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    Halibut Heads

    I've used flatfish head and bones (not halibut) but the stock wasn't that flavorful. I was a bit dissapointed. My favorite for fish stock (other than shell fish) is cod. It consistantly turns out the best deep refleshing stock for me.
  2. I love both Hellmans and Kraft but my favorite is the mayo's "step child" mayo, miracle whip. I know it is not mayo but I'd pick that everytime, unless the pick mayo like sandwich spread is around.
  3. For me 5 guys has always been about the fries. Don't get me wrong, the burger are good, but the fries are amazingly greasy and once loaded with that cajun seasoning, yum. I have two locations that I would go to, the origional in Arlington/alexandria and the one in chinatown. The place in chinatown did have its bad moments but generally fine. The alexandria is fine. I have gone to other places and have notice that the amount of fries they give you or the quality of food varies a bit (woodbridge isn't bad and one near occaquan is ok). As far as the fries go, I don't think they are double fried but I still love them and they may be my favorite fries the DC area. Soup
  4. Question, after you steam, do you fry to get the crispy crust on the bottom of the dumpling? I've started doing this. Adds another bit of texture. Am still experimenting with the filling and seasoning for the filling. Like I said still working on exactly what I want. Fortunately, I have a family who will happy eat these.
  5. That looks great. I've been making these for about 3 months and I don't think I've fully perfected it yet. The filling, I go different everytime I make it. I've used cellaphane noodles, tofu and napa cabbage. They were all good. I believe the trick is getting ground pork that has a very high fat content (this is not for the weight watcher). I find the ground pork at the grocery to lean and have gone to the local chinese grocery. As for the wrapping, I've gotten ok at it (got instructions from a youtube video). But, my dough doesn't come out white (like the store bought stuff) but more towards a slight gray. I notice that your dough when steamed had the off white look. Not sure what the secret ingrident or technique is but if any know, please let me know. As for the dipping sauce, everyone in my family seems to have a different favorite. Mine is hot pepper flakes pickled in oil mixed with soy. Yum.
  6. I love ramen. Had excellent ramen in the bay area (santa ramen rocks) but have been a bit dissappointed in NY. Search for Ramen Top30 on youtube. pretty interesting stuff.
  7. Thank you. Made this today. Bought some fresh hand cut noodles and it was great. The soup came out good. I added an egg to thicken it a bit but a hit all the way around. I used the stock to make denjang chigae tonight. It also turned out well. Thank you all around. BTW, I loved your blog in 2007. EXCELLLENT. Soup
  8. I love good jampong (korean-chinese seafood noodle soup). I'm looking to make them at home and my attempts at replicating a great rich broth have failed. Would appreciate if someone would post a good recipe. Soup
  9. I am addicted to these steamed buns that I get from the chinese grocery store. I'm not sure what they are called in chinese. I looking for the name and a recipe and would appreciate any insights. The dumplings are white and round they they swirles to the top. I filling is a pork and chive or sometimes just pork for filling. The filling is very similar to pot sticker filling and is not BBQ pork filling in char shu bao. I don't know if I am cooking these right but I steam them and then fried the bottoms so they get golden and crisp. As I've said, I'd love to know the chinese name for these and also get a recipe so that I can make them from scratch.
  10. This weekend, we left corn on the stove until it smoked up the whole house, during my kids party. Don't know how long it was on the stove but corn and corn juice were burnt to a crisp and stuck on a bottom om a stainless steel pot. I've had this happen to me several times in the past and after some scrubing, i've thrown the pot out. But this time I grabs for a coke on the refreshment table and poured it into the pot. Left it out over night and amazingly the next morning, the pot was as cleaner than its been in a couple of years. No scrubbing. All the black stuff came off with a rinse of cold water. I don't know why I had this idea but I thought I pass it along. Coke, may be the best cleaning product for pots. Soup
  11. Soup

    Rancid Brown Rice?

    This is very helpful. does this also apply to nuts and beans/lentils? I keep a lot of nuts (I buy them raw and roast it myself) and I have a lot of beans I store in the pantry.
  12. I bought about a year ago 10lbs of brown rice. I'm down to the last 2 lbs and am cooking it right now. However, when I opened my storage canaster, it smelled a bit off. So the question is does brown rice go bad? Can it still be cooked and eaten? I hate to throw out rice. Soup
  13. Soup

    Fish Head

    I was some COD heads at the local korean grocery and bought it on impulse. Not really cooked it in past to eat specifically the head (have bought whole fish which I steam). I cooked in as a part of a very spicy korean fish stew. It was great. As I was devouring the fish, they were some great meaty parts and bones which I expected. However, there were a lot of jelatious parts as well and the eyes. The questions is which parts can I eat? Are there parts on the head that I shouldn't eat (other than the bones). Soup
  14. Soup

    Making Fish Stock

    Couple of thoughts. I don't let it go longer than a hour. I think you've extracted most of the flavor by then. I also don't use oily fish for this. First time I did it, I used salmon heads and bones and it did not work out. Last, I add a peice of dashi (kombu kelp).
  15. Thread made me think of shows that I used to like watching a lot on FN, malto mario, Sara Moulton, a cooks tour, and others. It does beg the question, is there a market for quality food/cooking shows?
  16. We just purchased a bosch and we love the product. We used to have an asko and the bosch is a lot quieter (althought late at night in the kitchen by myself, I can hear it but it is pretty quite not silent) and love the adjustible racks. Love the hidden buttons (my little one use to beat the heck out of th asko buttons) and the dishes glasses all come out clean.
  17. Soup


    I have a hard time believing so I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this. I found on QVC website a Staub 5qt cast iron Enanmal for $60. It say it is from the staub basix line. Is this a real deal or is it a Staub name on a inferior line of product?
  18. Found honey crisp at costco. 8 for $ 7.99. Not bad. Came home stuck in the fridge and had some cold apples. Crisp, juicy and sweet. What a costco find.
  19. Depends on how it is sold. My kids love MCD and will almost aways choose MCD over chinese food. However, if I make the choice between noodles and MCD it is about 75% noodle vs. 25% MCD. They love the thin egg noodle soup with HK shrimp dumpling and my son will always name that dish as his second favorite.
  20. Honeycrisp is my favorite apple, second being fuji. Last year, I got them at whole food for something like $3.99/lb (a bit high in my mind for apples) and they were always crisp, juicy and very sweet.
  21. Well, our ASCO dishwasher has finally die afte 8 years of service. The electronics went, apperently a common problem (according to the repair man). He recommend that we not fix and buy a new one. So the wife is looking at Bosch or Miele. Any suggestions or comments?
  22. Soup

    KFC or Popeyes?

    No one has mentioned bojangles. They are good, not as good as popeyes but close second.
  23. Been using butter for making biscuits. Have always used butter. Not used lard or crisco. Of the 3 which is the "healthest"? If using Crisco or lard should I chill the stuff like I do with butter?
  24. Soup

    Crab Apples

    peel and core? Mine are the size of a thumb nail. How do you peel and core them?
  25. Soup

    Crab Apples

    Lots of crab apples. They are small, tart and woody(just a bit) this year and we've always let them just fall to the ground. Would like to find a use for them. I would appreciate any recipes or ideas. Soup
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