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  1. Can also use parchment paper on the peel.
  2. I have the Stretch-tite Wrapmaster (third item down). I have mine mounted on the wall under a kitchen cabinet. It's great.
  3. This is best served as an outdoor meal where the chicken is cooked on skewers as Miraklegirl mentioned, or (if you must) indoors, sauteed in a large pan. 3 lbs chicken breast cut into 1/2-3/4" cubes (for skewers) or into strips for sauteing. Using a stick blender in a jar, blend 1/2 cup corn oil with 4 cloves garlic and drizzle with juice of one lemon to get a creamy but pour able mixture. Place chicken skewers in shallow tray ( each skewer should have enough meat for one sandwich), season with salt and pepper, pour marinade on top, turn skewers to coat. Marinate anywhere from one hour to overnight. As Tino27 mentioned, you should ask your client what they like for toppings. Traditional toppings are: Shredded lettuce Lebanese cucumber pickles Garlic sauce (discussed here) The easiest way to make something close to this sauce is to add about 5 crushed cloves of garlic to one cup of mayo, mix well. To serve , have your toppings ready and near the grill, you will have to work pretty fast. Grill the skewers on a hot section of the grill turning frequently, as they approach doneness move them to a warm area of the grill. Place a piece of sandwich (deli) paper in one hand, lay a round of pita on it, smear some garlic /mayo down the center, grab a skewer and place it in the pita. Cup the bread around the chicken and pull the skewer out (leaving the chicken in the pita ). Place toppings along side of chicken, fold and roll pita so the paper is covering one half of the sandwich. You can be ready for each of your guests as they help themselves to side dishes like Tabbouli, Fattoush, French fries and the like.
  4. Sorry don't know what "lsayen" is, but Chard (silq) is always stuffed with a lenten stuffing, no meat no dairy (butter or ghee). Stuffed Chard is delicious, suitable for Lent and vegetarians. Chick peas Rice Tomatoes Parsley Mint Onions Olive oil Lemon juice Salt Pepper Cayenne
  5. 2 T mayo 1 tsp yellow mustard (French's) 1 tsp prepared horseradish thin with red wine vinegar soy sauce to taste.
  6. Freek, as we call it, is wheat that has been harvested while the plant is still green and then smoked. The green tops (heads) of the wheat plant are spread on screens over smoking fire until the kernels are dry. After smoking, Freek kernels remain green in color and have a smokey aroma that becomes more pronounced as it cooks. In Lebanon the only dish made with this grain is called Freek. And can be made with Chicken, Lamb or Beef. My favorite is with Lamb but the procedure is the same for Chicken or other meats. Make a stock using meaty Lamb bones. Cover the bones with water and add: 3 kernels of Cardamom (optional) 1 Cinnamon stick 1 Bay leaf 3 Cloves Salt Pepper Skim and simmer (tasting the stock and correcting the seasoning) until the meat on the bones is falling off. Remove bones and meat. Pull or shred the latter and set aside. In a small pot, melt 2 T of butter and add 1 cup of Freek (serves two). Stir to coat all the kernels with butter, sauté for one minute. Add enough hot stock to cover by ~ 1/2 inch, bring to a boil, turn heat to low, cover and let simmer. Check kernels for tenderness and add more stock if needed. In the end you want the consistency of Risotto. Add the cooked meat, taste for salt and cook few more minutes.
  7. I bet they were better than the "Shit-On-A-Shingle" that pompous ex convict ate in prison. Am I the only one who can't stand this lady? Lisa is starting to grow on me. She is very chique.
  8. In previews of a future episode, they do show her falling on her ass.
  9. Hmm.. Who's a cheese head in France? David Hatfield?
  10. This is how we did it last summer. I asked the meat cutter at Sam's Club for an untrimmed eye of round which had a fat cap across one whole side. It was almost half the price of the trimmed ones in the meat case.
  11. Lamb liver tastes best and has best texture when eaten raw, with onions, mint, salt and pepper. We also grill it on skewers along with Lamb fat on super hot coals so the inside is still rare.
  12. May we entertain the idea that cellular structures (along with veins and capillaries) of proteins and vegetation, are semi rigid (elastic)?
  13. ChefCrash

