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  1. Yep, I tried this in a Gin and Tonic when I was in Vegas. Not too shabby for mixing. It added a bit of interesting subtle pear flavor. Not sure I would buy a bottle though. Ben
  2. The price is the same for wine or herbally infused bevs.
  3. I am not sure I understand your distinction between the two. Is the less than choice rating what gives it the toughness? I thought oxtail was supposed to be tough until you properly cook it.
  4. Schielke


    One of the best dishes I had while staying at an Indian friend's home was stuffed and baked okra. I think it was stuffed with a mixture of ginger, onion, and the secret blend of spices. I imagine it was something of a general garam masala, but I could be horribly wrong. Suvir? Ben
  5. If demand has gone up, why don't I ever see anybody buying these cuts? Most people are still turned off by the mention of oxtail and I can't see the average cook doing much braising of short ribs. Ben
  6. Never been to either restaurant. How were the dishes bad?
  7. Thanks, I will check them out. Braise ahoy! Ben
  8. Tokifusa @ BladeGallery There are a few of the western pattern ones on this page. More Tokifusa I held this knife in the shop and it has an amazing balance and feel. If only I prepared more sushi...
  9. Kick ass! If work does not get in the way, I will be attending a waterstone sharpening class at The Epicurean Edge here in Kirkland next month. Then you all can send me your knives so I can practice on them.
  10. Be sure to try the rib-eye maki!
  11. Yeah, that is the worst part about it, they are cuts that are high in bone weight. But they are so tasty!
  12. Why are these two traditionally unpopular cuts of beef so expensive? I cannot find them for less than $4.00 a pound up here in Seattle. Should I start shopping the Asian markets? Ben
  13. Thanks for the insight on korin alanamoana! I too like japanese packaging. Fat Guy, how long until you get your knives sharpened there? Ben
  14. Thanks for the nice picture-rich report!
  15. Schielke

    Espresso Machines

    At least you got free shipping!
  16. Do the kids run down the street with knives and scissors in their hands?
  17. Thanks for the great posts guys!
  18. Schielke

    Espresso Machines

    Justify it to yourself by thinking of how much a coffee drink from Starbucks costs. Multiply that by how much coffee you drink and then add another 100% in value of how much better yours will taste than Starbucks crap. Ben
  19. Elyse, way to go on all things burger! Ben
  20. Sweet, I eagerly await your thoughts. I have handled both lines of knives and remember the Ryusen being a shade better balanced. Yum. Ben
  21. I know that BladeGallery/Epicurean Edge has better prices on some of their knives, but unforutanetly those are not listed online yet. I believe I had compared the Ittosai brand in the store. Knifemerchant.com has the same Nenox 9 1/4' Gyutou for 36 bucks cheaper. A 9.5 Gestlain is 39 bucks less The cost of the video seems pretty high too. Nearly 60 bucks for a 30 min video. It would be cool to have though! I dont mean to disparriage the store since they have such cool stuff and some brands that cannot be had elsewhere though. I just got the sense that they were a bit high on some pricing. Also, what is up with the cutting boards they list on the site? I couldn't figure out the extreme cost of them. There is no explanation about what makes them cool. Ben
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