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  1. Wierd, I own their Fresh Mode album.
  2. Quick update: I just made myself a chorizo taco for dinner. Holy hell, it was good.
  3. Schielke

    Dinner! 2004

    Dare I ask what the side dishes were? I needed food as medicine tonight (it's allergy season, yay!), so I made extra hot Vindaloo chicken and drank club soda with bitters. Mmmmmm...much tastier than decongestant liquitabs. A meat shake on the side.
  4. I think that you just don't want a meat shake.
  5. Is "Internet Active" like "sexually active"?
  6. I think the white fruit was a peeled lychee
  7. In my house, we had the "no thank-you helping" when you didn't want to eat something. It was a very small bit of food that you had to try.
  8. Newly updated with Urkle-o's and Breast Milk I had posted this once before when he was eating beggin strips and the like, but it has been recently updated! yay! Ben
  9. That's right... I said it! Meat Shake! Warning, meat shake theme music plays upon entry.
  10. Well not necessarialy watery, but pourable vs chunky independent lentils.
  11. Ahh, so do most indian dal recipes go for that texture?
  12. That sounds fantastic! Thanks!
  13. Is this dal always supposed to be cooked to a near souplike consistency? I made a similar version of this last night without knowing what it should end up looking like. I was expecting a more grain-like result. It was still tasty though.
  14. I enjoy all levels of fancy or non fancy. The plates sound like fun! I might seek this place out! Would they be open on Sunday?
  15. Yes. I am going to try the chorizo either tonight or tomorrow morning with some eggs.
  16. The rental car place did not seem to have any objection when I reserved online. I certainly hope they are open. Perhaps I will drop by the office a few days before just in case. If I do indeed get the car that day, I would be heading west toward Lucca or possibly even my final destination of Villa Minozzo. I am certainly open to suggestion if there are better options. Ben
  17. Fatburger is good in a pinch in my opinion, but I woud much rather go with I&O
  18. I have not been myself so this could be way off base, but I do know that a bunch of Katie's co-workers go to Pegasus. I think it is on 3rd.
  19. I visited a place I have been eyeing for the last couple weeks today. It is a Tortilla factory in the Everett/Mukilteo area. The smell in this place is wonderful. They have a large production facility in the back that is quite interesting. Today, I picked up a pack of whole wheat tortillas, 4 homeade tamales, and a pound of fresh chorizo. I think the total was 8 bucks. The tamales are very very good as are the tortillas. I can't wait to try the chorizo. The man at the counter today said that they are planning on adding more hot dishes to their offerings as well as some tables to sit and eat. It is located in the minimall complex at the intersection of Evergreen Wy and Casino Rd. Ben
  20. We used to have a fantastic supplier of these treats, but he moved to Chicago and then to Vegas.
  21. I think the main job of State liquor boards is to keep themselves employed.
  22. I have seen them at Espresso Vivace, but I have no idea of the quality. I am guessing they are not what you are looking for, but you never know. Ben
  23. Same with Hines Public Market.
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