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  1. whoppers and more whoppers generic store brand dill pickles liberally sprinkled with ajinomoto msg pizza hut pan pizza - pepperoni (sometimes I beg my boyfriend to take me there for dinner) my soon to be guilty pleasure will probably be those new deep fried mac n cheese balls from TGIfridays. I just discovered those at a local bbq place last week and I would be willing to give fridays a go.
  2. this has nothing to do with food (or this topic), but does anyone else think that Mr. English looks like Morrissey?
  3. $1 a pound? I think they cost $5 or $6 a pount at stop n shop so sometimes I treat myself to a mixed heirloom salad. I have never been out to Maine to seek produce. I hear that there are some places that sell sea greens, is this true? If so, what kinds? Anyone sell wild mushrooms?
  4. yes, although my grandparents in Korea had some sort of weird "dog plant" behind them and when I would walk around the area I once found a dog tail on the ground (I thought it was a stick and accidently picked it up). Then again, maybe it was just a pound, I'll never know...I was only 11 or 12 so I had quite the imagination. I don't think there is any meat I wouldn't try, except for of course baby humans...unless someone else has tried them? JUST KIDDING
  5. glad to see someone else makes a mean buttery burger
  6. unfortunately, I don't grind my own meat. that's just too fancy for me. I use 80/20 or 75/25 ground chuck and I season it with kosher salt and lots of ground black pepper, then I loosely form it into 2 patties. I take the 2 patties and insert about a tablespoon of room temp, unsalted, butter in the middle and then form the 2 patties around it. Grill on cast iron griddle, top with buttered roll, and eat with ketchup.
  7. SheenaGreena

    Seasonal Beers

    I like the holiday beers alot corsendonk christmas delirium noel cisco celebration libation
  8. chryz, your dweng jang jigae looks like a delicious curry!!! I like that you put lots of veggies in it I like to make mine with anchovies, cubed firm tofu, zuchini, whole cloves of garlic, all garnished with sliced green onions. Its best when you have chunky homemade dweng jang because the soy beans are whole and add a nice surprise. Does anyone put meat in their dweng jang (other than anchovies for stock)? One of my favorite home cooked meals is karl gook su (knife noodles) with lots of potatos and in the winter time I like to make oxtail stock/soup and just eat it with rice and fresh green onions, although making oxtail stock takes 2 days to make.
  9. please don't laugh Why is milk/cheese only from cows, sheep, goats, and water buffalos? Why not horse milk, llama cheese, camel cheese, etc? I'm guessing milking an omnivore/carnivore would make funning tasting milk...or would it? Bacony flavored cheese anyone? If I made anyone vomit, sorry
  10. ketchup mixed with siracha old bay sprinkled on fries then dipped into good ol' heinz ketchup If I am having steak frites, I order my steak rare and dip my fries in the jus or press them lightly against the steak. They get soggy and limp, but they have all that delicious meaty goodness on them. When I was in highschool (which wasn't too long ago) everyone always dipped their fries in a mixture of ketchup and mayo and I thought it was the grossest thing ever. I still haven't tried it, but would definitely give it a go now that my palate has changed for the better. mcdonald's fries always taste good dipped in sweet n sour, bbq sauce, and honey mustard, never ketchup. I noticed that a few people mentioned that they put salt on their wendy's fries. Their fries are undersalted compared to mcdonald's and bk.
  11. I spent half of my life living in Maryland and have many relatives (father's side only) who live very close to Mennonite and Amish communities. This meant that I was able to grow up on lots of interesting dishes and I had easy access to their farms/markets. A few things I ate as a kid (and still do) are: pickled beets and eggs hag maw (sp?) - pigs stomach stuffed with potatos, cabbage, offal, and spices ponhaus & puddin dried corn pudding sauerkraut with pork These are found throughout PA and MD. There are lots of other amish/mennonite communities elsewhere in the U.S. Are there any other dishes that you are familiar with? Have you ever tried any?
  12. I haven't read any of the previous posts, but... I was very sad to find out on the news yesterday that they are banning the sell of horse meat I have never personally had it, but I have always wanted to try it...especially after hearing so many great things about it from torakris. I also heard that horse fat makes delicious pomme frites.
  13. Ken Oringer's version of the banh mi is great, but who the heck is going to pay $10 for that when you can get the original for $2.25?
  14. my boyfriend and I stopped by on labor day and it was closed ): I have heard many a good thing about it on chowhound (food wise), but I hear the service is horrible. I could care less, because it just opened...plus I really want to try the meatloaf sandwich, beef on weck, and their version of the ripper. Does anyone else think it is slightly overpriced? Some items are reasonably priced, whereas others are a little steep.
  15. oh the driving comment was meant for the other poster 2005, really? Hmmm...it seems like it was earlier than that. This is the event at the cyclorama in the south end, right?
  16. the ones that I taste that are over a year old don't taste "sparkly" they taste like funky delicious cheese. my mother calls it "sho-nay" or refreshing kimchi. How does it get that carbonated mouth feel though? It must be a special type of fermentation or bacteria that gives off gas. I want to eat a whole bowl of that stuff right now
  17. if this is the one in Boston in october (as mentioned by the previous post) I went about 2 years ago. MAKE SURE TO TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION OR A CAB AFTERWARDS thank god I did, because the beer was flowing and well I pretty much tried to sample as much as I could. Stock up on all the free coasters and eat before you get there because the food wasn't that good there...when I was there they served something like pretzels and belgian waffles.
  18. SheenaGreena

