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  1. I saw these at the grocery store a few days ago, as well as some fun "dips" in the dairy aisle. It's nice to see that I can get quality generic food
  2. glad to see that bruce & kim feel the same as I. I went to a local thai restaurant last night for dinner and I opted for the green curry with "thai melon", shrimp, green beans, and thai eggplant. It was the first time I had thai eggplant and I absolutely loved it. I thought it tasted like an eggplant with the consistency of a slightly cooked tomatillo - very delicious. I am guessing the thai melon was in fact winter melon. they had laarb on the menu, but I didn't try it because of the temperature (served room temp) and I didn't know if you were supposed to eat it with rice or just eat in plain. I am still kicking myself, because I think I would've enjoyed the larb more.
  3. I take some stew meat (hey its cheap), dredge it in flour, and then sear it on the highest heat possible. When they are nice and seared on the outside I deglaze with a pint of guiness. I like to add beef stock, rutabagas, turnips,carrots, parsnips, potatos, celery, and a can of crushed tomatos. I have never tried this, but I bet it would be great with some barley thrown in or some other kind of yummy grain. My version of beef stew is extremely hearty so you might want to nix the beef stock and add all chicken stock or maybe both. Its great for cold weather days. eta: whoops forgot the herbs - thyme, parsley, and a little bit of rosemary (rosemary can be overpowering so I only use a touch).
  4. dont look down on store bought duenjang. it will do in emergencies and it will do just fine for pigs feet.if you live near a filipino area, you can maybe do with bagoong. or fish sauce from a chinese store. both are different from jeot-ggal, but both have that fishy salty thing going which would probably do in a pinch, same as duenjang. you _can_ also dip your pigs feet into seasoned salt, like for eat soondae. did you make your pigs feet? how did it turn out? i lived in merlin too. did time in college park so i went to wheaton and virginia all the time to go get korean supplies. good times. i havent really been to boston. but i am surprised to find out that korean supplies are difficult to procure. im rather clueless about the east coast i guess. ← hahhh merlin, home of balmer and warshington dc. God I miss that place so much. yes, Iwas thinking about using the seasoned salt - its just salt, gochu garu, and some sesame seeds, right? If so I have all those and well that is the easiest thing in the world to make. I also thought about buying some of those fish based sauces/pastes from my chinese grocer. I forget what the stuff is called, but it's purplish in color and I believe its just smashed up shrimp...good stuff too. I should've bought that!!! I am going to make my pigs feet now. I am going to boil them in some water, tiny bit of soy, garlic, and some peppercorns. I would use ginger if I had it, but I am out. I'll let you know how it goes, but it will take a while. I have to cook them and then let them cool in the fridge so they get nice and chewy. to soup: yes I know all about reliable market and yes it is incredibly small. It's too far away for me to go to. I would have to take the bus to the T, then transfer to another T, then take another bus. I bet that would take 3 hours, and that is too far for some miniture shrimp.
  5. I know the cultural knee-jerk response is to think that we would be better off if we wasted less food, but from an academic perspective, is this really the case? Is my wasting my asparagus stems taking food out of someone else's mouth? In this country of excess, does the wasting of food by some create a shortage for others? As I understand it, the US exports ridiculous amounts of food, it is one of the things we do very well in this country. If some people dont eat their broccolli stems, what is the issue? It isn't reasonable to think that all the "micro-waste" occuring at each meal should somehow be quantified, totaled, and valued as "macro-waste" that we should control. Either way, I am a selfish person. I hate the texture of chicken cartilage and won't eat it. ← of course it's better to not waste food, BUT I won't hate you if you do to each their own, eat what you want and "waste" what you want. the idea behind the thread was to find out what people ate where most people would throw them away ex: celery leaves. I am still kicking myself in the ass for this thread, sorry everyone
  6. ahh, the abbey lounge. That place is only good if you are very drunk and some dingy punk rock band is playing. The last time I was there (I think a year ago) the Jabbers played - ex members of the Queers and GG Allin's band. After I left the show I saw the lead singer blowing lines in his car with his girlfriend in plain sight. sorry, not food related but yeah, head on over to bukowski's and have your fill of belgians on new years eve. Triple Karmeliet, corsendonk christmas, and delerium noel will all be good to start off with.
