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  1. nately, thats an awesome suggestion btw. I was thinking of suggesting that myself, but I hear the service lately is sub par because of all the hub bub
  2. Tacos Lupita 13 elm st Somerville, MA 02143 Try the tortas (steak, chicken, tongue) and the burritos Pho So 1 223 Adams St Dorchester, MA 02122 Best Pho in all of boston Santarpio's Pizza 111 Chelsea St E. Boston, MA Great pizza and lamb sausages I'll list more as they pop up in my head
  3. I am lazy so I buy the frozen naengmyun packages at the korean grocery store. I have to supply the kimchee, asian pear, egg, etc. though....which is a pain in the butt to prepare. I am so lazy! I had some really good naengmyun a few weeks ago when I was visiting my parents in Maryland. It was mul naengmyun but instead of having a beef flavor to it, it had radish kimchee tops and a spicy broth. It was awesome. Naengmyun is my all time favorite Korean noodle dish. I had some good bowls of it when I was in Seoul a few years ago. I made my aunt take me to all the good naengmyun restaurants as soon as I got off the plane
  4. I really like Tacos Lupita alot although it is considered El Salvadorean (sp?) food. They have the best steak/chicken tortas there. Its located in Somerville, close to the cambridge border
  5. I don't "know" you or anything, but congratulations!!!! Finally a show on FN that is worth watching. If you need any advice on Boston, I'm your lady!
  6. I love it on a sandwich with marshmallow fluff on white bread. yum yum!
  7. I love this thread!!!!!!!!!! I love all the cute japanese snacks. My boyfriend LOVES the orion brand chocolate "mushrooms". He hates all things asian or seafood related, so it is a real challenge to have him try anything remotely asian (orion chocolate mushrooms). Enough about my boyfriend... I love japanese/korean pastries. I love the cream rolls or the stuffed pastries filled with red beans or cream pastes. I love japanese/korean pastries because they aren't as sweet as european pastries. Whenever I visit my parents in maryland I try to visit the Korean pastry shop to sample the desserts. I try to steer away from sweet or overly sweet things so I tend to enjoy korean or japanese desserts
  8. nagitokyo, I loved the link by the way...thanks it brought back alot of memories. I especially loved the mochi coated in the powdery tan stuff. I think the coating is either mung bean or roasted soy bean powder In japan, do you pound your mochi traditionally or do you use an electric machine?
  9. when you use red pepper paste (go chu jang) in naeng myun that is called bi bim naeng myun. That doesn't include the broth like mul naeng myun. mul means water in korean. I can't recall a naeng myun dish where you combine the mustard WITH the go chu jang. Then again you could always add go chu jang with anything
  10. I grew up eating homemade mochi, but it was Korean style mochi...not japanese are korean and japanese sweet mochi similar? I remember as a child, my mother used to make mochi stuffed with sweet red beans and roll them in cornstarch (?). I absolutely love the stuff, I remember when I was little I used to squeeze out the fillings of the mochi and throw them in the trash and just eat the mochi itself. Is it difficult to make the stuff homemade? My mother has a homemade mochi maker that pounds the rice for you electronically. She hasn't used it in like 10 years though
  11. ewww, I hate wooden chopsticks and they way they make your teeth feel when you chew them or brush them against your teeth If you don't use disposable, what will you use? You'll have to take your own portable utensils with you everytime you go out to eat
  12. are fiddleheads native to new england? I love foraging for food and have been looking around Massachusetts for morels with no success I would love to pick some fiddleheads or ramps, or better yet morels around my area. Do you know if fiddleheads are similar at all to Korean fernbracken?
  13. btw, I love this thread when its that time of the month anything I eat must be very salty and very sweet. I think the perfect food for me would be chocolate covered spicy pork rinds
  14. I just saw this commercial about 5 minutes ago and my brain is still processing this new information. How in the hell can you make 7 up 100% natural? All I ask for is for them to use cane sugar and not corn syrup. using cane sugar in soda makes a world of a difference
  15. there is a great place called Pho 200 in Dorchester, MA. They produce some of the best broth and they also give you alot of different herbs/greens to throw in your pho. I notice that a lot of other pho places only give you basil and bean sprouts for your soup. I usually get the pho with beef, tripe, and other unidentifiable meats
  16. omg gross. silk worm larvae and snails are not even close...sorry. I can still remember the smell of those silk worms steaming in a huge metal pot on a cold winter day. My american father LOVES them.
  17. I definitely didn't have the green noodles at a trendy place. It was at some dive somewhere in Seoul...but hey dives are the best!! It was also not as chewy as the usual buckwheat noodles. I am too lazy to make naeng myun beef stock. I go to the local Korean store and buy it prepackaged/frozen. I like the half thawed beef/ice cube in my soup
  18. how different is that from gol bang ee? I love those little sea snails mixed with go chu ga ru and dried cuttle fish. They make a great drinking snack
  19. I like mul naeng myun (I love all the different spellings of korean words) the best with boiled beef, sliced korean pears, hot chinese mustard, sliced cucumbers, and a half boiled egg on top. This has to be in my top 10 list of favorite dishes. Sometimes I have a hard time chewing the noodles though and I have been known to use scissors. I have had naeng myun with green noodles once, but I can't seem to find them in the United States. I was wondering if anyone knew what they were made out of?
  20. I have a confession...I like to snack on pickles sprinkled with msg,it makes them taste extra delicious!!!! MSG makes everything taste extra delicious I hope you all wont think less of me
  21. hangover once? wow you are a very very lucky person as I type this, my boyfriend is lying on the cold living room floor, drunk out of his mind he could probably use some spicy korean concoction tomorrow. (too bad he hates all things korean)
  22. melonpan, I barely cook any Korean food...its just too intimidating. I just love eating it and talking about it. My mother started using vietnamese fish sauce in only the garlic chive kimchi a year or two ago. I don't know what made her use it because she knows nothing about vietnamese food. You are right about the small shrimps. She usually uses that in her cabbage kimchi I guess the vietnamese fish sauce is an multi cultural adaptation to kimchi
  23. yeah any time I have a hangover or feel nauseous my mother makes me eat incredibly, spicy, fish soup. REALLY REALLY spicy food doesn't sound like it would be good for you when you are on the verge of puking....but it really makes you feel better
  24. There is a whole section in Korean cuisine for hangover food and I can't find any links related to it. The only dishes I know that are eaten specifically for curing hangovers are the potato and neck bone soup and a bone based broth with blood. I'm sure I know more but I am having a brain fart -- it's the beer
  25. wise choice!!! I love to eat ttok bok gi and ask the ahjuma to throw in some hard boiled eggs or a fried dumpling into the sauce.
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