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  1. so I went to the chinese grocery store yesterday to look for some asian pears. I found about 4 varieties from japan and korea. I found my delicious, large, korean pear but they were a little soft to the touch. I like them almost rock hard and plus they were over $3 a piece. what a rip off Hiroyuki, what is mint oil used for? Do you use it in cooking or does it have medicinal values?
  2. Thanks for your reply, and yes definitely. Sweet mochi remains soft due to the addition of sugar, which retains moisture. I think Korean mochi is hard to come by in my rural area, but I'll look around the next time I go shopping. ← if you can't find it, you should ask torakris. I think she has actually made tteok bok gi before using korean rice cakes. Hopefully I didn't imagine that and it really happened
  3. I think the chinese ones are the same as the korean ones. Korean people use the rice cakes (in oval form) for a new years soup dish. If you soak them overnight, then maybe you should soak the korean ones overnight. I gave you the oversoaking advice because it happened to me when I soaked slices/ovals of rice cake, not the sticks. When I oversoaked them they had cracks throughout the ovals and were really mushy when I cooked them. Again, I am pretty sure the chinese ones are the same as korean ones, so do what you have already been doing. Let me know how you are going to cook them!
  4. I've never had Korean mochi before. I'm curious to know if this is necessary when you make a nabe (one-pot dish). ← yep, you still have to pre-soak even before you boil them and add them to soup. I have no clue if they are the same texture or consistency as japanese mochi. I have only had sweet mochi with red bean paste and I am sure that is completely different than mochi used in savoury applications, am I right, hiroyuki?
  5. why is my name mentioned in this thread? I didn't even post anything yet, I am so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love peppero! I scrape the chocolate off with my teeth and while doing it I try not to break the stick in half. I also like yam yams. jeez, I just finished eating a bag of nong shim seafood ramen, raw. I was going to cook it, but I wanted something crunchy instead so I just opened the bag, dumped the seasonings in, crushed the noodles, closed the bag, and shaked it. is it shaked or shook btw? Not as good as raw shin ramen. I am still hungry so I think I will saute some chinese water spinach and pea shoots. I have a ton of both and I need to cook some before they go bad. like lindsay ann, I read egullet while munching and snacking ETA: If I had it my way I would be eating a huge bag of spicy pork rinds with some grape soda. Pork rinds are the greatest thing ever
  6. well after reading this thread, I had to read your foodblog. THEN, I read up on another webpage about your religion because I found it so interesting. Finally I read the parsis (sp?) cooking thread on egullet. This usually happens when I read threads on egullet, I quickly get carried away. I learned alot though oh yeah and I almost forgot, this is a great thread. My favorite picture is the pic of Engelen, because the walls are a greenish color. If you can't tell, green is my favorite color oh and the roe in the tube, is it ground up or does it come out in it's normal shape? Those berries are cloudberries, you can also get that at ikea as well but only in jam form
  7. you soak the rice cakes in water until pliable. I am assuming for about an hour or until they get soft. Be careful, because they can get "over soaked". If this happens, you will see cracks in them or they will not have a chewy consistency when you cook them.
  8. since you work in beacon hill there is a place called: the paramount on charles street. I have never been there, but supposedly they have great breakfasts and a great grilled cheese for lunch. for places around the newton area check out cabot's on washington street. They serve mostly diner food and they have a great ice cream dessert menu. If you eat there I would suggest the patty melt with onion petals. If you want dessert I would also suggest an extra thick black raspberry frappe. If you like bagels I would suggest going to rosenfeld's in newton center on 1280 centre st. I have never had a true ny bagel so I can't really compare it to that, but I love their pumpernickel bagel with cucumber dill cream cheese. other suggestions include: lumiere - french food 1293 Washington St. west newton sweet tomatoes - decent pizza (try the pesto) 47 Langley Rd (Cross Street: Beacon Street) newton centre Buff's Pub - awesome buffalo wings but I don't know about the other food. Besides everyone goes there for their wings. 317 Washington St (Cross Street: Centre Street) newton Oh and If you are into beer and wine go to Marty's Liquors on washington street (next to whole foods). They have an amazing selection of beer.
  9. I heard the beef on weck is great, so far I haven't heard anything bad about that sandwich. I should really give this place a try and see what all the fuss (good and bad) is about. Oh and if it's not good, I can always go to bukowski's and drown my sorrows
  10. they are easy to find in the korean grocery store. they are usually in the refridgerated section because they aren't dried like other noodles.
  11. you can make it the lazy american way: open a cylinder of biscuits stuff them with brown sugar and maybe some honey, cinnamon, or pine nuts then roll them flat pan fry btw, if you have a recipe for them please let me know. I would like to know what the dough is made out of. Maybe if you let me know, I will run around boston like an old ajumma and sell hotteok on the streets when the bars close. I bet that I will make good money doing this.
