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  1. What? None of you taste? Do you think it's gauche? You don't bring back the tasteless melons, peaches, grapes, coconuts etc.. to the store. You throw it all out. Why not taste the fruits, vegetables and other products that can be sampled?
  2. We have a consistent supply of excellent Pita bread. We only make them when we need mini pitas for Hors d'oeuvres (mini burgers). The two most important variables that determine whether rounds puff or not are: - A rest period after you roll the dough. - Oven temperature. The first one is easy, the rounds have to rest 15 to 20 minutes before they go in the oven. The second one is tricky. Oven temperature has to be high enough to puff the bread and give it a golden color before too much moisture is lost. After baking, the pitas should cool to room temperature and remain soft (for a short period of time, pita bread will dry out in minutes if not placed in plastic bags immediately after cooling). If they turn hard, your oven is not hot enough and you're having to bake them too long. If the first batch puffed and a consequent batch didn't, could be because first batch had a longer resting period while the oven preheated, or the second batch was placed in the oven soon after you removed the first without allowing the oven to make up for lost heat. Other than flavor, oil can make pita bread less chewy (we like chewy) but will also cause it to stay softer longer when exposed to air. Used is excess will make the bread crumbly. I don't think oil effects puffing either way.
  3. Warm eggs, diced onions and tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, Salt pepper and Cumin.
  4. With Hummus: -Sauteed chicken livers in butter, salt and pepper. -Browned meat mixture of: Hamburger, onions, pine nuts salt pepper and cinnamon. -Pulled pork -Slices of any kind of sour pickles. -Parsley and a drizzle of olive oil -A relatively dry Tabouli - Pico de gallo also dry.
  5. See my questions above. Do you pickle every year? Yes, green tomatoes, cucumbers, summer savory, jalapeños, turnips... Went down to the creek and picked up some Watercress we'd started 20 years ago. They're spreading like crazy. This couldn't get easier. Used a 12% solution mixed with vinegar 3 to 1. You have to really pack the watercress tightly. And voila. These will be ready in two days.
  6. Would love to join but it's not quite pickling season. We just planted our garden Memorial day.
  7. Welcome to egullet swelbo, Goat cheese/herb crostini Caesar salad Chicken/mushroom Alfredo on your mom's favorite pasta (no need for sides), served with garlic bread?
  8. ChefCrash

    Chicken Gizzards

    We mince ours and sautee them in a little oil and let them gently simmer in their own juices about 15 minutes or til all juices evaporate, season with salt and pepper, add butter and let them brown. Here they're served with Babaganouj.
  9. Welcome to the forum Landshark. What a fantastic first post. The photos are great, making me want to try this dish. Do you think you could scale your recipe down to serve four and post it here? BTW, congratulation on your daughter's graduation.
  10. Looks good Daddy-A. You had rain, we had 60 degree weather. Anyone using an off set smoker should consider trying this method of building the fire. Explained by Boar_D_Laze elsewhere, I found it works great. I arrange 10lbs of charcoal along with some Hickory chunks, around a bottomless 3lb coffee can. Dumped a chimney full of lit coals and removed the coffee can. On the cooking grate, I placed 2 racks of ribs, a 4lb butt and a 2" deep pan of boiling water and closed the lid. This is what the built in thermometer was reading, they spent three whole cents on it. This is the reading from my remote thermometer (267) placed through the side of the cooking chamber just below the cooking great. I set the fire box flute to 1/4 open and the heat held @ 245 for 2 1/2 hours. Did I mention it was cold? After 4 hours the ribs were done. The ribs went on the gas grill to get some sauce. The but which was still at 120F was place in a covered Pyrex dish and into a 325F oven for two hours. The ribs were very juicy, served with Mac n Cheese and cabbage salad.
  11. I have always wnted to know the rilght way tomake zaattar, thanks! ← Zaatar is a plant (Majorana syriaca) - traditionally the leaves are used as a seasoning. There are countless blends of spices that people use for a similar taste, but the right way to make zaatar is to use zaatar leaves. ← There is a reason every recipe on the net for "zaatar", calls for "Thyme" (also a plant). Zaatar is an Arabic word, and translates to "Thyme" in most Arabic/English dictionaries. I've been making my Zaatar from a bush I planted 15 years ago. It was labeled "Oregano" when I bought it. Its fuzzy leaves, smell, and resemble the wild Thyme found all over southern Lebanon and Palestine. As for you not being able to find decent Zaatar around here, I say that crappy Zaatar can be had anywhere. You can start out with the best "Zaatar" plant, but if it's not dried and pounded properly, and mixed with the freshest sumac and toasted sesame seeds in the right ratios with just enough salt, and if it's not fresh, it's going to taste like saw dust. So what is English for "Majorana syriaca"?
  12. ChefCrash