  7. sae u jeot! ah ha so that is what it's called. Yeah, thats the best for pigs feet. What a pain in my ass. All I have is really crappy store bought daeng jang. There is no way I am dipping it into that so maybe I will just make some ssamjang. I asked a woman at the mainly chinese grocery store about the brined shrimp and she had no idea what I was talking about. I think she thought I was crazy. I probably should've mentioned that it is a Korean ingredient. That store blows by the way, because there is only one aisle containing korean ingredients out of a humongous grocery store. Boston is a horrible area for anything korean. I miss living in Maryland.
  8. I hate to admit it, but the title of this thread made me laugh until I realized how sick and awful these people must feel. There is nothing worse then getting sick from poorly prepared food. I bet for laughing I will come down with that 24 hour bug that I seem to get once a year.
  9. yep I do the same thing - regarding stuffing your burgers with butter. Except I do this with good ol' ground beef, preferably ground chuck. It doesn't need the butter but it definitely tastes better with it. Also if I am in the mood I will also stuff it with some blue cheese
  10. thanks everyone for the great suggestions. I think that I will add a bit of soy sauce, sugar, and some garlic. I believe that I am out of ginger, which is unfortunate because it would lend a great taste to the pigs feet. I didn't think that it would take that long to cook 3 pigs feet, good thing I asked eta: any good recipes for dipping sauces to dip the pigs feet in? I would use those small brined shrimp, but I couldn't find them at the chinese grocery store. I am sure I could find them at the Korean one, but it is too far away for public transportation. Do the chinese use a similar condiment?
  11. yeah, you have to watch out especially if you accidently swallow some pieces of bone. Also very dangerous for dogs
  12. bought some "baked chicken" flavoured pretz today.......boring. They basically taste like a pocky biscuit doused with chicken bouillon, so they are incredibly salty. I love "meat" flavoured snacks and thought I'd give this a go. Thank goodness it was only $0.89 which is a steal considering it is an import product. Ive been on a matcha kick lately and noticed that my favourite matca mousse pocky is in completely different packaging. It seems like every few weeks I go to the store, the stuff comes in a different box. I looked for the matcha flavoured kit kats that were mentioned previously and I couldn't find them. Matcha flavoured collon "biscuit rolls" are pretty good as well. Any other suggestions for great matcha flavoured snacks?
  13. I knew you'd come around eventually!!!! That sounds very delicious. I am used to eating them plain, but I have had them with soy sauce before and they were just as good. I love when they are cold and "gel" up. Do you know how long it would take for them to cook? 1 hour?
  14. hey, I don't think sucking on chicken bones and chewing orange piths is considered obsessive. I was taught at a young age that the marrow in the beef and chicken bones was very delicious and nutritious. I am part korean so this may have a lot to do with it. You don't eat bone marrow? My friend does a lovely appetizer at his restaurant of roasted bone marrow with maine sea salt. very simple and very delicious
  15. exactly. Sorry if I offended anyone...I didn't mean that wasting food is literally considered a sin. The title of this thread was a bad choice. there is nothing wrong with choosing to throw away bones, scraps, etc, I just wanted to know if there was anyone out there that tends to do the same? Again.....PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE TITLE OF THIS THREAD LITERALLY. p.s. throwing away broccoli stems is bad !!!! they are so yummy and crunchy
  16. thanks for the reccomendation gabriel. I didn't even know that you could eat them raw, that sounds pretty awesome. Maybe I could throw them into a thai influenced salad or something.
  17. I bought some pigs feet at the grocery store because a) they are incredibly cheap b) pigs feet are awesome Unfortunately I don't know how to cook them. I can't remember if I am supposed to steam them or boil them. I want to eat them korean style where the whole foot is cooked and then cooled in the fridge so everything congeals. After the feet are cooled, you pick the meat off and dip it into that little baby brine shrimp condiment. Anyone have any ideas on how I am supposed to cook them?
  18. enoki mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot about that. My mother puts that in hers and they are fantastic. She also has home made daeng jang which tastes a hell of alot better then store bought...home made has chunks of beans in it - yummy.