    Pigs' Feet

    mmm I love pigs feet. I don't have a recipe either, but my mother puts them into a pressure cooker until tender and then cools them off in the fridge until cold (not cool). They gelatinize and are a little more chewy and easier to peel. Then you dip the meat into a mixture of salted briny shrimp and chili flakes. My mother is Korean, however I am not sure this is an authentic korean recipe. They taste best with a cold beer or soju, so they are only meant to be a drinking snack
  19. Im going to the cape tomorrow w/my boyfriend. He works in Mashpee and we are planning to go to this place for wings called DJ's. Hes been talking about this place non stop for like 3 months now so I have to go. Unfortunately I don't have a damn car so I have to go with him (wake up at 5 am) at 6am to be at the cape by 7am. I have to keep myself busy with his car from 7am - 5 pm. Oh and tomorrow is going to be only 70 degrees with passing showers. I really wanted to sunbathe and go bike riding. So, thanks to this post I am going to check out a few things. I have been a new englander for only 2 1/2 years and I have yet to eat a lobster/lobster roll. What are some great cheap places for lobster rolls that don't go so heavy on the mayo? Is it possible to get a good one for under $10?
  20. they should've used the fig concoction as well. I really wanted to try that
  21. has anyone tried the sticky toffee pudding hd flavor? Is it even out yet? It looks DELICIOUS
  22. my mother uses kiwi juice or coca cola in her bulgogi marinade. it makes it taste extra delicious I don't think I could make kimchi ever. Its just way too intimidating. I have watched my mother make kimchi hundreds of times, but it is too time consuming and takes forever. Also I hate waiting for kimchi to ferment after it was just made. Especially chonggak (raddish) kimchi. That seems to take FOREVER. Does anyone know why some kimchis have this like sparkly carbonated taste to them after they ferment? Some of them taste a little bit like 7 up. I was wondering why some taste like this and others don't What's the oldest kimchi you have ever eaten? With a kimchi fridgerator I have eaten some over a year old and boy are they stinky, but delicious
  23. I found this on PA dutch cookery MEATS: The typical PA Dutch meat dishes use many of the less tender cuts of meat as well as some of the organ and grandular meats, which is rather unusual but fitting as they hate to waste anything, let alone something so nutritious. Tripe, liver, and pig stomach are some of their favorite dishes. Pork scraps are used along with liver, corn meal, and sometimes kidney to make scrapple or ponhaus.
  24. ponhaus and pudding? I have absolutely no clue what they are made out of, some sort of pork and filler. I eat ponhaus when I visit my grandparents (who live in Hagerstown, MD). Its pretty big there due to the large mennonite/small amish community. delicious stuff. I think the ponhaus is traditionally served fried with maple syrup drizzled on top, but I just like it plain
  25. I have no cramps due to taking bcp's, yet I still crave extremely salty snacks. I don't know what it is, but it seems like most women want the sweet/salty & carbs combination
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