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  1. I would not spend my own money at Canlis, but I would spend somebody else's. Ben
  2. Canlis is a fantastic restaurant for a safe bet.
  3. Craig, what have you heard about Tano passami l'olio? It sounds interesting. Is it any good? Ben
  4. Also, I just booked my room at Hotel De La Ville in Milan.
  5. As far as restaurant type, A couple good affordable picks are always good and I would be open to a higher end experience. I am usually interested in dropping the bucks if the meal promises to be unique and well done. In this case, something uniquely Italian. Perhaps Boccondivino takes care of this requirement. Here is what I know about so far: I am planning on going nuts at Peck, so that might fill a meal or three. I know my plane ride home will be very good at least. I found your recs for local milanese food: Any updates on these places or additions? Peterpumpkino also said Thanks, Ben
  6. I have a pretty good idea of where I want to eat during my time in Italy, although I am still unsure about Tano passami l'olio in Milan. During our time in Florence, we were thinking of taking a couple day trips. One perhaps to Bologna for lunch and another to Siena to check out the wine growing region. What is the easiest way to do this? From searching, it seems that an appointment is a must at the wineries. Is a winery tour the way to go? We won't have a car at this point, are there any that are either reachable by train, or inside of Siena? What seems to be the best way to approach this? Is there anything else really neat that I could check out in the area? It seems as if most of my trip right now is looking at buildings and art and eating in restaurants. I hope I am not missing anything. As always, thanks so much for the help. Ben
  7. I checked out some maps and our apt in Florence is less than two blocks away from Il Ritrovo. I have a feeling I will be there more than once if it lives up to its reports.
  8. I would love to go, but I will be freshly mizz-aried. Ben
  9. I have been datamining for restaurant recs in Venice and have come across some fantastic suggestions. My only problem seems to be a large one. I am scheduled to be in Venice from Sunday around noon until Tuesday afternoon when I catch a train to Florence. It seems many of the restaurants are closed on both Sunday and Monday. Thoughts? Thanks! Ben
  10. Some more questions: Are there any restaurants that I need to start thinking about reservations for at this time? Any thoughts on meals in Milan? I am thinking about Tano passami l'olio as well as Boccondivino. And all you coffeehounds, any can't miss cafes? Again, I appreciate all of your comments!!!!!! Ben
  11. I have booked both my stay in Venice and a rental car for my time inbetween Florence and Milan. I am staying very close to the Rialto Market at Pensione Guerratino. My car is a teeny tiny Fiat Punto! Ben
  12. I dont want to infuriate myself again, but I will mention that the only time I questioned my love of food was when I ate at Todai Seafood Buffet in Redmond. I become enraged at the thought of that place. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
  13. I dont remember the wine name but it had a monkey riding a whale on it. I did enjoy the wine too. ben
  14. Sad but true, I even find myself succumb to this kind of marketing. Mostly this is because of a lack of knowledge. I like good wine, but I don't know how to effectively find good wine. I am just learning how to describe what I like about the wines I like. The tough part about figuring out what is good is that the available information is a blend of marketing and real advice and you don't know which to believe. Ben
  15. You wrote what I was thinking. Anyone have a link to the fundamentals of vacuum breweing. It isn't clear to me from the coffeekid link what it is all about. Fundamentals in what sense? Why it is better? or How it works?
  16. I have no doubts that a good grinder will produce better results. My wallet starts to clench here though because, while I enjoy coffee, it has yet to reach the obsession stage, which I am sure it will soon reach. Ben
  17. Looks like a very well made piece.
  18. More grinder preaching here.
  19. Many of you have probably already seen this info on sites such as Coffeegeek, Coffeekid, and espoused by our many knowledgeable members here, but I just wanted to bring up my experience so far in the enthralling realm of coffee making. Most helpful has been the Newbie Tutorial on Coffeekid. Here is a summary of what I have learned: * Get a good burr grinder. This is an expensive step, but crucial. * Brewing temperature and grind seems to be the two major elements involved in making good coffee. * Fresh beans are extrememly important. Homeroasting is a fantastic option for many people. * Press Pots and Vac Pots are cool and somewhat affordable...but you still need a good grinder! * Espresso machines are expensive for the worthwhile ones...and be sure to add about $250-$350 to your budget for a good grinder! * There is much much more than this, but remember to buy a good grinder. So, I have been reading a bunch of stuff here on the coffee boards as well as Coffeegeek and Coffeekid recently. I really like the idea of making much better coffee and possibly even espresso. I see the purchase of a Vac Pot or Press Pot in my nearterm future. I am, however, having trouble swallowing the high cost of a good grinder. I fully realize the need for this aparatus, but I have yet to come up with a way to qualify it for myself. I am sure that I will only need some more lusting time until I am ready to pick up a Rocky grinder and a Silvia machine, but for my bank account's sake I hope I can hold out. Ben
  20. I really hope this goes through, Wa liquor control is archaic. Ben
  21. I want to state again just how much these commercials rule. To quote Comicbook Guy: "Best Commercials Ever." Ben
  22. A quick search on Froogle.com shows the Solis grinder for about 110 bucks.
  23. Order some freshly roasted beans from Fat Guy Roasters Inc
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