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  1. I am pretty sure the owner was there around 1:00 p.m. when I had brunch. She was supreming oranges out in the hallway. Ben
  2. Ouch, underripe epoisse sucks. We had a french blue when we went, and it was fantastic. Ben
  3. If it is not too late, Katie and I are in. Ben
  4. I went on Sunday for Brunch as well and actually had a nice time. I had the french toast, which was not soggy and fairly good. My friend had the seasonal omlette which he said was quite nice. Another friend had the biscuts and gravy which he also agreed were good. Nobody thought anything was amazing, but all agreed that it is a nice affordable place with some interesting choices. We had no problems with service. Ben
  5. I have had good experiences with meat from Whole Foods. I actually find it is cheaper than Larry's at times, while being much much better. Ben
  6. Yeah that report was terrible, the Seattle Weekly took a sharp drop in good reporting recently.
  7. A really big omlette for a bodybuilder.
  8. Sasi in downtown kirkland makes some pretty good sandwiches as well as soups. A very good option if you find yourself in the area. Ben
  9. Schielke

    Pacific NW Heretic

    For an amazing selection of bottled beers, go check out Bottleworks in Wallingford on 45th. The guys there will have your remedy Ben
  10. Schielke

    Pacific NW Heretic

    I think this seems to be the case is because that style of ale has been the premier beer for each micro even though they make plenty of other interesting beers.
  11. Nooooo! :) Col, next time you are in Sea-town, you gotta check out epicurean edge for some serious knife-porno. Ben
  12. Schielke


    Corn dogs are wonderous.
  13. I will second the Roaring '40's blue. Fan-tastic!
  14. Question for the cheese haters: Are there forms of cheese you do enjoy? Do you not eat pizza? Do you enjoy cheese flavored chips like the aforementioned cheesy poofs?
  15. This is a joke, right? The poster may not have known the "blue stuff" is indeed mold. I must say that blue cheese is really the only cheese that puts me off totally. Eating globs of blue mold just doesn't work for me. In a salad dressing, I can take it, though. Spread on crackers....bleh. Think of it as eating a bunch of tiny blue mushrooms. Or as my Grandpa used to tell me: Eat it, it is what they make penicillin from! Ben
  16. I have a friend who dislikes most cheese (except on pizza and a few other rare situations), but he also dislikes most condiments which I find wierd. Despite all this I am still friends with him.
  17. I agree with the Le Pichet shortcoming. The oeufs plats are fantastic, but a couple more options would be nice. And yes, crave's menu does look good.
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