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  1. A friend of mine will be visiting NYC in a couple weeks and I wanted to hear your opinions on your favorite cheap eats in the city. Thanks for the help! -Ben Schielke
  2. I agree, Charging for rice makes me so angry. The worst is when the rice just shows up and you assume it came with what you ordered...until you get the extra $5 on the bill for that 30 cents worth of rice. I tried to argue this once at a thai place where they suprised me at lunch and the woman got upset and told me that she was doing me a favor since the dishes we ordered are usually eaten with rice. Ben Schielke
  3. Has anybody tried out En restrauant on 2nd? I read a glowing review in the weekley and saw that citysearch feedback is very good. Your thoughts? Perhaps a trip should be organized? Ben Schielke
  4. Like the best piece of beef ever. I had the opportunity to sample some bluefin toro at Izumi sushi in Kirkland (check it out if you haven't). It was incredible, a lovely melting mouthfeel and then that somewhat beefy flavor. I think I should just start eating only tuna. heh heh.
  5. NPR piece on humane slaughter of beef for McDonalds Interesting piece on a less stressful slaughter of beef. It supposedly results in a much better product. Enjoy! Ben Schielke
  6. All I have to say is: Dont cook bacon shirtless!
  7. I hear that, this is an expensive lifestyle...but the only one worth living! heh heh heh. I recently went to seastar for a small birthday celebration. We had the appetizer tower (Scallops, shrimp, crab cakes), oysters, porchini rissoto, and coconut cream pie. The apps on the tower were very nice, but nothing to write home about. Everything was nicely prepared and presented, but the flavor stopped short of impressive. The oysters were very good and I would reccommend them if you like oysters. They have three types available and they were all great. The rissoto was pretty average, but I was not suprised since we were at a seafood place. I would skip it. The coconut cream pie was awesome! It had a very thick texture, which was unusual, but turned out very well. I hear that they have really great lunch specials from their raw bar. Enjoy! Ben Schielke
  8. Pacific Inn is over between Wallingford and Freemont on Stone Way I think. They have really great fish and chips and a really great tartar sauce to boot. Another bonus is their nice deck. Give em a try and let me know what you think. Ben Schielke
  9. I recently have acquired some really great vodka from a small producer in california called hangar one. They make a straight vodka and four flavored ones that are made from real fruit and not artificial flavorings. It really shows too. I purchased a bottle of the straight and a bottle of the kaffir lime. Both are really great and opened my eyes to the actual "taste" of vodka. I would highly reccomend them to anyone. Another interesting vodka that I have only heard about is Ultimat vodka, they claim to be the best vodka in the world (like many others). I would be interested in trying them out for kicks though. Has anybody else tried this vodka? Here are some links to info on them: Ultimat Vodka Hangar One Vodka Enjoy! Ben Schielke
  10. Cool, that sounds great! I will check it out for sure. I have never made it down to the spud in Alki. I am about to move right near the one in Juanita Beach in Kirkland though. Mmmmmmm Spud.
  11. I have seen you guys talking about Sunfish for fish and chips, could you give some location info and the like? I have never heard of it. I usually go to either Spud or Pacific Inn. Thanks for the info! Ben Schielke
  12. Check out Leschi Mart in...well...Leschi. The guy there started the place as a grocery store and a place where he can make his own sausage (which is quite good) and the like. Slowly over the years, more and more aisles are taken over by his wine selection. Today it makes up at least 1/2 of the store. He offers probably the best prices in town (even better than costco in many cases) and has a great selection. Check out the Leschi Mart Web page. Enjoy! Ben Schielke
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