    Smoking trout

    Smoke between 150 and 175 degrees F, until the fish registers 150F in the thickest part.
  13. Photos of the machine and belt would help.
  14. We grocery shop three times a week. We end up with more than we need. They're perfect for our kitchen trash. FatGuy, mental illness is this: My wife has me fold the bags before putting them away.
  15. Chris The reason you're not gonna get a -- thpppt-- is evident in your photos. The stitch used on the bags is made using a single thread. The dashes on top represent one side, and the loops on the bottom are apparent on the other side. No matter what you do, this thread cannot be pulled out in one piece. This however, is what you can do to open the bag effortlessly without using any tools. Use both of you thumbs and index fingers to introduce a small tear as close as possible to the top of the bag, then grab the flap (where the stitching starts) and pull up and back.
  16. I'm glad it worked for you. Did it look like this: Video slicing a large onion. It's a little dark. Video slicing a small one.
  17. No it isn't! That would be equally scaring though! ← I say duck breast.
  18. The illustration on the right shows how most people make the vertical cuts. With the root away from them, the tip of the knife is used. The drawing on the left shows how I learnt to make the same cuts. The root facing me, and the heal of the knife is used. The heal never reaches (touches) the board, leaving the root in tact and holding the slices together. By using the heal I have more leverage, and can make the cuts more rapidly. Hope this make sense.
  19. Something no one hit on yet.
  20. Thanks Rogelio. TAPrice Try this. Three cinder blocks or pavers at least 8" high. Arranged in a U shape on the ground. Build and feed the fire through the front.
  21. Nice post Rogelio, beautiful photos. Finally I can ask an expert. Perhaps you could tell us how the word Paella is pronounced. I'm surprised no one asked this already. Here in the states I've heard: Payeya Payella Payellya. Thanks.
  22. I'm a convert. The steaks were rubbed with olive oil and had been sitting at room temperature for an hour. The oven had been on, baking a couple of potatoes. I remembered that our new stove has a "10 pass" broiling element and decided to try broiling the steaks. When the potatoes were done, I seasoned the steaks, placed them on a foil lined 1/4 sheet pan and turned the broiler to HI. I let it get red hot and slid the tray onto the upper most rack. After 3 minutes the steaks were turned and went back in for another 3 minutes. As someone mentioned above, you get to keep the juices. I usually pan fry in a 12" pan on medium high heat 3 minutes on each side. When done, the bottom of the pan is black and any juices would have evaporated. All that was left was acrid fat. With this method we noticed a marked difference in taste. The seasonings were not burnt and flavored the olive oil which, along with drippings, made for a great sauce. Absent was the bitter carbon taste. This one was done the same way but the oven was not preheated. It was a little less done which suited me just fine.
  23. I like to use Top Loin, Rib-eye or Chuck-eye. This one is 1.5lb 2" thick Chuck-eye steak. Seasoned with olive oil, Oregano, black pepper, a dash of Maxine's chili powder and lots of coarse salt. Broiled 3 minutes on each side.
  24. If necessary the horizontal cuts can be made safely. After cutting the stem and the root off, stand the still whole onion on the root side and make those horizontal cuts vertically, then cut the onion in half and proceed with the other vertical cuts.
  25. Hi Naftal Zaatar is 1 part Thyme, 1 part sesame and a 1/4 part Sumac and salt to taste. Sumac is used instead of lemon juice in Fattoush.
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