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  1. yummy fish cake, I love the good ol' pink one with the white middle. I still buy it for nostalgic reasons. Sometimes when I have no meat I put it in my curry with rice. It makes a nice substitute for chicken, beef, or pork, but it swells too much sometimes. I want to try the hello kitty ones (:
  2. I wanted to bump this thread because I found it to be very interesting I love Korean chopsticks, to me they are very easy to hold and alot easier to use than both chinese and japanese chopsticks. Japanese are easier than chinese though, because the bottoms are pointy and meet at the tip making it easier to pick up incredibly small/skinny things like say a grain of rice. I give up with chinese chopsticks though, they are way too hard. I only use a spoon when I am eating stews (jigaes). I dip my spoonful of rice into the soup or take some broth and pour it onto a section of my rice. It's not very polite to dip rice into the jigae because your rice can seperate and float in the soup. Also I think it's customary to share almost everything on a Korean table. You don't take your own portions of vegetables for the entire meal, you pick and eat as you go. This may be different for other korean families...I was taught by my mother and her family and they weren't exactly rich growing up. Oh and I never really see those metal bowls anymore. They are kind of old fashioned, although I do see them at some restaurants. I guess more rural Korean families use them, and yes I hate how hot they get. They are the worst when they are filled with hot soup and you are trying to bring the soup to your face so you can drink the broth. Metal chopsticks don't get hot unless you leave them in a hot pan. I eat noodles and use them in soup all the time and they are fine. and yes picking up a rice bowl to your face is considered extremely rude. I used to do this once in a while and my mom would yell at me other small rules I have noticed: - don't go digging around in the banchan looking for that "special" something, pick whats on the top and eat it. This is the same for kimchi -don't fry tofu on the grill after you have grilled sam gyup sal and kimchi, because it looks like dog food (I learned this in the august, but I dont care because it tasted so good). -After you are done eating and consume alot of alcohol it is customary to put some rice or nu rum gee (burnt rice) into some ook soo soo cha (corn tea) or borheecha (roasted barley tea). -don't blow your nose at the table, its incredibly rude. If you want to blow your nose then excuse yourself first. -try to wear socks when sitting at the table...bare feet are not proper (especially true if you are sitting on the floor at a low table). holy moly this is long. I guess I bumped this because I miss all the Korean chit chat on this board...it's so slow paced and needs to be more lively!
  3. thanks again for all the recipes everyone, it seems as though torakris' may be a winner cause I have most of the ingredients already at hand. I would love to try the black bean versions, soup versions, and the ones stuffed with minced pork. Indian and philipines versions sound awesome as well (: Yesterday I ate it raw in a salad and it was delicious! I think I may like it better raw. The next time I go to the local asian mart I am going to buy way more.
  4. Well seeing as how I live in the Boston area, DD wins hands down. However KK's donuts are WAY better. Everyone here only goes to DD for their coffee, I have rarely seen anyone order donuts. I still can't believe that KK opened up a few places here in the surrounding boston area, they all closed down real fast. medium coffee - cream & sugar. If you have it black it tastes like crap, you have to throw in some extras there is a DD test store somewhere in Rhode Island where they serve food and drinks that are not available for sale nation wide. Right now they are serving mini hot dogs, almost like pigs in a blanket..I want to try them really really badly
  5. looks like they were shaved? maybe for bonito? who knows...
  6. curry roux sounds hard to make, because if you look at all the ingredients at the back of most curry boxes they throw a lot of random ingredients into them: like gouda cheese for example. All the ingredients sound like they would be gross but they manage to go together so well. I like to use s&b curry and throw in the regular ingredients: potatos, onions, carrots, pork, beef, or chicken, and then eat it with really really sour/old radish kimchi. You have to eat curry with extremely old kimchi. a few weeks ago though I made a vegetarian curry and put in: eggplants (got mushy of course, but still tasted fantastic), onions, garlic, potatos, carrots, celery, and okra.
  7. all of these recipes sound wonderful, thanks everyone. I have never cooked chinese food in my life, or anything remotely chinese. I wouldn't even know where to get the black bean sauce in the asian grocery store. the philipines version sounds very similar to how I cooked it yesterday. After cooking it the way I described, I ate some, then threw it into some fried rice with an egg. The tomato addition sounds really delicious though indian preparation sounds good too, but unfortunately I have no tamarind and I don't even know how to use it...but I have everything else. I keep a few indian spice mixes on hand as well..they are good to add to steamed or fried veggies once in a while.
  8. mmmmmmm delicious russian imperial stout I forget the brand, but there is a black & white photo of rasputin on the label omg I love this beer, it tastes very similar (at least to me) to founder's breakfast stout - another favorite
  9. I bought one bitter melon from the grocery store last week and fixed it for dinner earlier tonight. I only bought one, because I was afraid I wouldn't like it...well I actually love the taste. I tasted a small piece raw and I still enjoyed it. Tonight though I played it safe and salted it for an hour and then sauteed it in some sesame oil/vegetable oil with garlic, soy sauce, and mirin. I didn't add too much of the last two but they still seemed to overpower the flavor of the melon. I didn't throw it in the trash or anything, it was still pretty good but I yearned for that strong bitter flavor. Do you have any suggestions or recipes utilizing this delicious new favorite vegetable? Keep in mind that I have a lot of korean and Japanese ingredients at hand.
  10. never had a bun in the oven, but I loved that. Sounds like you have great sisters to find you "perfect" apples so you can admire them what's up with women and smells? particularly onions? I wonder why we have an aversion to certain smells while pregnant, what purpose could this serve? perhaps some sort of defense mechanism, but all the food smells you don't like are perfectly fine foods.