    Pizza--Cook-Off 8

    Based on discussion on this thread Pizza Dough, I'd say you need 10 to 11 ounces of dough for a 12" pie. Regarding the problem you are having with dough elasticity, try these two things: 1) Divide the dough before fermenting. Dividing before forming, you are working the dough and it won't relax easily specially if it's cold. 2) If you must retard, allow the dough to come to room temperature before forming. If it feels cool to the hand, don't work it. Hope this helps. We made these today.
  14. These were chicken wings, deep fried, 8 pieces at a time in 1.5 qts corn oil in a 9.5" wide pot for about 10 minutes. Starting temperature 375*. I have yet to find a way to deep fry whole chicken pieces without poaching them first so they wouldn't turn too dark in the fryer. jsmeeker You can buy cajun seasoning (sometimes labeled as Blackening) such as Zaatarain's. I find those loaded with salt. This is my last recipe: 2 T Spanish Paprika 1 tsp dried Oregano 1 tsp ground Thyme 1 tsp Cayenne 1 tsp Black Pepper 1/2 tsp granulated Garlic I like to add salt separately.
  15. ChefCrash

    Tacos--Cook-Off 39

    Thanks Emily It's Acleggs Chorizo seasoning, scroll down to item # 111.
  16. We made Popeye's Chicken. Chicken marinating in lots of Cajun spices. Chicken went into flour/water batter on the left, then into plain flour on the right. The result
  17. ChefCrash

    Tacos--Cook-Off 39

    We made Two kinds. On the left are Lamb strips marinating in Shawarma spices, on the right, Lamb strips marinating in Mexican Chorizo spices. Shawarma tacos were toped with tomatoes, pickled Turnips, Tahini sauce (Tarator), and a parsley/onion/sumac salad. Chorizo tacos topped with tomatoes and parsley/onion/sumac salad.
  18. This method has not appealed to me only because we always make lots of fries. A single layer of potatoes in a skillet won't do. I still wanted to see what would happen if we pushed this technique to another level. We started with 2 lbs of russet potatoes cut into ~3/8" strips, soaked in water for an hour, then drained and left in the strainer to dry for half an hour. The pot used is 9" I.D., the potatoes were placed in 1.5 quarts of corn oil (1.5") on a 14k BTU gas burner on HI. After about 20 minutes. At 25 minutes. We tried this 3 times (on different occasions) the same way. The first time, a few potatoes stuck to the bottom and had to be scraped off about 7 minute into frying time. Potatoes were done in 25 minutes. On the second try we tried stirring the fries more often in the beginning to avoid sticking. Didn't work. The third time, we left the potatoes on the bottom alone and only moved the top layers around once or twice. The potatoes which were stuck released on their own. Again they we done in 25 minutes. All three times the fries were great, but not superior. I can make better French fries using other methods. This way however, is the only one that allows us to set-it-and-forget-it and time the main course to be done at the same time. Best part, there is no splatter and the stove top stays clean. It's a keeper.
  19. That's very clever hbk. If it's not for that purpose, it should be.
  20. There was a time when you were stealing extra bags. What gives?
  21. Dang! You mean the waitress who slid in the booth next to me (and across from my wife) rubbing shoulders, didn't want to have my baby? I'm with Cathrynapple on this.
  22. Another variation is a Hummus plate with a mound of Shawarma meat on top. Served in most Shawarma joints. You can do this at home by sauteeing Lamb shoulder (cut into strips). Season with Curry powder*, cumin, salt and pepper. *Curry powder contains many of the seasonings used in Shawarma.
  23. If the olives are soft and pale in color, or the brine is cloudy they're not good. Try to find a place where you can taste the olives before you buy. Labneh balls can be dusted with Zaatar to resemble Shanklish and presented whole next to crackers with a spread knife. You can make a dip by adding crushed garlic and dry mint. You can make Fatayer B'Labneh. Mix Labneh with diced onions, chopped fresh mint, some of the olive oil they came with, salt and pepper to taste. Use this mixture instead of spinach in the recipe above. The pies can be frozen before baking. I haven't had good luck freezing stuffed grape leaves. I don't like the texture of the rice after cooking. Grape leaves stuffing: 1 C rice 3/4 lb ground beef or lamb 3 T softened butter 1/2 tsp cinnamon (optional) 1/2 tsp black pepper 1 1/2 tsp salt or to taste. If you're using fresh or frozen leaves, you may have to blanch them (less than a minute). Out of a jar they can be used as is. Line the bottom of a pot with lamb fat or bones (slices of potatoes will do to keep the bottom layer from burning), roll as you would egg rolls and stack one layer at a time, cover with water, place a dish (weight) on top, bring to a boil then simmer covered on medium low. The water need not all evaporate. They are done when you try one and it's to your liking.
  24. I use 400 grams of dough for a 14" New York style pizza. A 14" pizza has an area of 154 square inches. That equates to 2.6 grams of dough per inch square. For an 18" pizza with an area of 255 square inches, you'll need 663 grams ~ 25 oz.
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