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  1. I make kimchi of differnt types fairly regularly. This liquid is not soy sauce (unless you made kimchi with soy sauce, which you usually don't unless making it for strick vegetarian: I substitute fish or shrimp sauce with soy but I don't like it much). Back to the point, it is just liquid that is. Shake or stir. It is fine.
  2. Soup

    Boiled peanuts

    I just got bag of raw peanuts. They are already shelled. However, can I still make boiled peanuts? How long do I boil them for? All recipes I've used before for peanuts in the shell. Soup
  3. Will me replacing my refridgerator soon. On of my top priorities is a refridgerator with an ice make that make clear ice. Would appreciate any guidance. Soup
  4. Good topic. Rice is a staple in our house hold. We primary eat short grain rice with basmati close second. For short grain we've been buying Kokuho brand (the red pkging) for decades. For basmati, I tried many variety have settled on Tilda brand. However, we also keep 4 to 6 additional varieties in the house. I did have one enlightening moment a couple of years ago on rice. I went to a persian resturant. Since then I've had a lot of different varieties of persian rice dishes. IMHO, I believe persians make the best rice on the planet. This is tough statement for a asian person who grew up on short grain rice to make but they have the best rice dish. On risotto, is there just bad to mediocre risotto everywhere? Everytime I order this dish, it is just a huge dissappointment. I keep expecting it to be good but it never is. Just went to a pricey place over the holidays and the risotto was pretty bad, mushy and cruchy (in an unpleasent not fully cooked rice way).
  5. Hello, I am planning making korean kalbi for new years. I've always used the flaken short rib cut which I buy at the korean grocery. Just the way I've done it for 20 years. But I was wondering can you use a bone-in rib roast and cutting into thin strips? Has anyone done it? How did it turn out? How do you cut up the roast? Any insight would be appreaciated. Soup
  6. Am looking for an ice maker. Little background. I don't have an ice maker in my fridge. I had the ice makers removed as it took space from my freezer section which I wanted. Second, all the ice made from fridge were "white"/cloudy. I like clear ice. Not having ice has never been an issue in the past. We just don't use a lot of ice and when we have parties, I just go buy a couple bags. However, this has changed. As my kids have gotten older, cries for ice from them and their friends have gotten louder. So I am looking for a ice machines for the home. Again, it doesn't need to be big. I would like it to be efficient (energy consumption), reliable, quite and make clear ice (if possible). I don't want to spend more then $300 but will consider if will get me clear ice. Any insights, experience or recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Soup
  7. Wow. To me make gochujang and dwenjang is too daunting. I have a lot of respect who can do it. Please post pictures and experience as I would love to know. My mom never attempted this. We've always bought it. How do I have very fuzzy memories of my grandmother making these and putting them in to jar (they were bigger then me but I was only 4 or 5). This was a long long time ago. I would love to hear how it goes for you. btw, on the origional question, I don't keep kochujang in the fridge and I've never had it go bad (this include the home made stuff I buy from church).
  8. I usually have bought basmati rice from costco. 20lb bag. Takes my family about 8 months to finish it. However, notice that costco now offers their own brand and Royal brand basmati. Neither of which I've used in the past. I can also access the local korean grocery which believe it or not has over 10 differnt types of basmati. So the question is which is which brand should I be searching for? Soup
  9. Jkim, Let's just say you and I have a different view on korean food. Been eating and cooking korean food for many decades both in korea and in US and I can honestly say in my experience the trend towards overly sweet seasoning is a relatively new movement. Last 10 years or so. Remember sugar use to be a fairly scarce commoditity in korea even in the mid 70's. Much of "sweet" snacks were never that sweet by western standards. If you look at the traditional method for making ShikHae, the fermentation of malt doesn't produce overly sweet product. Yut and Yackgua which are some of the sweetest (non fruit) items are not that sweet. I eat at many korean places in around the US and I run into places where sugar is too liberally used for korean cooking. It hides poor flavor and bad cooking and in my opinion lessen a great dish. Soup
  10. Soup

    Gas Station Food

    I no longer eat stuff from gas station. I do buy drinks. However, long time ago in college (I went to UVA in charlottesville), there use to be a gas station on the out skirts of town. They were pretty good on the fryerator arts. However, at 1 or 2am they would close down. If you got there right before closing, they would sell you what ever they had left for 2 or 3 bucks. corn dogs, fried chicken, etc., After a hard night of studying, I pick up a bag of fried stuff, a six pack and go back home eat/drink and hit the sack. It was great to be young!!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  11. It happens every few years...I have day dreams of packing up the minivan and driving where ever me and the wife would go. Minivan, can carry more than a car and certainly more manuverable than a small RV (less expensive as well). The thing I been thinking about what tools and equipment exists to help me cook out of a minivan. I have the standard camping stove but I'm think a microwave or a toaster oven or even a hot water heater than can be plugged into a 12V outlet in a minivan (especially while driving). Been thinking what it would take to put a slow cooker or even a rice cooker to a minivan outlet. Also been looking for blogs on google but there doesn't seem to be much. Any info on equipment and/or experience with this type of thing would be appreciated. Soup PS my appologies, if I posted to the wrong forum but I thought this one matched best.
  12. Soup

