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  1. That was my plan, but I am still going to get a hundred or so just to have for when we get in.
  2. Udupi palace at the Crossroads Mall complex is an all vegetarian Indian place that has fantastic food. Ben
  3. So we have decided to take the advise and try and stay near the airport. We are going to cancel the second night of our stay in downtown milan when we get there (in lieu of right now because it might raise the rate for the single night at the hotel by re-booking). I figure we will take a train to Gallarate and look for something there in the evening or call ahead once we are cancelled. I figure if no rooms are available, the airport is 5 miles away and our plane leaves super early anyway, we could always goof off there if need be. Once again, holy crap this is soon!!!! I need to pick up some Euros today! Ben
  4. But pork fat only sweetens the deal!
  5. I will certainly look into it, but do you know if it runs around 4:00 a.m.? Ben
  6. (pats pockets) (mutters) I had it here somewhere... Oh yeah, there it is. Yep!
  7. I think I am just going to bite the bullet and go with a taxi. Ugh. At the very least, I am going to ask the people at my hotel if they have any ideas. It seems like this is a common flight (for some crazy reason) so I can't be the first person to have this problem. Holy Crap, this is like a week away! Ben
  8. Next time try and grate the cheese out of it!
  9. So does Shiro's. I got a great show when we ordered it. He whipped out a live shrimp, promptly named it and had us shake hands/claws and become aquainted with "Mary". Once we were got to know "Mary", he grabbed her off the bar, ripped her tail off with a twist, cleaned out the nasty stuff and slapped the still twiching peeled tail on some rice for us to eat quickly. After swallowing her sweet twitching tail, Mary's deep fried head arrived for us to pick off the crunchy antenne before chomping on the crispy on the outside, yet creamy on the inside head. So good. Ben
  10. I can't imagine why not, I have seen these blades being sharpened like this and turning out great. Ben
  11. Kopi Luwak is coffee beans harvested from the poo of the cat-like civet. Next up, Elephant poo coffee to fund an Orphanage. Ben Note from Forum Host: Edited to merge with pre-existing thread on same topic
  12. I was all about the toasted peanut butter and cheese sandwich...open face. White bread + Creamy peanut butter (chunky if you prefer) + Slices of cheddar cheese to cover Pop in toaster oven until cheese bubbles. Eat carefully because the peanut butter is like napalm. Ben
  13. Let me just add: Thanks for the great tutorial!
  14. I went to a class on waterstone sharpening. I have a 30 sec or so mpeg of the teacher sharpening a Western style knife. Does eGullet want to host it or would bandwidth be an issue? Ben
  15. Could some friendly moderator change the header on this thread to say Shun from Shen. Ben
  16. Schielke

    Jones Sodas

    The Whoop Ass drinks are readily available here in Seattle at various supermarkets. I have yet to see pimp juice on the shelves though. :) Ben
  17. I dont see anything wrong with what Chad is suggesting. Why would buffing out the side of your blade be detrimental? Perhaps you should describe the process you are imagining.
  18. Moka is a completely different product than espresso.
  19. One thing that has popped up recently is the problem of getting to the Milan Airport early in the morning to go home. Our flight is at 6:45 a.m. at MXP. We are staying at the Hotel De La Ville in the center of Milan. If we have to be there 2 hrs early for security etc..., that would put us there at 4:45 a.m. I have read that a taxi costs somewhere between 80 and 100 Euros to MXP. Is there a more affordable way to do this? I checked one train site and the first one runs at 5:50 a.m. Thoughts? Thanks so much! Ben
  20. Try making the images a little bigger, they look like thumbnails right now.
  21. The Ugly Duckling offers Meat Shake Hats and T-shirts. The online store was acting funny when I checked it out, but I bet you could email the webmaster to get one. Ben
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