimchi. I then brushed the outside of the rice with a mixture of soy sauce, miso, egg yolk, and sugar. then I wrapped it up with some korean seaweed. I'm sure this sounds like a weird combination, but oh my god did it taste good.
  21. I bought some onigiri yesterday at the local japanese grocery store. There were tons of different flavors so I of course had to buy 1 or 2 of each. I tried one with umeboshi paste (am I saying this correctly?) and it tasted sooooo yummy. Its the first time I have had umeboshi and it tasted like salty jam, I loved it!!! I noticed that the onigiri I had was made with untoasted/unseasoned seaweed. Can you make onigiri with the seasoned/toasted seaweed that is typically used to roll sushi or kimbap? I imagine that it would be more crumbly, but I love the taste of the sesame oil on seaweed. any suggestions would be great, thanks I also realized that I shouldn't have bought so much, because they all have to be refrigerated. There is nothing worse than refridgerated rice!!!
  22. I love that stuff!!!! It definitely tastes artificial though and not made from fresh bananas. I guess if you were to make it, the closest thing would be to throw some milk and bananas into a blender and add sugar to taste. Although it would be a lot thicker in consistency compared to banana milk. I have seen it sold at Korean grocery stores but the packaging is different then in Korea. Here it comes in good ol' juice boxes complete with a straw. In Korea they come in plastic containers that are more oddly shaped.
  23. I second eastern standard. Ask for Doug if you go there on a friday...he is extremely helpful, nice, and makes wonderful drinks. I suggest: pimm's cup, jack rose, and the au provence. I am a big beer drinker and most cocktails make me want to barf, but when I go to eastern standard I opt for the cocktails.
  24. this has nothing to do with food...because I have never been to china, but why the heck didn't they cover all of china? They only went to beijing and like one other city. china is HUGE....there is so much more they could've covered I thought shanghai was the capital of chinese food? (this is what I have heard)
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