    Pork Shoulder

    I got a pork shoulder recipe that my family loves. I got it off allrecipe.com and I have spend hours trying to find it again on allrecipe.com without success. Somehow it came off my recipe box. I would appreciate your help in recreating it. Here are some of what I recall. It uses a crock pot to get it really cooked soft. I used to score a pork shoulder and used a dry rub (I cannot recall what was in the dry rub but it was a brown sugar based mixture). You put the shoulder in the crock pot and you add rosemary, tyme or italian seasoning (i cannot remember which) Add lots chop garlic, slice onions. I think I remember adding white wine definitely but I cannot be sure if I added any vinegar (or how much). I then add a cup of chicken stock. Can anyone help me get this loose set of memories to an actual recipe, please. Soup
  13. Soup

    Krispy Kreme

    IT REALLY is that good. hot KK off the line, they are like hot soft pillows of yeasty sweet nothings.
  14. Soup

    Coke Recipe

    I find the regular coke (HFCS) vs. "mexican coke" (cane sugar) to have slightly different taste. I don't have the most sensitve palet but it is different enough that I go looking for the mexican stuff. The main difference being that mexican coke is less sweet. Over all I find soda too overly sweet. I wish they would make a less sweet version (especially of coke). Smucker's has gone down this road with low sugar spread. It is great. Coke please make a less sweet version.... Soup PS i know about the diet stuff but I don't like the artificial sweetners.
  15. Soup

    Five Guys 2011

    I really like 5 guys (not love but it could get there). Their fries are what drives me to 5 guys. I have to work next to their HQ but unfortunately it is just an office. However, there is a 5 guys down the street. The thing that would send it over the top for me is at 3 or 4 places I've gone to, they never heat the bun. I would love the bun heated or toasted. Second, don't over cook the burger (they do it a lot). As for the fries, the best fast food fries out there. Why can't national chains do what they do? The fact that they provide malt vinigar for the fries, priceless. Soup
  16. Soup


    thank you for the response. I going to make then reheat via microway to see how it turns out. I have to believe they can be made decent. Besides what wouldn't taste good with powder sugar. However, with my hopefulness aside, I've made a prison sized pot of chicken and shrimp jambalaya just in case. Thanks everyone. Soup
  17. Soup


    Been invited to a Mardi Gras get together. I'd like to make Beignets. However, I cannot make them the day of the festivities. Best I can do is to make them the day before the event. Is there a way to fry them the day before and bring them back to as good or almost as good the next day (without refrying). Perhaps using the oven or something. Looking for a strategy. Would appreciate any assistance. Soup
  18. Soup

    chicken skin

    I've been buying whole birds this winter and cutting it myself. I find it cheaper and I have the carcass left over to make some great stock (I have pot going right now). But I don't use skin in my stock (I wonder it will improve it?). Anyway what can I do with the left over chicken skin? I have a bunch saved in a zip lock bag in my freezer. Soup
  19. Boiling it too hard causes cloudiness. It should be a very low simmer. I like feet as it provides a lot of collegen that provide good mouth feel, and other meaty parts to give it the deep chicken flavor. Soup
  20. Soup

    Man vs Food

    Very interesting. Has anyone else been to a taping? I have a theory that the eating challenges are fixed. No one could eat that amount.
  21. 3 major types: Soy based, kochujang (pepper paste) based and kochu karu (pepper flakes)base. Soy is most likely. Kochujang based sauce is used a lot for tofu braise. With fresh tofu, I've seen more soy based. I'm not sure why but much of resturant korean food in the US seemed to be going toward sweet overtones. I see this a lot in BBQ and another dishes. Korean food should for most part not be overly sweet. I wish the trend would reverse.
  22. I first set of dishes I purchased about 10 years ago. They were hand painted earthenware plates and bowls. They were unique and beutiful but they have given their all. Unfortunately, the place I bought them from have gone out of business. I am looking for pretty casual(with beutiful design)bowl and dishes to place by crack and chipped dishes. I want to stay away from solid colors or plan white. Any sources on the internet that sells bowls and plate at a decent price? Soup
  23. Soup

    Winter Warmers

    What ever the reason, It was below 32 this morning and I went for a bowl. Just simply amazing. Being a regular I didn't have to ask for a pile of Jalepeno's which they put on the table. Pho is an amazing soup. One thing, is there a rice noodle for pho that will stand up for more than 3 minutes in the soup. I love having some resisliance to the noodle. It that way when I get it but about half way through, noodles start getting a little mushy. A small pick but does cause me to eat the bowl fairly quickly. In vietnam do people us saracha (or equivalent) and hoisin sauce with their pho?
  24. Soup


    Love oxtail. Love them in soup, braise in sweet soy with bit of root veggies and also love the jamaican style with rice and peas. Is there really bad oxtail? Only problem is the price. They cost $5 to $6/lb. Pretty pricy for what use to be consider in cheap cut of meat (I'm talking 70's around the DC area).
  25. Soup


    love snails. My favorite is blk bean sauce. Had it in Phili chinatown a few time and it is an effort to eat (removing the head and picking out the meat with toothpicks) but really good.
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