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  1. incheon airport has a variety of resturant. We went to a korean one at it was pretty good. I had soon doo bu chigae, my dad had broiled fished. Excellent and inexpensive. Cannot beat that. Airline food still sucks.
  2. When I was really young in korea, I remember metal utensil and metal bowls. I don't know if this is the reason, but it could have help keep the rice warm (this is purly conjecture on my part). I remeber living in a house which was heated through the ondol (heating system where the floor is heated from underneath) process. The rice was made one time a day and put into metal bowls. The bowls were then placed on the floor and covered with a heavy towel or blanket. It would keep the rice really warm. As for the metal chopsticks, I like them. Perhaps silver chopsticks were origionally used. But I like them because I believe they are more environmentally friendly then using wooden disposable chopsticks. The mental chopsticks and spoons were ubiquotous.
  3. Ate at lotteria 3x and one at KFC. Lotteria was far better which to be honest isn't saying much. However, when a 6 year old starts screaming for bread and burgers, not much choice. I really like Seoul (just came back about a month ago) except for one reason. The air quality was hurendous. I don't know how people live. A few days, I thought it was fog until a local set me straight. you could not see the sun nor the near by mountains clearly. If they could every clear that up, it would be an amazing city. Clean, modern, efficient mass transit, and readily available cheap food. I never really had a bad meal (except at western rest).
  4. Learned one thing that I'm sure is "plain as day" to most on this board. Serving good libations makes any meal much better. I don't drink so I've not served wine or beer in past (there have been a few exceptions). But I served a lot of drinks, wine, and cocktails. And, it really has a very positive effect. People relax more, enjoy the meal more and afterwards, a lot more took a nap. No one got drunk but it made it much more fun event though I prepared the most basic of meals. It also had the effect of lenghtening the meal and driving coversation. I cannot believe I haven't served alcolhol consistantly. For xmas, I plan to really put much more thought into the drinks.
  5. No luck still. used both the rice cooker and slow cooker method. gluey and slimy. Had to really concentrate to get it down. Still looking for a good way to cooking. I do love those little nibblets you get with steel cut oats. reminds me of tapeoka pearles.
  6. was a strick vegan for 2, vegg. for 4 (no eggs unless in bread and no fish). What I really craved in my 6 year run was less meat but animal fat. I would dream about bacon and fatty parts of the animal. To this day, I still crave animal fat more than meat.
  7. made steel cut oat meal using both the rice cooker and slow cooker method. I am determine to find a method for cooking oatmeal that does not turn it into a gloppy blue mess. These tow methods however were not it. I still ate it but I had to really control my gag reflex. I cannot stand slimy and gluey foods. The highlight is that with steel cut oat meal you get those pearls of bites that remind me of tapioca balls. Love them. HHowever, the other texture was just too much. Is there a way to cook oatmeal and not get it slimy/gluey? Soup
  8. I think what little I saw showed a lot of respect for the animal. It looked like it had a good life (not pinned up in a small space, good fat so it had to have been fed and taken care of), killed quickly and look like every part was used (if blood was collected and used, I'm assuming the the innards were used as well. I wish you could have posted more pictures of the butchering process and well as the cooking process. Thank you for sharing. Soup
  9. Soup

    Winter Warmers

    1. Soup (all kinds but I'm really a fan of more thinner meat based broths) Been doing more beef based soups. Recently made soup with beef knees and cow feat. Collagen city...It was great. 2. Pot Roast - Made it last night with lots of gravy (home made chicken stock) really made this dish. 3. korean Chigae (kimchi, tofu). Spice and heat will heat you on two fronts 4. Pho (one of the greatest winter comfort foods yet it invented by a people who don't get snow). 5. Lentles (huge pot of lentel or any legumes for that matter) with fresh hot rice Soup
  10. Can oats be prepared so there is no trace of slime (this is the one texture that brings on the gag reflex for me).
  11. Just made and ate them. I made the american variety (the orange yam). My favorite method is wash, poke a few holes and roast whole in the oven. Split open, drizzle bit of honey or maple syrup and dig in. No oil, butter or anything else. Today, I skipped the sweet additives because I'm having pie later but it was still awesome. I would also recommend looking for other varieties of sweet potatoes as well. I buy a decent amount of korean sweet potatos, white yellowish meat, very sweet and a bit more firm when cooked. Really delicious. Favortie way for these are tempuraed but also love them roasted (actually roast well in our fire place). Soup
  12. israli salad is great on crackers and bread and it is simple and much better the next day. Onion, cukes, peppers (red, green, yellow) celery, tomato, small dice are my foundation. I add to it what ever i also have (e.g., corn scallion). I also add herbs (fresh or dry works), S&P (liberal amounts), great olive oil, and acid of some type (lemon, lime venegar). Let it sit for a few hours, over night in fridge is better. Great make ahead healthy party dish. Soup
  13. I'm actually looking for specific resturants and the house specialties rather then gerenaralities like I should try korean BBQ or soondae. I can tell you great k-places in NY, DC, LA and other cities but my knowledge of specific korean resturant in seoul is limited. However, my knowledge of korean food is not.
  14. Univ. Virginia 80s and NorthWestern 90s. At NWU never ate at the school cafeteria. Being a PhD student, it was basically work not at all like my undergrad experience. However at UVA, ate a lot of school dining hall food. The experience can be best compared to going to Old Country Buffet. Not sure I would call it the best example of even cafeteria or southern food but I actually remember it fondly. Some dishes (e.g., tuna noodle cassarol, chicken ala king, rice and gravy) have become comfort food for me. BTW, I cannot find these foods except at certain cafeterias. When we go back for a visit, I tried to talk the wife to go back and eat at the cafeteria but she never agrees to it. She has a different set of memories of the food.
  15. I will be in Seoul with the family (2 kids very well versed in korean food) for 2 weeks come Oct (10/1 to 10/14). This trip is really about picking up korean culture. Would appreciate any website or direct information on 1. places to eat 2. great festivals We wanted to hit korea in the fall because I've heard the fall can be spectacular there. Soup
  16. MM is great. happy to have it back. why can't FN do more shows like MM?
  17. Soup