  19. any kind of booze combined with a dairy based product. I don't know how people can drink that crap. That and sugar based alcohol drinks are bad. Not only do they taste gross, but they make me sick Not really gross, but I love dried squid dipped in mayo. The dried tenticles are better than the body. noticed that there are lots of flavour combos involving either peanut butter, bacon, or both. Is there anything that these things don't go with? I recently found out that natto with crumbled bacon on it is FANTASTIC. same with kimchi too, It goes with everything...that and it's delicious juices
  20. this is actually from an earlier post from another egullet thread, so I will cut & paste this was at a brew pub in Vermont "....After looking at the menus I decided on a cup of the seafood chowder and the cajun calimari (don't ask) and my boyfriend ordered the boneless buffalo wings (he orders this EVERYWHERE he goes). The seafood chowder came out all greasy and creamy leaving the color a little on the green/yellow side. The "seafood" in the chowder was actually imitation crab meat and minced clams. There were also HUGE chunks of unpeeled & uneven russet potatos and large rings of carrots. I took two bites and gave it back. My calamari came out with a brownish black coating. It looked burnt, but in fact was covered in "cajun" seasoning. Apparently cajun means dowsing calamari in only cumin."
  21. Am I the only person who tries to eat all of the edible parts of both animals and plants? For example, do you simply throw away your orange peels or do you munch on the pith? I love eating the pith and scrape it off the peel with my teeth, I think its delicious. Do you injest apples, core, seeds, stem, and all? I know the seeds have cyanide in them, but it won't kill you to eat a few seeds. Do you eat the cartilage off of rib bones and chicken bones? Do you crack chicken bones in half and chew on them so the marrow will squeeze out? how about melon rinds? I love eating the green parts of watermelon rinds (and yes they taste great pickled). Do any of you eat any other parts of foods that are normally thrown away? also, what is up with people snapping asparagus in half and throwing the bottom part away or using it for stock? Just eat the damn thing!
  22. I always see thai eggplants at my local asian grocer for a pretty reasonable price. I have never eaten them or seen them in a thai dish, but I would love to try them. I love the color and the shape - very cute. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a recipe involving them that doesn't involve meat? I am not vegetarian, I just don't feel like buying meat (i'm cheap). I am of course willing to use fish sauce in the dish. does anyone else salivate when they smell really stinky fish sauce? I love this stuff...I don't know what it is. Thinking about it now is making me drool
  23. thomas keller french laundry cook book. I have wanted that for a few years now...too expensive le creuset dutch oven in that beautiful green color. some more victorinox knives cusinart stainless steel skillets and frying pans vitamix blender green cuisinart stand mixer (the one I have is SOOOOOOOOOOOO old and an ugly off white color) a fan or air conditioner for the kitchen. Nothing is better then standing over a stove, stirring chili, while it's 95 degrees outside. hot pair of jimmy choo's or manolo's to wear while cooking. a new rice cooker that speaks to me in korean when it is finished cooking rice (just like my mother has). The one I have now is green though and extremely cute a kimchi refridgerator stocked up with my mom's baechu kimchi and chonggak kimchi. On the other side of the kimchi fridge would be stocked up with korean pears, apples, and those delicious white peaches...straight from korea. An avocado tree in the backyard eta: a 3 month trip to Seoul, Korea in the winter w/my mom and my sister. I haven't seen my grandparents and other relatives in 3 years I really miss all those delicious food stalls. There is nothing like sitting outside and eating fish cake on a stick with that delicious broth in the cup on a really cold evening. Maybe I would visit domestic goddess and zenkimchi while I'm there
  24. too much info, but..... I'm taking seasonale (4 periods per year) and it isn't working very well. Apparently I am getting my period like every 2-3 weeks now. So yes it is about that time now and I am really craving roasted cauliflower. I also really want some oven roasted or steamed korean sweet potatos. I just want a ton of really good veggies that aren't aggressively seasoned (just salt & pepper). I think this calls for a trip to my local asian grocer so I can get sweet potatos, cauliflower, water spinach, water cress, pea shoots, baby bok choy, and other goodies. usually I am craving salty meat + chocolate
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