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  1. A few days ago I made a 4 lb Eye of Round roast. Rubbed with mashed garlic and corn oil and seasoned with dried Rosemary, Thyme, black pepper and Kosher salt. Baked at 325 F on a rack in a pan with a little water in the bottom (water not touching meat). took it out when center measured 140 F about 3 hours. Sliced 1/8"It was great as usual. It has the texture of roast beef you buy at the deli section of the super market. In other words, we don't expect this type of roast beef to fall apart like a pot roast does. After reading the Science of the Kitchen:Introduction, by Jack Lang I was intrigued. I decided to try something new. I know that most of the roast beef we get at the deli is "boiled in a bag round". I bought a 3 lb Bottom Round roast. It measured 4" across the top (fat side) in thickness, and 5" in height and 9" in length. Here it's seasoned as mentioned above. Browned it one minute on each sides. Put it in a oven bag, submerged in water to purge most of the air. Inserted an instant read thermometer in the center and used a zip tie to seal the bag around the stem of the thermometer. I was surprised to see the internal temp. after prep and searing was 80 F in the center. I had preheated a 6 qt pot full of water to 165 F. Place a saucer upside down in the bottom. I placed the bag in the water which soon cooled to 159 F. after 15 minutes it dropped to 152 F and remained there with the burner set to low. I folded the top of the bag over the edge of the pot to minimise evaporation. Internal temp reached 140 F at 90 minutes and 150 F after 2 hours 45 minutes, the bag is also trying to float I weighed it down. Now what? how long should I keep it there? Help?
  2. I dug this out of the garage. He..he..Control panel? Little dusty I think I can miniaturize it for sous vide.
  3. ChefCrash

    Dinner! 2005

    Susan Nice view from your home. This is ours in mid Michigan. Decided to BBQ in the oven Sunday. Today it's roast eye of round with Portobello gravy.
  4. It's just good tartar sauce. Good on fried Clam po boys or with any fish. When I had a restaurant, it was even used on hamburgers and Cuban sandwiches.
  5. Delicious yet simple is well made Fish and Chips. Cod is what I like to use. For the batter: 1/4 cup corn startch 3/4 cup self rising flour light beer Mix flour and corn startch and whisk in enough beer to get the consistency of a runny pankace batter, and refrigerate. Cut the Cod into sticks or flat chunks. Preheat corn oil to 375 F, using tongs, dunk the fish into the cold batter and place in the oil. Try not to over crowd the fish in the oil (this depends on the size of your fryer). Fry until golden brown and crisp. Serve with Tartar sauce. 2 T dill pickle relish (Vlasic) 2 T finely diced onion 1/2 cup mayonaise 1 tsp Tabasco Mix well. I like to use partially cooked and frozen fries ( frozen section at the supermarket) since they only take 90 seconds to fry. Season with salt and serve with malt vinegar.
  6. Malawry I would first educate them on what basic ingredients a kitchen should have at all times, i.e. garlic, onions, oil, flour, seasonings.... etc. I would ask each student to make a list of what they may have in their fridge and pantry and surprise them by what they could cook using those ingredients alone or by the addition of one or two more items.
  7. Duvel with a Macanudo Robusto Bite shot a la Daniel Ahhhh...
  8. In Middle Eastern shops it's known as "Ma Zaher" which translates to "flower water". If you reach a dead end, PM me. I can ship a bottle to you.
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    Cooking snails

    In the South of Lebanon, snails are collected soon after the first rain and stored in hemp bags for one week. They are simmered for 30 minutes (to clean) after which the water is changed and simmered again with carrots, onions and celery until done. They're drained, vegetables discarded and the snails are served immediately, family style (in one large bowl) with a sauce consisting of olive oil, lemon juice, mashed garlic and salt. Using a small fork, one pulls a snail out of the shell then dip it in the sauce. Voi la. Left overs are chucked and sauteed scampi style or repacked in the shells with casino butter.
  10. ChefCrash


    How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
  11. Just curious. I wonder why a trend, that had rapidly swept the entire US and Canada in the late 80's to the mid 90's, has faded just as fast? At least in the Mid-Michigan area.
  12. Just before I add a scrambled egg to my Hot n Sour soup, I thicken it with some starch. This time I grabbed the other yellow box in the pantry. Arm n Hammer. Can you guess what happened?
  13. Really! Up to now.. I really didn't think there is such a thing as bad beer. I guess there is. Would that be Saccharomyces cervicisiae, or Leuconostoc menstrualisiae)?
  14. Yes alphaiii Their best selling beer is Oberon (a seasonal wheat beer). I like their pale ale.
  15. The Lebanese make the same dish (without tahini) but add stewed tomatoes to it. As I recall, it is called Batinjan Mutabbal vs. Baba Ghannouj (with tahini).
  16. Sorry Suzan The South Turn pub is in a plaza on Nova Rd about half mile south of International Speed way Blvd. in Daytona (inland). I think the Daytona beach area has a great selection of beer, infact, that's where I had my first 'Cave Creek Chilli Beer' in 1992. I bought 5 cases of the stuff to bring home with us. We left our beach loungers behind so we could bring them back home in the car. We live in East Lansing MI. and we do have a good selection of beer around here. Not because we're in a great brewing town but because I own a Beer, Wine and Liqour store. There is one micro brewery in the town of Weberville about 15 minutes from us.They make 15 varieties, and cannot make a bad beer. An hour away in Ann Arbor, are a few more breweries and alot better food than East Lansing. Again, we love Daytona.
  17. Thanks Susan I vacation in Ormand Beach every year. Love the wings at the South Turn (Granada Blvd) and the 4" thick prime rib at Martin's restaurant in Flaggler Beach (A1A).
  18. No such thing as bad beer right after last call.
  19. Hiya ladies and fellas. I'm new here. I've been lurking around reading entire threads for the past few days. In some cases not realizing, I'm reading stuff from last.. November. My eyes are popping out of my head. My wife is calling me to bed. I'm alternating between Warsteiner and Becks Dark.
  20. My ex-wife left me in the early 90’s, taking with her things .. ‘not attached‘. Coffee make, used daily, $80. Bread maker, never used (that I know of), $300. KitchenAid mixer, used once a week for pizza dough, $300. Orange juice press, used once when we were lovebirds, $60. From the oven, one heavy pizza stone ( haha no one listed this one yet), $45. One toaster, she, only used, $Fifth third bank. Leaving me with my built-in GE SpacemakeII microwave oven and a nice, clean counter top. Priceless.
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