    Man vs Food

    my kids love this show, however I have a hard time watching it. Adam R seems very likable to me. He seems like a pretty nice guy if not alway sincere about how good something tastes. However, when he starts the eating challenges (where he has to eat volume: the one where he has to something hot doesn't bother me), I keep thinking how can he do that to his body and when is he going to throw up? It just looks painful and the glutteny is just difficult to watch. It tripple D gone very wrong. I wish he would stop.
  18. Got over the shame of food in elementery. When you are the only asian kid in class bring lunch items which were completely unfamiliar by 4th graders in the early 70's, you better grow a thick skin fast and know how to shoot back. But these days, I love maruchan and top ramen. Love SPAM!!! And I love the costco hotdog (food court). Not at all ashamed but I supposed people could look down at their noses. Side, note, my kids take dumplings, korean, chinese, mexican and other ethnic foods, to school lunches sometimes. Apprently his classmates think it cool. how thing have changed.
  19. I bought this pot. I love it. It is very heavy and has a good enamel coating. In the month I've had it, it certainly seen a lot of use. It has some things which could be seen as neg (e.g., it has a screw you can see on the lid) and LC or staud doesn't have a screw showing on the lid. But for $150 diff. in price, am more than willing to over look that minor item.
  20. Soup

    Fresh Sardines

    I found some awesome fresh sardine yeterday at the local store They are about 5 or 6 inches long and are really fresh (amazing looking eyes and bright silver skin). I just had them gut and scale so head and tail are still on them. Now I have them at home. How doe I cook them? I would appreciate your thoughts. My first thought is simple salt and pepper and broil or grill with a dash of EVVO.
  21. Soup


    I keep a jar of fat on the counter. The fat is from multiple sources (bacon, sausage, etc) when I believe the fat is worth saving, I save it in this jar. Question: Does fat go rancid/bad (how do I know if it has gone bad?). Should I keep it in the fridge?
  22. Like the spicey but love the soy version. I think Hannaone recipe is pretty good and have found a similar recipe on the net as well. But I am still too chicken to make it at home. I'm same way on Yookwhea (korean steak tartar). I don't want to poison myself. Have bought the soy and spicy version at the local k-grocery store. Outragously expensive but it was so good. If you haven't had pickled crab, you don't know what you are missing. Soup
  23. Went to a persian resturant. Order kobobs and it came with rice, some of the rice was yellow others were plain white. All mixed in a nice savory bed. The kobob was outstanding but the rice was just out of this world. We also had cherry rice and dill rice and they were all equally amazing. The persian rice was long and very tasty and had a bit more firmness then basmati. It was completely fluffy and the texture was great. Do you know what the variety is and what brand I should look for for great persian rice at home? How should I cook them? What give it the yellow color (I'm assuming it is saffron) to some grains and not others? I am trying to recreate and I would appreciate any insights. Soup
  24. Anyone have experience in making a korean dish called gae jang? It is raw crabs (blue around where I live) pickled in soy sauce. I would appreciate the process you used to clean the crabs and make this dish.
  25. That is exactly the one I have. I just think after 2+ years of use it has gone very tired. Unfortunately, I have to throw about 1/2 away. From a cost perspective it is still way cheaper than buying those packets individually. Guess I'm buying another block from costco. I will however use the freezer storage method.
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