  12. Hi Sheena, yeah, it's the same thing just a different transliteration. Would love to know how you make it. I sometimes use chicken broth. The anchovy sounds great, too! Marc ← very easy really: make your basic chicken stock with some chicken, garlic, and onions. You can add carrots and celery if you like, but I tend to stick with my basic version. Then after 2 hours or so I strain the broth, pick the chicken meat off the chicken and do the following: I cut some potatos into strips and boil them in the chicken stock until cooked through and then I add some slices of onion and zuchini. Then of course you add the noodles, but I don't use the skinny vermicelli noodles. I use these: I took that from a google search by the way... then I garnish the soup with some soy sauce that has some go chu marinating in it. It basically makes the soy sauce spicy. btw, kal gook soo is a great way to utilize that leftover turkey from thanksgiving dinner
  13. the first package is used to make a popular korean street food known as ddeok bok gi. I'll try to find a recipe for you. its basically lots of gochu jang and sometimes I even see korean ladies ladle fish cake soup broth into it. You of course don't have to do that at home. Its cooked and mixed with strips of fish cake and sometimes hard boiled eggs or deep fried mandoo stuffed with rice. or if you want, you can thaw out the rice cakes and then pan fry them until they get crispy on the outside and just eat them plain. I do that as a quick snack. Or you can steam them and eat them plain as is. If you are going to make korean rice cake soup, I would opt for the oval shapes as opposed to the logs. again, I'll try to find a recipe for you found it: ddeok bok gi recipe if you n eed help with the ingredients, just ask
  14. whoops sorry! I assumed you were a girl UNTIL I scrolled down and read your signature. I guess I should read people's signatures or entire posts for that matter before assuming their sex. Many pardons, Christian.
  15. for my viewing pleasure chryz should make the following items: kal gook soo soon doo boo w/ assorted seafood or maybe pork bossam with steamed pork belly and oysters (oh my god if you make this I will be so jealous) Seolleong Tang - good for cold weather I don't get to eat a genuine "mom" home cooked korean meal till dec 22, will I last this long? who knows. At least I get to bring a cooler full of kimchi home
  16. can't commit to what? omitting rice from your ssam? too much filler! always when I have sam gyup sal or kalbi at home I don't ask for any rice. if I have rice while eating ssam, I will just dump the whole bowl into whatever soup I am eating please people, try the grilled kimchi. also, is there any way to get rid of smelling like bacon or grilled beef after grilling in the kitchen for over an hour? After I do this at my parents house, my little sister and I go out shopping or something and omg our hair smells like bacon. It is so delicious and so gross at the same time also I hate chryz, because she (you're a girl right?) puts alot of effort and time into making her korean food and it shows.
  17. is kuksu the same as gook su? I hate spelling out korean words, it makes absolutely no sense to me and makes me sound and look ridiculous I wish I had a digital camera so bad, because I would make my version of gook su. It's alot different than marco polo's, because I use different noodles and use chicken or turkey stock instead of beef. also, with your "kuksu", do you make an anchovy broth? I eat mine that way with a garnish of sesame seeds, julienned and blanched zuchini and some strips of omelet. I like the anchovy broth of course because its clear and because it is really subtle.
  18. anyone else out there eat their ssam without rice? next time go w/o rice so you can throw more stuff in it. also try grilling some old, sour, kimchi after you are done grilling your meat. This will lend a nice flavour to the kimchi. yum yum. This is what my family does after we eat korean bbq.
  19. khao sarn is my fav thai place in boston, I've had dok bua but I actually like khao sarn better
  20. I bought some fage greek yogurt the other day which was fat free. I put some honey in it and one small piece of pineapple. I threw it back in the fridge and ate it one day later and it tasted really bitter. what went wrong? I still ate it anyways, hopefully I won't die
  21. not a sauce, but when I cook my eggs sunny side up I sop up and scrape every bit of egg yolk off my plate. I'll use anything available, toast, sausage, bacon, pancakes, and yes even my fingers.
  22. I don't know who andrew babar is, is that is egullet user name or his real name or both
  23. The next time you talk to Anthony, please ask him what poo tastes like? I don't know about other egulleters, but I really want to know. thanks
  24. nishla, have you been to beard papa's in quincy market? Its so cute!!! I love their cream puffs filled with vanilla cream. I also like the cute box it comes in and the dorky outfits the employees have to wear
  25. I have lived in boston for almost 3 years and I still haven't had lobster. Crap, it sucks living with a boyfriend who hates anything that comes out of water. don't forget to try the little places, I dont know how your food budget is but I can't eat at these really great expensive places: uni, clio, mare, etc. Where do you live in boston? we'll start off with great places around your area. Oh and what kind of food do you like, ethnicity wise?
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