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  1. yeah, flying to japan is like $800 round trip - probably more. (at least from BWI to Narita). eating steak and then doing lines, who does lines on a full stomach anyways? I have never had kobe steak or white truffles, but is this how much they usually cost? I mean, did she eat a pound of white truffles or something with her steak? lucky bitch ← I know. I can't help but think I would have enjoyed LUNCH so much more than she did. But, oh well. ← that should've been us eating that meal
  2. yeah, flying to japan is like $800 round trip - probably more. (at least from BWI to Narita). eating steak and then doing lines, who does lines on a full stomach anyways? I have never had kobe steak or white truffles, but is this how much they usually cost? I mean, did she eat a pound of white truffles or something with her steak? lucky bitch
  3. you are probably thinking of dwaeng jang chi gae. It's basically fermented soy bean paste stew with lots of add-ins - including tofu. to make it, I would just buy a jar of dwaeng jang paste from a korean grocery store. You mix that into a pot with some dried anchovies, crushed garlic, and add in your tofu, green onions, and whole hot peppers (if you like it spicy). I also like to add potatos and onions sometimes. Don't eat the anchovies though, they are only there to provide flavour to the broth. You can throw in some meat if you like, but I rarely eat it with meat...I think the tofu provides enough protein. There aren't really spices in korean food, but here are some important ingredients that are used. soy sauce roasted sesame oil garlic eta: regarding the spicy miso like soup with tofu...is the tofu really soft or is it in cubes? If it is really soft, then maybe you are thinking of soon doobu. green onions ground red pepper (go chu garu) red pepper paste (go chu jang) soy bean paste (dweng jang)
  4. I made a really good baked mac n cheese the other day. I only do baked btw, not stovetop style. I also always use a basic bechamel sauce and go heavy on the roux. I mixed in some fontina, asiago, and some ricotta at the end. I love how the bechamel holds the mac n cheese together after it is baked. monterey jack, longhorn cheddar, swiss, and sharp cheddar are great as well
  5. I don't know, all of that sounds pretty darn tasty to me epecially the "IUD BBQ" I love how the grilled chicken feet are called "adidas" ....kinda fitting name for them.
  6. koreans celebrate thanksgiving, I believe sometime in September and I think it's called chosok or something along those lines. Like an american thanksgiving, Koreans tend to serve many delicious and elaborate dishes. This is one of the only times of the year where I will actually eat chap chae - boring dish
  7. I was there a few weeks ago (perhaps 3) and I think stoddard's is now a store that sells crystal. They do sharpenings as well as sell sharpening stones. I believe the knife sharpening is around $20.
  8. the other day I had natto with kimchi and topped with bacon.....and by the way it was delicious. NATTO
  9. black sesame cereal from instant powder. it does sink to the bottom. i keep stirring. no other secret than that ← yeah, it's like you have to shake it vigorously after each sip
  10. I actually have this problem with my starbucks travel mug. I left some coffee w/cream in there for a little too long and the stuff STINKS. I have actually simmered the lid in water for a few minutes and soaked the cup and lid in hot soapy water overnight for a few times, but it still smells. sorry to take over the thread, but is there anyone out there that can help me out?
  11. not a sauce, but I love the innards and the eggs in blue crabs. I like to spread the mustard and the eggs on a slice of good sourdough bread. I was watching something on tv the other day where people were eating blue crabs. In the carnage where tons and tons of delicious eggs. How can you waste such a delicious delicacy?
  12. what's pork floss? I'm imagining all these egulleters flossing their teeth with pork...sounds delicious if you ask me (: I like those tiny little shrimps as well. Cuttlefish is great and so is dried squid dipped into kewpie mayo. Dried octopus is good as well, but that is more expensive. Minature crabs seasoned with sugar and soy are delicious, you can get those at the japanese store. There is something about seasoned or dried seafood that drives all of us asians (and some non asians) crazy. I like those wei-chuan pickles in soy sauce. I eat those with rice mixed with hot tea all the time or just pick them out of the can and munch on them. Seaweed is also good.
