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  1. This site has recipes using, as well as info on how to use MSG.
  2. According to my mother, pomegranate molasses is made with the sour or tart variety. The end result is sweet as well as sour. If you use sweet pomegranates, you'll end up with a syrup which, when reconstituted with water, is a delicious drink. The procedure is the same for both: The juice is extracted from the kernels using a food mill, run the juice through a fine sieve to remove the seeds. Reduce in a stainless pan to desired consistency.
  3. ChefCrash

    Pig Stomach

    Here's a Lebanese preparation for Lamb stomachs that can be adapted.
  4. I wonder if this for Roti would work for Pitas.Link was provided by v. gautam on another thread.
  5. Znood El Sitt, one of my favorite sweets. Filling: 1 C Ricotta 1 tsp sugar 1 tsp Rose water Cut two ply phyllo dough sheets into 5" by 7" rectangles Place a table spoon of filling in each, close the ends and roll. Fry in a 1/4 inch of oil @ 350 for 30 seconds on each side. Drain. Drizzle with blossom flavored syrup.
  6. Thank you for a beautiful blog, I was hoping you'd write about and show photos of your last adventure in Lebanon a year ago, where you narrowly escaped a "surprise war". May be in the next blog. I find myself compelled to stare at the photo above. It's a wonderful still life.
  7. ChefCrash

    Prime Rib

    1 c flour 2 eggs 1 c milk 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp mustard powder mix and let rest 30 minutes before baking. Straight from this thread. Pretty close
  8. ChefCrash

    Prime Rib

    7.44 lb, four bone, loin end rib roast. Aged one week. Rubbed with oil and crushed garlic, and seasoned with Rosemary, Thyme, pepper and lots of kosher salt. Placed in a 200* convection oven (starting internal temperature was 39*). After 3.5 hours it reached 100* and was cooking too fast. I turned oven down to 130* convection. Pulled the roast out at 129* after 5 hours and 10 minutes total time. No searing was needed. Bones removed and ready for slicing. First slice. Uniform color and crispy skin. Six slices later. Yorkies. This was one of my best roasts ever.
  9. "One Bowl" Pancake Batter. 3 T butter 3 T Sugar 3/4 tsp salt 1 Egg 1 1/4 C Flour 2 1/2 tsp Baking powder 3/4 C Milk 1 tsp Vanilla extract. Using the following sequence, the batter can be made in the same bowl. In a glass bowl, microwave the butter until it just melts. Add sugar and salt and stir. (This will cool the butter for the next step). Add the egg and whisk vigorously. Add all the flour. Sprinkle the baking powder. Add most of the milk and mix gently. Add more milk to correct the consistency. Add vanilla and stir. I prefer an electric skillet for making the cakes. I'm able to maintain constant temperature better. Set the skillet temperature to 325*. Wipe the skillet with a film of corn oil using paper towels. Check skillet temperature with an Infra Red thermometer (only after you've applied the oil, IR thermometers do not read surface temperature of stainless correctly). In my skillet I can cook three 5" cakes at a time. The first batch is never pretty. Consequent batches are perfect.
  10. Checkout this thread BBQ Sides.
  11. Everything looks great Kerry and Anna. It's great to see people cooking sous vide using what's on hand (crock pot, rice cooker etc.) albeit slightly modified. I think it encourages other to try. Anna, I don't understand why you trimmed the tenderloins. Couldn't you have timed the cooking based on the thickest part? Keep them coming ladies
  12. Good find sheets. This is even better. Can't get easier than that. I don't think circulation is an issue.
  13. PID controllers are pretty cheap on this website. Along with a solid state relay and a probe (also available on the website) you can easily connect one to your existing cooker.
  14. We call it Kaliyya or Aliyya. Garlic and Cilantro for Melokhia and Okra stew. Garlic and Mint for yogurt dishes like Sheesh Barak.
  15. Ten minutes into Thanks Giving dinner yesterday. The brown-n-serve rolls. First I forgot to put them in the oven. Then I forgot to take them out. It's not only about forgetting to serve something at dinner, but also about forgetting what you're doing in the kitchen. Lately, if I have two things at once cooking on/in the stove, you can bet one is going to burn. What good is a timer if one forgets to set it? It's called C.R.S. (Can't Remember Sh!t). And I hate it. Anyone else experiencing this? How are you dealing with it?
  16. Diner Girl recommended this apple cranberry cake. It'll be served for Thanks Giving tomorrow. I'll make the cream sauce before serving. I have the feeling the sauce is going to taste like sweetened condensed milk. I made it in a spring form pan. Hope the berries stay put when I remove the pan.
  17. ChefCrash

    Dinner! 2007

    Split Lentil soup with Cumin flavored Parmesan crisps.
  18. Regardless of the setting, they're not comparable. Had this been about Chris conducting business loudly on his cell phone 12 feet (not 12 inches) away from anyone's eardrum, I would have been on Mike's side from the beginning. I can think of many ways a cool bar's "vibes" can be cramped. How about depressed people drowning their sorrows? Perhaps ugly people? Should they be asked to leave? This dude has no clue. That's not how you treat a new face who came in to hand you his money. If he keeps this up he'll be advertising "Free WiFi" pretty soon. Maybe I'm living in a different economy.
  19. Hi Dennis Try Goodrich's ShopRite on Trowbridge Rd in East Lansing. Ask for the 'Meat Doctor' or just Tom in the meat department. If he can't get them for you, he may be able to save them over a period of time.
  20. Yeah, this was annoying... what kind of stupid network gives away the end to the show they are currently airing? I thought you were supposed to build suspense? ← The same network that allowed the results to leak to the media before the show even aired. Since you missed it I won't tell.
  21. This is the recipe I outlined on the first page of this thread.
  22. Yes. The mortgage payment would be taxable income, that is, the portion of it which goes towards paying for the principle owed. However, interest on said mortgage along with building and equipment depreciation is deductible, and will offset any taxes on income applied to the principle. At least in the first half of the loan term.
  23. I think we should adopt this definition: A pinch of salt is: The amount of salt needed to increase saltiness by the smallest increment discernible by ones taste buds. Depending on volume of food, a pinch could be any amount.
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