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  1. Zoka also looks like it does shade grown for sure, but I would imagine they practice fair trade as well. It would be worth a call if you are interested.
  2. Vivace's stand on the coffee they use.
  3. Thanks Judy! I am supposedly picking up my rental car on Sunday and heading out to the countryside. Is it going to be hard to eat and find a hotel that afternoon? Thanks! Ben
  4. I have been to the Centrailia Burgerville and had a great experience. I thought it was clean and the service was just fine. The burger was fantastic and so was the marionberry shake. The only thing I did not enjoy was their onion rings. Be sure to report this to the manager because something is obviously wrong. Ben
  5. Not too late at all! Welcome to eGullet and thanks for the suggestions! Ben
  6. I might be able to get some Raw Milk info. Katie's Aunt in Port Angeles knows somebody who sells raw milk up there. Shipping of course might be an issue.
  7. Very cool. How long does green coffee stay good for roasting? Ben
  8. FYI, I was at the Tibetan/Sherpa restaurant in the U-Dist the other night. They do a Tibetan hot pot there that sounds like it could be really good. Ben
  9. We better start seeing some of those espresso antics coffee-boy! Ben
  10. I have the fat episode permanetly saved on my tivo. "I don't wanna look like a freak, I'll take the mumu." Ben
  11. Also in the Homer weight gain episode: His shopping trip shows some great products on the shelves. One I remember was a tube of something called Chubb. Then he had his imaginary hill to climb from his current weight to the disability weight. The pig was encouraging him and homer took a bite out of the side of the pig. Ben
  12. Fresh wasabi is the bomb. I had it at West in Vancouver with some fantastic tuna. Ben
  13. Obviously, you have spent too much money on your toasting device. FWIW, I have the same problem... I've just been cutting off 1/4 of my bread, and having shorter sandwiches. Registry Gift.
  14. This is what I am using. to toast. I will have to do a closer analysis. Ben
  15. I have only managed to use my bags a few times so far since we just got a toaster a few weeks ago. My biggest problem has been getting an even toast. It seems as if the bread at the top end of the bag invariably never gets toasted as much as the center and bottom. Thoughts? Ben
  16. Any suggestions on a good winery that is close to Florence? If it is close enough, we could have a car take us out there or drive ourselves when we pick up the rental car. I am not sure if going to Sienna by bus or train is really going to gain us much ground winery-wise since we would effectively be in the city and not the countryside. Thanks! Ben p.s. man, this is getting close. I am getting pretty excited!
  17. A basic procedure for sharpening a single bevel blade on a waterstone is 20 strokes on the angled side to 1 on the flat side.
  18. Combine the three different candles to make a BLT! Ben p.s. there is a bunch of other great bacon related stuff on this site.
  19. I picked up a Minolta Dimage xt online last month fro 200 bucks. 3 mega pixels 3x optical zoom internal lens structure- no aparatus sticking out of camera. dimunitive size I dig it. Ben
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