  13. Never had that dish. Which of the recipes below would do the trick? http://www.citytv.com/vancouver/TangSooYoo...ndSourPork.aspx http://cook.naver.com/search/recipe.nhn?p_no=1356 http://cook.naver.com/search/recipe.nhn?p_no=1584 http://cook.naver.com/search/recipe.nhn?p_no=1047 http://realcook.co.kr/editor/uploads/junk/4428d634b984b.jpg ← all of the naver resources look more americanized chinese to me with that reddish pink sauce. The sauce that I like on it is usually more of a clear sauce with a yellow tint to it. I am guessing that the first recipe is more of what I'm used to with all the garnishes. If you are going to make it, make sure it is extra crispy. Nothing worse than soggy tang soo yook. Oh and you can also make it with chicken or beef if you like.
  14. I have a lot of natto and nothing else to eat so it looks like I'm eating breakfast for dinner. I do have bacon and kimchi though, so I am going to mix some kimchi with my natto and then crumble some cooked bacon on top. Sounds gross to you? Sounds delicious to me bacon, natto, and kimchi =
  15. anyone have any good recipes for tang soo yook? I had some the other day at a local korean restaurant and I didn't realize how much I missed it. I love that sickenly sweet gloppy sauce haha.
  16. there is nothing better than ice cold home made shikhye. Although the crap in the cans will suffice for now....seeing as how I don't know how ot make the stuff. That black bean drink is delicious, its like a more nuttier soy milk. I have 3 different kind of cereal powders that I mix into soy milk or milk, but I don't know the names because I don't have the original packaging. Does anyone else drink cereal powders? How do you get the powder to not sink to the bottom, what a pain
  17. Oh, I just heard chicken broth was less authentic so I assumed it was. I have never had sujaebi anywhere else but home and at home it's always made with chicken broth. I actually like it better with chicken soup than with anchovies, feels more "homemade" because of all the time it take to make a good chicken stock
  18. Not a restaurant and I wasn't embarassed as a result, but I'll post it anyways because it makes me laugh. Around Sept 19th of this year on my 23rd birthday, my boyfriend decided to take me to Fenway Park for a baseball game. Of course the game sucked, because they weren't going to make it to the playoffs, but hey we went anyways. Of course we needed something to eat along with our $7 coors lights so we opted for an italian sausage complete with peppers and onions. We get in line and wait till our turn. When it's my boyfriends turn he gets his sausage and waits in line to pay. Of course he thinks he should eat it before he pays, so he obviously needs to scarf it down fast. Don't worry he was going to pay for it, he just wanted to keep his hands free. So he takes his first bite into his sausage and all of a sudden the sausage escapes the bun and goes flying into the air landing on the floor. All the people in line start laughing at him, including myself. I try to pick up the sausage, but he wants nothing to do with it and tells me to leave it there. Some people behind us are telling us to pick it up and ask for another one, so we do and we get another sausage. This story of course wouldn't have been as funny as if he were eating a hamburger or a sandwich. The fact that it was a sausage is the best part eta: I picked up the once airborne sausage so he could throw it in the trash, not so he could eat it
  19. oh my god those are so cute!!!!!! They look like late 70's hello kitty. I have about 2 sets of hello kitty chopsticks and one set of my melody. I only use these at school when I am eating lunch. are those hk chopsticks porcelain or plastic?
  20. like many people here I'm doing a green bean side dish. all you need is thyme, green beans, olive oil, shallots, s & p. carmelize shallots in olive oil while blanching green beans in another pot. After green beans and shallots are done, combine them in a pan with thyme and s&p. If you don't want to use 2 pots you can always fry the green beans in the pan with the shallots. Another great variation is to add crumbled goat cheese on top of the green beans when they are done and still warm.
  21. thankfully in korea most koreans dont ask me if I "really want to eat that" but they do stare at me an awful lot. I am half korean, so I look more white and more japanese then korean. Eating with my mother and other korean family members must help. I still want soondae!!!!! I am going to maryland this christmas to visit my parents. They have a Seoul Soondae place there (do they have those in korea?) and I always get the combination plate...mmmm. I get it to go and eat all the offal in the car on the way back to my parents. speaking of offal, domestic goddess or zen kimchi..do you like that dish of intestines stewed in a spicy chile broth? I love intestines, they are so chewy. They remind me of meat bubble gum
  22. apparently my dumpling dish is called sujaebi. I didn't even know it had a formal name. I'll post a picture of it here from the lovely google image search option couldn't find a good enough one
  23. thanks to hiroyuki and jason true I am no longer scared to eat my delicious go sari. I forgot that burnt and smoked foods are carcinogenic, but I will still eat them. everything in moderation (except for a few yummy things) how we went to omurisu to gosari namul I will never know
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