  11. I'd like to see more recipes for tsukemonos or pickles and maybe like you said "everyday" japanese food. Modern Japanese dishes would be nice too.
  12. I heard absolutely horrible things about it, but it definitely caught my attention when it was being played as a movie preview almost a year ago. I love new order and sofia coppola...she seems to make great soundtracks for her movies. also the costuming and everything seems gorgeous, I recently saw a 2 hour piece on the life on marie antoinette on pbs and it was very informative. what kind of food do they serve? lots of game? anything other than french? maybe something that reflects her austrian heritage?
  13. oh my god those round balls of goodness are so delicious!!!! They are like minature muffins-you know the ones that come in the bag at the grocery store? appearance wise, not taste wise do you have a recipe for them? I hate baking but I would definitely try to make those by hand
  14. I am really starting to dislike this show, to the point where I fast foward through the parts where she is talking, waving her hands, or acting like a crazy kid. Luckily I have dvr so this is possible. The first two episodes were watchable, but last nights was awful, but I really wanted to watch it because the food and the people (sans joan) were so awesome and really loved what they were doing. It also looks like she lost more weight, if that is even possible. Her jawline seems more defined and sharper than it did last week, or am I losing my mind? Maybe she shakes so much and is all over the place because she doesn't eat enough. I like her in movies and think she is great, but how in the hell is she going to pull this julia thing off? I loved when she was trying to saute the onions and pancetta in the frying pan...I'm surprised all the stuff didn't fall into the fire. How were julia's knife skills? good right? I never paid much attention to them when I watched her show, but I can't imagine Joan getting as good as her. I bet they will do shots of her hands not of her whole body, meaning they will use a double. long post I know, sorry edited to add: I also thought it was funny when she found out how old all of those meats were and how surprised she was when she found out that they scrape the mold off and still eat them.
  15. I agree, especially when I pay $1.30 for a tiny amount of soda.
  16. ahhh I love the offal there, it changes all the time so you get something different. Last time I was there I got some corned cow's tongue. Doesn't sound very good but it was delicious. First time I had eaten tongue too.
  17. this is a bit late, but let me just add that your bi bim bap looks very authentic. The messier the better! next time though, you should add a heaping tablespoon of gochu jang I saw in your grocery pic (from the korean store) that you bought some spinach, bean sprouts, etc banchan and they were all seasoned. It sounds like from your recipe that you seasoned them all yourself? Did you buy the veggies pre seasoned or did you "jazz" them up for the bi bim bap? If so that is a pain in the butt and i congratulate you. I am so lazy sometimes I toss carrots, spinach, mushrooms, bean sprouts, bell flower root, fernbracken, etc in one pan and cook it with sesame oil and some salt. I know it looks pretty when you arrange it neatly in your bowl but you're just going to mix it up anyway right?
  18. She's not even that pretty, definitely a butter face
  19. go to cardullo's and get a sandwich and then buy some chocolate for dessert. Its very crowded and somewhat overpriced but I love the employees and the products. If it's cold you can go to Burdick's and get a hot chocolate, supposedly they do that very well there. If you want a good jukebox (ramones, motorhead, pixies, etc) and want some cheap food you can go to Charlie's and have a double cheeseburger with a side of wafflefries. I usually go there when I've had a few too many...that's the only way I can stomach the food and the beer is cheap and the jukebox keeps my boyfriend and me entertained for hours
  20. I have no clue what that is, do you have a picture by any chance or remember the name of the dish?
  21. is that the thing you use to make mongolian hot pot or shabu shabu?
  22. this made me both laugh and cry at the same time in seoraksan they have this great restaurant that specializes in soon dubu. I don't know if seoraksan is famous for soon dubu or not, but this restaurant is well known and serves the best soon dubu I have ever had. Too bad I was 13 when I went there so I have no clue what it was called. It was a traditional style restaurant with floor tables and wooden & paper sliding doors. Afterwards we went to a fish market and had fresh squid sashimi that had just been caught. We just ate it plain and it was so yummy.
  23. very funny, and very true! by the way, are the pickles served with pizza the pickles you get with fried chicken (cubed radish)? If so, I LOVE those little raddishes. I can say that I have never ordered pizza in Korea in my entire time I have lived or visited there. 3 years ago when my mom and I were in Korea visiting relatives we bought some frozen pizza from a us military base and proceeded to cook it in my grandmother's frying pan because she of course doesn't have an oven. When I got my little korean cousins to try a taste they said it was too sweet. I thought all korean tomato based products were sweeter than their american counterparts? weird
  24. not really food, but do any of you like those glass soda bottles with the glass ball inside the lid? I love those things but they are really noisy (and expensive). I bought peach flavor for me and strawberry for my boyfriend. At the grocery store today I was looking for those chocolate mushrooms for him (his favorite) and wasn't able to find them. Instead I bought the green tea mousse pocky for me - which was delicious. I like to eat all of the green tea coating off first then eat the stick. I also bought banana mousse for me, and chocolate and strawberry flavors for him. I can't get anything too crazy for him, he only likes "western" flavors. Sometimes when I go to the Korean grocery store, they have the same box of chocolate mushrooms but they are made in korea. He thinks the japanese ones taste better. I think they are made from the same company: meiji but they might contain different ingredients. I noticed that when I buy japanese/korean snacks I understand all of the ingredients listed whereas american snacks have ingredients I have never heard of. oh poop I posted this in the wrong thread in the wrong section. It was supposed to go in the japan forum
  25. I wonder if you could use vienna sausages? I love those little guys. My mom used to pack a little tin for me for lunch. I'd eat them with a toothpick and gross out all my friends.
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